Evolutionists just never give up on trying to prove their religion to be fact. Recently, a group of scientists released that they MAY have figured out where the missing matter of our cosmos is or what it is. They have come up with another theory about this matter being invisible and inside of our cosmos.

They call it wimpy matter. They say that it is weak, interacting matter. This is to explain why it does not effect light or anything around it. It still has a very weak gravitational pull which accounts for the extra gravity in our cosmos.

I have a number of problems with this concept. First, if it has any mass or gravitational pull at all, it will be attracted towards the heavenly bodies. Therefore, physics requires that this matter must be more dense around the heavenly bodies than in deep space. This would cause our back ground gravity to be strongest near these heavenly bodies than in deep space. Research shows that our back ground gravity is evenly distributed throughout space.

Second, any matter with any amount of gravitational pull must have some kind of discernible effect on light photons. This plus the above statement requires that the effect on light would be most obvious near heavenly bodies. We don't see any effects.

These scientists have developed this theory about wimpy matter in a vain attempt to explain why the missing matter in our universe could be in our universe and does not effect light photons. But any matter, regardless of how "weak" it is, will have a cumulative effect on light photons. Especially when it accounts for 90% of the total matter in the cosmos.

Sorry guys, your theory just doesn't hold water or any other matter. If it is 90% of the matter in our cosmos, has mass, and has any gravity at all, it MUST effect light photons in some way. Not only that, but it will also tend to gather around itself and other matter. The back ground gravity could not be evenly distributed throughout our cosmos.

The missing matter must be outside of our cosmos and in the immediate proximity of our cosmos. It must also be evenly distributed around our cosmos and, since our cosmos is expanding, that missing matter must be a very cohesive liquid like water. You blew it again guys. Keep trying, you may come up with the truth someday.

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