The Fossils

There are many very good creation science books which pummel evolution on the fossils as evidence for evolution. I will leave most of this topic to those books since it is the area most covered by creation science. And this is very important because the fossils are the most important basis for the concept of evolution of species. I only want to cover one very fundamental aspect of the fossils as proof for evolution because I have never seen it properly covered.

Biology and The Fossils

When the very first evolutionists began lining up fossils to show that these species had evolved from each other and to prove the concept of evolution, they did not have one piece of biological evidence that any one organism actually did evolve from any one other organism. What they did was to assume (with no scientific basis) that more simple organisms were more primitive and then line the fossils up according to similarities in relation to this assumption.

In other words, there was no evidence that evolution did actually occur. All they did was to line the fossils up in some logical order and CLAIM that they had evolved with absolutely no supporting biological evidence. To this day, evolutionists don't have any biological proof that any one fossil did evolve from any one other fossil. Therefore, they don't have any biological proof that evolution did even occur.

The proof of this is how the evolutionists have and still do constantly move these fossils around in their tree of evolution. If there were scientific evidence that any one fossil actually did evolve from any one other fossil, they would not be able to move these fossils at all. Oops!

Therefore, evolutionists "theory" of evolution is really nothing more than a scientifically unfounded and unsupported CLAIM that life did evolve. I call their very detailed fossil stories fossil fairy tales.

Does Simple = Primitive?

If we go where man has never gone before (again) to our planet and use molecular construction of living organisms to farm life on our new planet, we have to create a completely balanced ecosystem or it will eventually collapse and kill our colonists. Therefore, we must create the simplest organisms at the same time we create the most complex organisms. Biology teaches us that life could continue much longer without the more complex organisms than without the simplest organisms. Therefore, the simplest organisms are required for life to exist on our new planet.

Therefore, I ask,"Are these simple organisms more primitive or are they just structured differently to serve a different function in our ecosystem?"

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