Iran 2

Remember that I told you that, with Israel having significantly set back the Iranian nuclear weapons program with their Stuxnet computer virus, Iran would realize they won't be able to use nukes against Israel to destroy her any time in the near future and will have to resort to using conventional warfare to destroy Israel, especially if they want to destroy Israel soon?

Iran knows that she and her current proxies (Syria, Hizbullah, Hamas, and Fatah) are not strong enough to destroy Israel with conventional warfare any time in the near future. Therefore, she is currently using these proxies and another proxy of hers, the Muslim Brother Hood, to do this indirectly by increasing the combined conventional warfare strength of her evil axis by taking over other Muslim countries via revolts staged in those countries.

Iran and these proxies, especially the Muslim Brother Hood, started with Tunisia because the blatant corruption and extreme poverty there made Tunisia ripe for revolution and a great catalyst and cover for starting revolts in other key Muslim countries. After the evil axis of Iran and company (we will call them the IC for short) successfully over threw the government of Tunisia, they quickly (read already had everything organized) started revolutions in Egypt and Yemen and just quickly caused the over throw of the Jordanian government. This was all pre planned by the IC.

Now, what are the IC doing?

Easy, they are using, primarily, the Muslim Brother Hood to over throw the governments for these countries and get members of the Muslim Brother Hood established as the new leaders for those countries putting the Muslim Brother Hood and Iran in control of those countries armies in order to increase Iran's military strength in waging war against and destroying Israel.

In other words, just like I told you, because of their failed nuclear program, Iran is turning to conventional warfare to destroy Israel but is first increasing her military strength to increase her chances for success. Please notice that two of the countries having the most difficulty with the revolts are two powerful countries on Israel's boarders who are also allies with the US with the even more corrupt Syria, who is an Iranian proxy, not yet having any difficulty with a revolt. But then again, why would Iran and her proxies stage a revolt against the government of one of her proxies? Think about it.

I think that the revolts in Tunisia and Yemen are a cover, catalysts, and source of additional troops for the revolts in Egypt and Jordan. The real targets are Egypt and Jordan whose armies have direct access to the Israeli boarder. The proof for this is that the Muslim Brother Hood causing the revolt in Egypt is also calling out for war against Israel while still working to over throw the Egyptian government.

There may be other revolts against US allies in the area to increase the military power going against Israel but you can expect some of those countries to see the light and join the IC to keep from having revolts in their countries. Please note that King Abdullah of Jordan saw the light and caved to the protesters before they had more than a few hundred protesters in the streets and the protests could even begin to get out of control. He tried to cut them off at the pass and we will have to wait a few days to see if his move worked. It may also mean that he joined the IC.

Please also note that Obama Bin Laden isn't doing anything to help his allies stay in power and keep Iran from gaining control over these countries. I just read that Obama has "asked Mubarak of Egypt to resign". Remember that, when Obama leads the invasion of Israel to prove to the Muslim world that he is the Mahdi or Messiah of Islam, he will have to have an excuse to get the majority of US citizens behind his invasion. He can't just say,"Hey, I want to invade Israel" and expect the people to support his war and he knows it.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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