Smoke & Mirrors

In the first of January, I saw the smoke and mirrors that the government and Commiecrats had used to cause it to look like Ocommie had caused the economy to get better and were using that smoke and mirrors to cause people to think that Ocommie was doing a great job so I sat back and have been patiently waiting for the smoke to dissipate and mirrors to fog up. I have been waiting about six weeks and, yesterday, I got the look I was waiting for.

Remember that last fall I was telling you the housing market would do a snowball implosion with the housing prices declining faster and faster and that even the fake unemployment would go up over 10% again with a large number of people quitting looking for work. When I saw that Ocommie had stopped counting the long term unemployed to get the fake unemployment number to go down and that more than 1.3 million people gave up and quit looking for work just during December (the largest number in any month during this depression) causing Ocommie's fake unemployment to drop to 9.4%, I shut up to wait and see how many people would fall for Ocommie's smoke and mirrors while waiting for the smoke to clear to see what the fake unemployment number would do with a little time.

The media didn't report it at the time but, even with all that manipulation and the extremely large drop out rate, within just a few weeks, the fake unemployment was back up to 9.8% by the end of January. They spent all that time talking about how great a job Ocommie was doing because "he had brought the fake unemployment down to 9.4%". The media are the most important part of the Commiecrat smoke and mirrors.

The commie media quickly came out with the statistic that 55% of "the people" now thought Ocommie was doing a good job. Please pay attention to the terms used when talking about polls. When they say that most "voters" think something, they are saying that they polled just registered voters who were likely to vote in the next election and more than 20% of the voters who were polled were liberals. When they say the "people", it means they polled anyone and everyone who is still breathing including first and second graders, people incarcerated in mental and penal institutions, and anyone else who won't be able to vote and doesn't know any better than to think the commie's are doing great. Their poll was just more smoke and mirrors so I just sat back waiting for the winds of time to clear the smoke out of the air and fog up their commie mirrors.

Yesterday I got the numbers that the fake unemployment had gone back up to 9.8% AND that, within just a few weeks of that, it had gone back up to 10%. Oops! The air cleared quite quickly, wouldn't you say?

What should this tell you?

This should tell you that the Commiecrats knew that the fake unemployment was going to go back up to over 10% by January, just like I told you, so they pulled off their smoke and mirrors to keep the number below 10% plus 1.3 million people just gave up and dropped out of the work force going on Welfare and Social Security to have money for food and bills. Common sense should tell you that, if you can come up with enough lame excuses to quit counting enough unemployed people, you can cause the fake unemployment to drop down to zero percent but that won't cause the economy to get any better because those people will still be unemployed and we will still be in a depression. A recession or depression is all about a large number of people being unemployed because of the economy. Hiding those unemployed people doesn't make the economy better. All they did was make the fake unemployment rate even more fake and meaningless.

BTW, those of you who know enough about the 1930's Great Deprecession should know that there were so many unemployed that there were huge lines of people everywhere waiting to get free bread and soup to feed their families. Those lines were called bread lines and soup lines. One would tend to ask,"If we are in a depression, where are all the bread lines and soup lines?" The answer to that is that the commie's hid those lines so you wouldn't see just how bad the economy really is. The commie's created a little program called Welfare and send money to those unemployed people's homes so they can go to the same stores you shop at to get their bread and soup. In other words, the commie's hid those unemployed people in your grocery store lines with you using Welfare electronic cards to buy their bread and soup. Slick trick, huh? The commie's are about nothing but stupidity and smoke and mirrors to cover up their stupidity. If you have to hide the results, your method can't be right.

So let's recap what has been happening since last fall. First, just like I told you, the used home market is snowballing much faster than the experts expected. In October, the housing prices fell four times faster than the experts expected, in November the housing prices fell faster than any time since this mess started, in December the fall continued so fast the media used smoke and mirrors or diversion talking about a slight increase in the number of new homes being purchased to keep you from thinking about how fast the price of used homes was falling, and those prices continue to plummet at an accelerating rate, you know, just like I told you they would.

All of the experts thought they had figured out a way to get rid of all those under-the-water homes without crashing the housing market again but it should be obvious that the declining housing prices have gotten out of control and the drop is even worse then when the bubble first burst a few years ago but the commie media are doing their best to cover it up by telling everyone we're are having a "robust" economy so no one will panic, well, except for the experts. These same experts were saying that the housing market should stabilize by the end of this year but are now saying this rapidly accelerating fall could last another two years.

Mean while, just like I told you, the unemployment has also been quickly snowballing for the same reasons I told you it would. Even with all the manipulation, the fake unemployment has risen 6/10 of a percent in about a month which is really huge. BTW, they also stated that the real unemployment is over 19% but please note that they are still not counting those tens of millions of people who quit looking for work and are surviving on Welfare and Social Security which should tell you that the real unemployment is really much closer to the 25% I predicted.

I am willing to bet that the smart readers of this blog are more willing to believe me when I say that we could easily see real unemployment of 50% or more before this thing hits bottom.

I have also noticed that increasing numbers of conservative experts are lying about and covering up this worsening economy. Why would the conservatives start covering up an economy which is being made worse by the commie's? Because the experts can see what I have been telling you about and have panicked. It is save your butt time and they are grabbing everything they can as fast as they can before you find out the economy is imploding and start grabbing for stuff too. You see, if you have a panic sale at a store with only 100 customers in that store, then you will be able to grab much more before the sale is over than if there are 1,000 customers grabbing for stuff in the same store. They are trying to save their butts by getting what they can before you start grabbing too. That economic sucking sound you are hearing is the economy being flushed and the experts are swimming their butts off in a panic trying to not go down the toilet with the economy.

If you listen closely, you can hear a rapidly increasing roar in the back ground. That is the economic black hole forming which I predicted years ago. Just like any black hole, it is forming or imploding very quickly.

BTW, God taught me a long time ago that, even with 50% of the people being unemployed, 50% of the people are still employed, making money, and spending money so there will still be an economy and the trick is to try to 1) be among that 50% of employed or 2) be selling products or services to that 50% of employed. He also taught me that recessions and depressions provide hidden economic opportunities because every business that fails during such times frees up a large number of customers who no longer have a service or product provider because businesses don't go broke because they don't have ANY customers but because they don't have ENOUGH customers to purchase enough products or services to cover that business' overhead usually because that business didn't down size right or fast enough to match the market. This sudden release of customers into an open market creates financial opportunities for enterprising individuals. Because of this, some people actually manage to get rich during such bad times. If there is still an economy, there is still economic opportunity. You just have to look for it.

Also, prayer is really important during such times to get God to use His greater wisdom and knowledge to help show you such opportunities. God never goes out of business so....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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