In cases like this, the liberals make me want to puke. If you listen to and believe the lying liberals, especially the media, we are losing the Iraq war and it has been a complete failure and mistake. This is not true and our soldiers keep crying out for the truth to be told.

What has happened in Iraq, is that the US and its allies invaded and conquered the country with some of Iraq's most radical units going underground to continue the war. Then Al Quaeda decided they had to do something the lying liberal media and politicians don't want you to know about. You have to understand that Al Quaida had already lost one country as a base of operations, funding, and supply when they lost Afghanistan and when the US invaded and conquered Iraq, it was the loss of another terrorist supporting country. Yes, it seems that Iraq had not yet committed to harboring and other wise helping Al Quaeda terrorists, even though documents were found showing that such support for Al Quaeda was being considered, but it was also well known that Saddam was supporting other terrorist groups such as Intifada and Hamas by paying the families of suicide bombers a $25,000 US reward when one of their family members blew themselves up. This has been known for years and they did find proof of these activities.

Add to this that, when we went into and conquered Iraq, other countries which had been harboring terrorists like Libia, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia began to at least look like they were cleaning up their acts. Al Quaeda knows that, if Syria, Iran, North Korea, and, possibly even, Saudi Arabia fall to our armies with their governments being replaced by democracies, the rest of the smaller and less signifant terrorist supporting countries will follow suit quickly and the international support structure for all terrorist organizations will fall like a house of cards in an earth quake. Just the defeat of Syria and Iran will be to the terrorists what D Day was to Nazi Germany and almost certainly doom their efforts to conquer the world and force their agenda on the rest of us for fear of being killed by a terrorist attack. For the terrorists, it will be the beginning of the end.

The next two countries in line to be invaded in the war against terror are Syria and Iran because they have been and still are openly harboring, training, and funding terrorists from a number of groups including Al Quaeda. These are the next two most important countries for Al Quaeda to keep except for Saudi Arabia. The leaders of these countries also know they are next in line for invasion when Iraq achieves peace and it is well known that both of these countries are sending Al Quaeda terrorists into Iraq to fight the US and its allies because they would rather fight us in Iraq instead of in their own countries. They are also funding and equipping these Al Quaeda terrorists the lying liberal media keep calling insurgents. These enemies of the world are trying to save their butts by fighting the war against the US and its allies in Iraq with Al Quaeda terrorists instead of in their own countries with their armies, which they would much more quickly lose.

Even the lying media have admitted that better than 90% of the people our soldiers are fighting in Iraq are the terrorists, Al Quaeda, who have come into the country of Iraq for the purpose of fighting our forces but they deceptively keep calling these fighters insurgents instead of terrorists so people will forget that our soldiers are fighting Al Quaeda terrorists. This is being done so the liberals can turn people against the war in order to get liberals elected into Congress and the White House. Their lust for power exceeds their love for country.

At this point, Al Quaeda decided they needed to draw the proverbial line in the sand saying, "We refuse to lose another country to the US and its allies." They invaded Iraq and started fighting the US in a guerilla war to keep us from taking another important allie from them. You see, Al Quaeda knows that, when we finish taking Iraq, we will take other countries which have been and still are openly supporting the terrorists, especially Al Quaeda, in their war against the rest of the world. The terrorists will lose the war if they keep losing countries and decided to turn Iraq into a stand against the free world.

In effect, what Al Quaeda has done is take advantage of a small remnant of the Iraqi Army waging a limited guerilla war against the US to stage a counter attack against the US and its allies in Iraq with the assistance of the Al Quaeda allies, Syria and Iran, to prevent the invasion of their most important allies, Syria and Iran. It is very important for the rest of the world to wake up and realize that the military actions in Iraq are us fighting the war against terror and must be won. It is also important that you understand that the lies, misinformation, and propaganda the media are putting out are working against our troops in a way that, in my opinion, is treason. Their misinformation is clearly encouraging more Al Quaeda terrorists to go into Iraq to fight our troops and discouraging US citizens from joining the military to fight the terrorists before the terrorists resume actions in the US. This means that the propaganda being put out by the lying liberal media is causing this war in Iraq to last much longer than it would have, had the media been telling the truth, and is causing the unnecessary loss of US soldiers' lives.

It is my opinion that this is an act of treason or subversion supporting the terrorists in their war against us by helping the terrorists recruit new fighters, gain financial support, and get the support of the world against the US and is decreasing our ability to recruit more soldiers to fight the terrorist. I feel that the FBI should investigate the liberals, especially the media, to see if they are intentionally working to help the terrorists in this war to promote the liberal political agenda. If sufficient evidence is found that they are committing an act of treason against the US and its soldiers, these people should be tried in a court with a jury of US citizens (I would prefer combat soldiers), and, if found guilty, given the appropriate punishment for causing the unnecessary loss of US soldiers' lives during a time of war, which would be the death penalty. In my opinion, if they are found guilty, they should let our soldiers, whose lives are being jeopardized by these potential acts of treason, shoot them in a firing squad in front of the Pentagon. Our soldiers deserve that much support from us and it would be appropriate justice. The US soldiers do not deserve our media and liberals intentionally working against the soldiers' efforts causing the soldiers to lose their lives.

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