Liberal Media Crisis

Years ago, when I began the series "The Liberal Crisis" I predicted that the liberal media, among other liberal institutions, would eventually face a crisis. The crisis is now upon them, big time!

As predicted, the liberal media have had to start adding conservative shows to keep from going broke. A real desecration of the liberal holy grail was when PBS was recently forced to add a couple of conservative shows because the liberals have decreased in numbers enough that they can't get the money they need to keep functioning without conservatives also making donations to PBS. After all, dead people don't give well.

They are hoping that they will be able to get a lot of money from conservatives by just adding a few conservative shows. I really wonder about liberal intelligence (an oxymoron). Do they really believe that people they deplore, humiliate, insult, and other wise ridicule are going to save their ultra liberal butts because they put a few token conservative shows on PBS? I am wondering just how brain dead these "brilliant" people are.

I really loved the comment by the ultra liberal management during the press announcement with them swearing loudly and emphatically that PBS wasn't going to become more conservative. Hold it! Doesn't adding just one, much less two, conservative shows already make it more conservative? Duh? See what I mean? These people have to be brain dead.

The truth is like I told you years ago. When the media can no longer make the revenues required to function and pay their fat salaries depending on the liberals because the liberal numbers are quickly declining and the conservative numbers are increasing, the media will be forced to either become more conservative or become extinct. It all comes down to the bottom line; money. You can bet those fat cats on the board are not going to give up their fat salaries and perks knowing doing so will also mean their liberal medium will go down the tube anyway. What will happen is that the members of the board will first force the liberal CEO's to add conservative broadcasting (you know, like they are now doing) and then, second, just fire the jerks and hire conservative CEO's who will add the conservative broadcasting without a fight. So you conservative CEO's better start getting your resumes ready because it won't be long until they will start hiring you.

Tonight, on the news, PBS took another big blow with the conservative congress saying that much of the liberal programming must go because PBS is bleeding money like a stuck liberal. They pointed out that PBS is losing money while some of their shows are making big bucks. This will be interesting to watch.

I have decided that watching the stupid liberals futilely trying to save their butts with their idiot games and lies while refusing to give up what got them into this mess has become the best sitcom on TV. They are playing really sick and demented games, distorting the news, distorting poll ratings, and anything else they can to try to persuade conservatives to become stupid liberals. Have you noticed that their elections polls have not even been close for at least six years? They are hoping conservatives won't show up to vote if they think there is no hope for the conservative politicians.

They know that the number of liberal voters, viewers, and consumers are declining and the number of conservatives are increasing. What they think they need is to put out more of their liberal propaganda and we conservatives will be stupid enough to become liberals. At the same time, they are fighting frantically to keep all of the things, like abortion, which got them into this mess. They just don't get it and it is getting hilarious with the top liberals looking more stupid every day.

The liberals are now in the minority, they are trying to turn the numbers around, and insist on keeping the right to continuing killing themselves off with abortions, free sex, drugs, and such!!! Hello, anybody home?

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