If you have studied Bible prophesy at all, you know that Israel is God's time clock for the events on this planet. You have to keep track of what is developing in relation to Israel to know where we are in relation to God's timing for the events He has planned for us.

I previously explained the battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and you should read that before getting into this page and possible series. I believe it is the next major event in Bible prophesy and it will involve Russia and almost all of the Muslim countries. There has been a recent escalation towards this coming battle that you should be aware of.

Immediately after Israel gave up the Gaza Strip, Al Quaeda moved into the Sinai Peninsula, chased off everyone who got in their way, set up training and staging bases, told Egypt to take a hike, and placed mines around all their bases. They have since used these bases to send heavily armed soldiers into the Gaza with advanced rockets, missiles, and other weapons they will be trying to smuggle to the West Bank community as well as use from Gaza to launch attacks against Israel. It is expected that they will even try to secure control of these territories from Hamas and the other terrorist organizations already there so expect a battle for control.

But, you have not heard anything about this from our media and probably won't hear anything about.

Also, as soon as Israel vacated the Gaza, Egypt opened the border between her and the Gaza and started moving in soldiers and weapons to help Hamas. Very recently 15 Russian military advisors were flown straight from Moscow to Egypt and then driven to Gaza to help train the terrorists.

Also, just recently, Russia has sold to Syria a number of very advanced surface-to-surface intermediate range mobile missiles for which no one in the west has any defenses against. The big question Washington is asking is, "Are those missiles meant to be used against the US and allies or Israel or both?" To me, it looks an awful lot like Russia and the Muslims are ramping up to wipe out Israel with a military attack.

As fast as these countries have moved on Gaza, you know they had to be waiting and ready to move. Also, as fast as they are building up militarily, it won't be long until Israel is forced to retake Gaza just to survive. But Israel will also have to retake the Sinai to get rid of Al Quaeda.

This is the excuse that Russia and the Muslims have been looking for to invade Israel. I expect some time very soon to see Russia, the Muslim countries, and the terrorist organizations moving from large portions to all their troops into Lebanon and Syria to invade Israel while the west stands around asking dumb questions and providing no assistance to Israel.

Jordan will stage her army to the east of Israel and Egypt will stage her army to the south of Israel to prevent anyone from escaping. Then they will tell all of the Muslims to flee Israel because they will plan to march through Israel and slaughter every man, woman, and child to make sure they get all the Jews. With the west not responding to help, Israel will finally be forced to turn their faith in getting help from the west to depending 100% on Yahweh for their salvation.

The scriptures tell us that, just before this battle is supposed to begin, Yahweh will intervene Himself to destroy 5 out of 6 or 83.3% of the invading army to the north of Israel with 16.7% breaking ranks and running for home, almost all of them leaving their weapons behind. When this happens, the armies to the east and south will panic, break ranks, and run for home. Israel will pounce on the fleeing armies to the east and south to completely destroy them to prevent future attacks by them.

Israel will not cease her military advances until she seizes all of the territory from the Nile River to the Euphrates and east of the Jordan. This time she will utterly refuse to give up land for peace because it failed this time almost causing them their lives and existence and will become much larger and more powerful. The scriptures tell us that it will take Israel 7 years by the Jewish calendar (360 days per year) to clean up the mess following the battle in Northern Israel or what is currently Lebanon and Syria.

With their faith now in Yahweh instead of the west, Yahweh will make Israel prosper turning it into a super power. Their economy will grow and their people will do very well spreading out to all the newly won territory.

With 83.3% of their forces destroyed, Russia and the Muslims will be forced to retreat to a more defensive military strategy to protect themselves from others. Prior to the battle, their top military, political, and religious leaders will gather in Damascus preparing to follow the troops into Israel to join into and celebrate the slaughter of the Jews but Damascus will be completely destroyed during the battle killing all of the leaders. The Muslims will have to raise up the remainder of their male children in order to rebuild their armies which will take at least 15 to over 25 years.

Mean while the Muslim countries will be forced to develop an international Islamic government to combine the remnant of their forces and use them as protection against other regional countries. They will establish their international Islamic capital in Babylon, Iraq which will also become their economic and religious center of control. Their international council will be comprised of ten religious leaders.

To keep from losing large numbers of Muslims to other religions because of their defeat against Israel, the Muslim leaders will rationalize their loss as follows. They will remember the end time prophesy of Muhammad which says that a man named Jesus (not the Son of God) will seize control of the world and Jerusalem and then he will give the Muslims the order to slaughter all the unbelievers with special emphasis on the Christians and Jews. They will realize that, by trying to conquer Jerusalem without the Jesus of Islam, they were calling Muhammad a liar, were therefore being hypocrites, and were punished for their disbelief in Muhammad by losing the battle and all that land. After all, how could the Jesus of Islam conquer Jerusalem if anyone else had already done it for Islam?

Following this realization and rationalization, the Muslims will retire from trying to conquer Israel and the rest of the world while raising up a new army of better trained Islamic soldiers and waiting for the coming of the Jesus of Islam to follow him to victory as Muhammad predicted. This and the demise of the Russian army, its wealth, and the fear of being invaded by China will cause Russia to cool its military ambitions. These things will bring a temporary peace to the world.

From at least 3 1/2 years by the Jewish calendar to as much as 30 years following this battle, Yahweh will remove the Jews and Christians who have made a true pact in their hearts with Him and along with His spirit from earth to permit Satan to have more of a free hand in trying to stop Yahweh from taking back planet earth. This is commonly known as the Rapture and really won't be able to occur until the Muslims have rebuilt their armies at least 15 to 25 years after the battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. Immediately following the Rapture, the Muslims will realize the sudden absence of most Christians and Jews, make a 7 year military treaty of nonintervention with Israel to keep the new super power out of their war (negotiated and signed by the Jesus of Islam) and start a war to conquer the world except for Israel. This will all start at the beginning of the 7 year Tribulation and immediately following the Rapture.

The Muslims will conquer the world west of the Euphrates setting up their one world government and religion while slaughtering every non-Muslim they can get their hands on just as Muhammad required them to do. During the same time, China's 200 million man army and allie of Islam will conquer all of east Asia and the Pacific up to the Euphrates while God will destroy all life in North, Central, and South America with a colossal disaster.

Just before the middle of the 7 year Tribulation, God will destroy Babylon with a meteor killing three of the ten leaders of Islam and the Jesus of Islam and his Islamic prophet will take control or be given control of the one world government and religion of Islam. The Jesus of Islam will break his treaty with Israel half way through it and move to capture Jerusalem and seize control of the Jewish Temple.

At this point, you have to understand the real meaning and purpose of the Jewish Temple. It is really the palace and throne room of the being, Yahweh, from which He will rule all existence. The Holy of Holies is the throne room of God. The Jesus of Islam will take control of this temple making it his palace with him making Yahweh's throne room his throne room to show the Muslims that he is superior to the God of the Jews and Christians.

The remnant of the Jews and new Christians converted following the Rapture will flee into the desert wilderness south of Israel where the Jesus of Islam will wage war against them and the two witnesses of God who will lead the remnant into the wilderness. The two witnesses will lead the remnant like Moses and Aaron lead the Jews the first time in the wilderness while the Jesus of Islam wages war against all of them.

Finally, the Jesus of Islam will capture the two witnesses and put them to death in the streets of Jerusalem 3 years after he captured Jerusalem and 180 days before the return of the Jesus of the Bible. The Jesus of Islam will televise the event and keep the cameras on the dead bodies of the two witnesses so that no one can steal the bodies because he will know of the prophesy about them being raised from the dead 3 1/2 days following their death. He will want everyone around the world to witness that the bodies did not rise from the dead.

Yahweh will raise the two witnesses from the dead, stand them on their feet, and call them up to be with Him. One hour later, a terrible earth quake will kill 7,000 Jewish males in Jerusalem, the people will realize that the Jesus of the Bible is the Messiah, revolt, and chase the Jesus of Islam out of Jerusalem. Enraged, the Jesus of Islam will bring all the armies in the world including, the 200 million man army of China, to the valley of Megiddo intending to slaughter all the Jews. It will take him almost 6 months to bring his armies for battle. At that time, the Jesus of the Bible will show up with His army to face the Jesus of Islam and wage the battle known as the battle of Armageddon.

These are the major military and political events remaining which will occur within the next 30 to 40 years. God is moving us towards the battle of Ezekiel and has just accelerated the actions but I have noticed that He will accelerate something for a while and then let it cool for a little so that we can't really anticipate when it will really happen. Keep an eye on the things developing in relation to Israel.

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