Have you figured out yet why God kept hurricane Wilma stalled so long just off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula building up to a category 5 hurricane? Ask yourself what has He being destroying in that part of the world?

God has not just been going after our energy supply to keep driving up the prices. He is also going after our play grounds such as pricey tourist resorts and retirement areas. This is especially true for tourist resorts which involve things like adultery, drugs, and gambling. If you are going to have fun, it won't happen while you are causing Jews to lose their homes in Israel. God caused considerable damage to some of the rich people's favorite play grounds and there will be very limited play taking place there this winter.

A suggestion here is that, if you want to play in nice places, first send some money to help the Jews get into new homes because many of the ones who lost their homes in Gaza are still living in temporary housing undergoing hardships.

Then, of course, God took Wilma through Florida as a category 3 hurricane where there is a lot of open adultery, drugs, and drug related crime. He has really been hammering that rich play ground for a few years now. Now it is causing more flooding along the east coast of the US, which is another popular play ground.

At least God has been giving most of the west, especially the very Christian US, some warnings before He strikes and He has not caused a huge death toll YET. If we don't quit ignoring Him and keep up our behavior, that will change soon. I have been wondering what rationalization Osama has been telling Muslims to keep them in the religion of Islam while watching the death toll in the Pakistan earth quake rise above 80,000. After Osama, celebrating the hurricanes Katrina and Rita and telling Muslims to pray for more such disasters against the west, it has to be a really tough sell to try and keep all those people in Islam.

Osama, if you are out there reading this, I would be very interested in knowing a brief synapsis of what you are telling them. I don't want and won't read a lengthy, rambling piece of propaganda, just the basic concept for your sell. It has to be tough being you right now.

Have you noticed that, as far as fatalities, the two worst disasters on the planet this year were aimed at Islam? The Asian Tsunami and the Pakistan earthquake together have killed almost 200,000 Muslims with millions more made homeless and the rapidly coming winter could make that death toll rise by any where from another few hundred thousand to over one million more Muslims in the next six months. Did you also notice that it leveled a number of western tourist resorts or play grounds, especially in Thailand? Is anyone out there getting the hint yet?

I went out cruising the CDC web site looking for information on the Avian Flu. Their site confirmed what I have been telling you and more. The disease is spread through any body fluids which carry the virus such as the feces of birds AND any "contaminated surfaces" or anything that an infected bird has crapped on. They expect this pandemic to last for years meaning that it is expected to go on until either everyone on earth has been infected or until they have inoculated everyone who has not had the disease. It could take at least three to five years for this pandemic to run its course and, if we don't come up with a vaccine by then, the global population could be as low as or lower than 3 billion people.

Oh yes, I have noticed that other countries are telling their media and the stupid media are reporting (do they know better?) that their countries have purchased vaccine for the Avian Flu H5N1. But hold it, the CDC confirms that there is no vaccine!!! What is up with this? Easy, those countries are lying to their people and using psychology to increase the effectiveness of their quarantines when the flu does break out. You see, people who think they have been vaccinated will think they are immune and not run spreading the disease when it does break out. All that those countries are doing is buying and providing a water placebo for their people to prevent panic. At least Bush is telling us the truth that there is no vaccine. Deal with it.

That is what happens when you trust in the government instead of God.

Also, the CDC site confirms that the Avian Flu has been transmitted from one person to another on at least a few cases just like I told you and the media are telling you that it has not happened yet. Then they discussed that there are four known chemicals which are effective in treating other flues. Two of them are proven to not be effective against the Avian Flu H5N1 and the other two MAY NOT be effective while the media are making it look like they are absolute cures. Are you being lied to or what? Big time!!!

But, it gets worse. Other flues which effect us only effect birds, pigs, and humans, therefore, we can only contract those diseases from birds, pigs, and humans. It has been found that this flu is known to effect ferrets, wild cats like tigers and leopards, and even domestic cats. This is huge in two ways. First, for us humans, it means the POTENTIAL of other species getting the disease and it eventually being transmittable to humans from those other species is higher and increases our potential for infection. This inhales big time. The only animal which can help keep the bird, rodent, and insect populations down and help prevent pandemic's, the domestic cat, MAY be able to eventually infect us. No such infection has occurred, yet. They have no idea how many other organisms might be able to eventually transmit the disease to humans.

Second, it means that there could be a major biological die off from this disease in who knows how many organisms. It has been found to be almost 100% lethal to ferrets and, if this disease gets into their wild populations (which is almost certain), they could become extinct. The mortality rate among the entire cat family is a little less than among ferrets but still very high.

Then there is the fact that this presents another problem with the coming human pandemic. You see, even without this disease effecting domestic cats, the extremely high current rodent populations in the US and other countries has us ripe for other pandemic's carried by those rodents. If we go into a die off from the Avian Flu with corps lying around in houses, the rodents and insects cats eat will grow in population increasing the potential for other diseases to be spread through those populations and there are dozens of know pathogens or diseases which effect humans and are carried by rodents and insects. If the cats also start dying off, then those rodent and insect populations will grow faster and larger increasing our risk for other pandemic's. We could easily have a dozen or more pandemic's sweep through the human race during the Avian Flu pandemic.

In other words, this pandemic could have two or more barrels to it so that, as soon as the human race is hit with one barrel, it will get hit with a second barrel killing even more people. Even a tough disease which hits humans hard but doesn't normally kill us could become deadly against weakened immune systems trying to recover from the Avian Flu and will definitely be deadly to anyone who has the Avian Flu when getting the second disease.

This disease has me absolutely stunned. It gets worse the more I find out about it. Outside of God, there is no hope for us humans. You must get right with God by finding Jesus as your savior and making sure you are walking right, spend time with your family, and trust in God. Kissing your butt goodbye would not be a bad idea right now. Your big, secular governments are about to let you down big time.

I think I will go for a bike ride and enjoy breathing for a while. :-)

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