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Olmert has bungled the war against Hizballah worse than almost any military disaster I have seen. He is at least as bad a leader as Jimmy Carter. You have to realize that Israel doesn't have a ring master; the circus is being run by a bunch of bumbling, bungling clowns. This last war is so bad for Israel that it is best described as clown warfare.

But things are quickly getting worse. You must remember that Iran believes firmly that the US will destroy its nuclear facilities just before the November election and they are using this assault against Israel in hopes of gaining enough support from other Muslim countries to prevent the US attacking Iran. This means that there is a very short time table for which Iran and Hizballah MUST resume hostilities against Israel because they need to be doing serious damage to Israel by no later than mid October.

This short time table has been made very evident in recent events. Just as soon as the Israeli head clown, Olmert, lifted the embargo over Lebanon without consulting the military leaders, Iran began a massive resupply effort for Hizballah by cargo ships, cargo planes, and truck convoys. Within hours of the embargo being lifted by the fool, Olmert, tons of weapons began arriving in Lebanon and, with the aid of the Lebanese government, getting past all of the UN controls set up to prevent the re-arming of Hizballah. These actions showed extreme urgency.

Until the embargo was lifted, Iran had been "negotiating" with the UN as a stalling tactic to buy time against military action against Iran. Within 24 hours of the embargo being lifted, Iran cut off these negotiations and told the UN to stuff it.

Today I got the news I was waiting for. Hizballah told the UN that the UN forces are in the way of Hizballah attacking Israel and that, in the event of an attack against Hizballah by Israel, Hizballah will not wait for the UN to counter attack Israel but will attack themselves. They also told the UN that the UN forces now in Lebanon protecting Hizballah from Israel are in the way and will be attacked and destroyed if they don't get out quickly.

This tells me that Hizballah has already re-armed enough that they feel they don't require the protection of the UN and will soon resume hostilities against Israel and, if the UN doesn't get out of Lebanon, against the UN forces sent there by the idiot French government to protect Hizballah with France hoping to earn favors from the Muslims so the Muslims won't attack France. Guess the French liberals thought wrong again. Duh!!! But they won't learn.

Mean while, in liberally run Israel, the clowns running the country recently had serious debates about and voted on the budget for Israel. What was their greatest concern? Financing the rebuilding and retraining of the IDF to face another battle against Hizballah?

No, their stupid, liberal social programs that the Muslims will do away with in the event the Muslims conquer Israel and slaughter all the Jews because they didn't fix the IDF, which the liberals have grossly neglected for years causing the current IDF problems. The fools are acting like Hizballah is no longer a threat and were totally crushed. Watch them be surprised when Hizballah attacks again. Gee, who would have figured!!!

If you people keep voting liberals in as your leaders, then you deserve what you get. When are you going to learn? The greatest military blunders which have caused this world the most grief over this last century have been caused by liberal leaders who just don't get it. Chamberlain gave us WWII because he didn't nip Hitler in the bud when he had the chance. He just wanted to talk Hitler into accepting peace, you know, like all fool liberals still insist on doing today. They never learn.

Truman gave us the current nuclear mess in North Korean because he didn't listen to Mc Arthur and finish off North Korea when he had a chance. The highly touted JFK gave us Bay of the Pigs and the problems Castro has caused throughout the last 50 years in Central and South America with communism. Johnson gave us a defeat in South Viet Nam which greatly diminished our protection of other free countries in the Pacific Area. Jimmy Carter gave us the Iran mess which has lead to the current nuclear mess in Iran along with many of the terrorist killings for the last few decades. The great Bill Clinton blatantly dismantled the US military and intelligence systems while Al Quaeda was attacking us for seven years, repeatedly failed to take out Osama Bin Laden, and sold classified weapons technology to China and who knows who else which is now being used against our own troops and those of our allies with all of this leading to 9/11 and the current war on terror.

How many more screw ups do the liberals have to commit of this nature before you learn to quit voting for fool liberals? And the thing is that the above list isn't all the screw ups the liberals of this world have caused which have brought grief to the world.

I am expecting Hizballah to attack Israel in the very near future, like any time between today and the end of October. If Olmert is not immediately removed from power following the resumption of hostilities, I expect a military fiasco far worse than the first one with many Israeli's being killed and possibly even Israel losing some land in the event that Syria joins in with the fighting this time. This is not going to be pretty and Olmert should be removed as quickly as possible.

If he causes a military mess as bad or worse than the last one, I would not be surprised to see either the military remove the liberal clowns from power and taking control to save Israel or even the people rioting and stoning the clowns to death in their anger. The clowns must go or many will die and the longer they wait to remove the clowns, the greater the death toll will be for Israel.

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