Israel 11

Recently the Pentagon gave orders to a number of US Naval ships to prepare to deploy on October 1. The types of vessels strongly indicates they will be deploying to the Persian Gulf for an attack against Iran and should get there by about mid October. This is the time I told you Bush would stage attacks against Iran's nuclear facilities in order to maximize the effect for the coming election and not permit the lying liberal media time for a counter spin.

I believe that other targets than the nuclear facilities will be hit in order to take maximum advantage of the attacks. These will probably and should include such targets as key military targets to prevent counter attacks from Iran, especially against shipping in the Gulf, terrorist training camps, and weapons manufacturing and storage facilities.

Such attacks will diminish potential attacks against shipping in the Gulf area, Iran's ability to supply terrorists in both Iraq and Lebanon, and require Iran to spend considerable resources rebuilding their own military and weapons factories before they can continue to wage war against the world through terrorism. This will be exacerbated by the fact that Iran is rushing huge amounts of weapons and personnel to resupply Hizballah meaning that the Iranian resources will be even more depleted after the attack.

Note that the terrorists in Iraq have been trying to increase their activities to prevent Bush from using US troops against Iran because they know that a successful attack against Iran will decrease the weapons and personnel being supplied to the terrorists in Iraq by Iran. Such attacks could easily decrease the terrorist activities in Iraq by as much as half to 2/3 because the terrorists in Iraq get most of their weapons and fighters from Iran. I told you a long time ago this should be done but Bush had to wait until the situation in Iraq was well enough controlled by Iraq before he could stage this attack against Iran.

It also means that Hizballah and Syria will stop getting weapons and personnel from Iran crippling their military actions against Israel. As I told you before, this requires that Hizballah stage another offensive against Israel as quickly as possible, probably in the next few weeks, in a desperate effort to stop the US attacks against Iran.

The experts are saying that Bush will not stage a ground invasion into Iran but did you notice the coincidental build up of US ground forces in Iraq recently to "fight" the terrorists in Iraq when they also turned some of that fighting over to the Iraqi Army? There may not be an all out ground invasion but there will almost certainly be ground surgical operations from the US troops in Iraq to make sure the US got everything they wanted to get.

This means that Israel should be gearing up for an invasion by Hizballah and other terrorist organizations in Gaza and the West Bank. Are they? Of course not; you wouldn't expect fool liberals to actually plan to wage war when they think they can talk their way out of everything contrary to what history teaches us, would you?

I expect that, if Israel remains in the hands of the head liberal clown, Olmert, very long after the attack begins, a lot of Israeli's will die and Israel could suffer significant military defeats or losses against Hizballah. These liberal clowns have been playing stupid liberal political games trying to save their stupid butts because of the last military bungling in Lebanon instead of preparing for the next attack.

It is very likely that the Israeli death toll and military disasters will be so severe that the top military leaders will be forced to stage a coup to save Israel. If this happens, I believe they will either retain control until the situation has been significantly reversed or turn government control over to the conservative Sanhedrin setting up a theocracy.

The up side of all this is that, if Bush's attacks against Iran work and have enough of an effect, Hizballah will lose enough of its weapons supplies that all Israel will have to do is hold its own until Hizballah runs out of weapons and troops. Under such conditions, even a fool liberal like Olmert could almost win....almost.

The down side of all this is that Iran has been rapidly supplying Hizballah with weapons and personnel to quickly stage an offensive against Israel. They have been building their forces while the liberals running Israel have been playing stupid games and not rebuilding the Israeli forces. Iran has not only been replacing lost weapons but has being sending new weapons to increase Hizballah's chances of a significant victory against Israel. They have also been resupplying troops with newly trained Hizballah terrorists, Al Quaeda terrorists trained in Iran, and Iranian Revolutionary Guard. This time, the force attacking Israel will be larger, better trained, some will have combat experience, and they will be better armed.

If Hizballah has a significant enough of a victory against Israel, you can expect the Syrian and Iranian forces in Syria to stage an offensive against Israel increasing the damage and death toll. The key objective of Hamas and the other terrorist groups in Gaza and the West Bank will be to tie down Israeli troops in the south so they can't fight against Hizballah. Watch for attacks by Al Quaeda from Egypt into Israel. Add to this the UN forces protecting Hizballah from Israel and it would be a hand full for any good military leader.

All of these forces coming together against a liberal dolt like Olmert spells almost certain disaster. The longer the liberals remain in control in Israel, the worse it is going to be for the Israeli's. I am afraid this is going to get ugly for Israel unless the US intervenes directly.

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