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As we get closer to the November elections, it is important to look at the current situation in the US. In spite of the latest and same old propaganda we have been seeing for years, the Liberal Crisis is growing rapidly and the liberals are getting more frantic which means their lies are getting bigger. Remember that, for years and ever since I began writing about this years ago, the liberal media have been consistently telling us just before each election that they would overwhelmingly win seats in the House and Senate or the presidency. After each successive election we clearly saw that their predictions had been more off than the two years before for the reasons I stated in previous essays.

The reason for their increasingly more wrong predictions is that they get increasingly more desperate and frantic as their population falls behind the conservative population. In their desperation, they tell bigger lies hoping that "this time" the lie will be big enough to discourage enough conservative voters from voting and encourage enough liberal voters to vote so that they can win back at least the dog house.

It has failed every time because the increasing lies just infuriate the conservatives and send more of them to the ballot box while placating the liberal voters into apathy so they don't show up to vote. To my absolute amazement, the liberal media fail to realize what they are doing proving again and again that the first and most important requirement for being a liberal is to not have a lick of common sense. Thank God for that.

As I predicted a long time ago in my series on the Liberal Crisis, the Democratic Party is beginning to show sings of breaking up. They are turning on each other (ie. Lieberman and Hillary) and only the ultra liberals can get elected at the primaries in many areas but they can't get elected to office in increasing numbers.

This has gotten so bad that recently one liberal writer wrote an article in a liberal paper stating that this phenomenon will get so bad so quick that key swing states like Ohio will become solid conservative states by at least 2010. You know that, if the liberals are finally beginning to recognize this, they are in deep doodoo. I don't think they have that long.

This is already causing the effect I predicted that increasing numbers of less liberal candidates are flanking the primaries to get elected to office when the ultra liberals can't. It is only a matter of time and some of the more powerful Dummycrats will learn they must begin forming a new party or not have a job and will begin forming a new, more moderate party at the local level and, following increasing successes, these parties will grow to the national level causing the Dummycrat Party to collapse and eventually join forces with the ultra liberal Green Party just to survive.

Some of the media are noting that many in the conservative base are unhappy with the Republicans and that this may cause many conservative voters to either not vote or vote for liberals who will take the country in the opposite direction from where the conservatives want to go. Yeah, right.

The worst that can happen is that many will not show up and vote but the liberals have the same problem to a greater extent. I seriously doubt that conservatives will vote for ultra liberals to replace conservatives they are unhappy with. That would be something only a fool liberal would do. This has already been proven by the conservatives replacing a number of those conservative politicians in the primaries with even more conservative politicians the way I said they would.

I expect the conservatives to maintain the majority in both the House and Senate and don't be surprised if they actually gain seats in one or both houses. The liberals are hurting really bad and they know it. This is why they are working so hard to lie their butts off and try to turn the tide in their favor.

In desperation, California liberals are trying to pass a new law which would permit them to flank the electoral college completely. They want to give their full votes to which ever presidential candidate wins the national popular vote regardless of the results in California. Let me get this right, at the last presidential election, the conservatives moved into the lead on popular votes by almost 3 million votes and the brilliant liberals in California decided to give their votes to the winner of the popular vote when their state almost always is won by the liberal candidate?

With the rapidly declining liberal population and rapidly increasing conservative population, I hope the fools get this law passed. That will guarantee 57 electoral votes for the conservatives in a state which usually gives those votes to the liberal candidate. These fools have gotten so desperate they have gone beyond stupid. The liberals trying to salvage their stupidity has become the greatest sitcom in the history of the world. I love it. They have achieved infinite stupidity; it is never ending.

Also, the liberal media are going through the death throws I had predicted earlier. They are increasingly loosing reader/viewership resulting in diminishing revenues via advertising. To counter this, the fanatically liberal managements are trying new and even more liberal ways of getting their news and other shows to be accepted by conservatives. But it isn't helping as their reader/viewership continues to drop. This is resulting in an increasingly higher and higher turn over in shows and people. The more liberal the shows are, the sooner they bite the dust but the fanatical management are so obsessed with getting their liberal dogma out at the expense of their media, they refuse to accept this. BTW, this is illegal for a publically traded company and it is only matter of time and the share holders will start forcing prosecutions of CEO's and board members for this crime.

In desperation, while trying to maintain their liberal bias, they reorganize, sell off, and down grade their media ignoring the fact that they must move right or die. Just as I predicted, Wall Street is increasingly clamoring that the CEO's must do something, you know, like move right and will soon begin doing away with the members of the boards of directors in order to save their investments. The liberals better get their resumes ready because the media just can't continue to bleed at the current rate and from the current level and stay alive much longer.

The liberal media are hurting so bad and losing ground so fast that, if one of the top four liberal networks doesn't move right soon, one of them may very well not be around in 2008. They are increasingly dividing a smaller and smaller liberal market and it is only common sense (which is why liberals can't get it) that it is only a matter of time and the market will be too small to support all four networks. You can tell by their actions and desperation that that time is rapidly approaching.

Time has run out for the liberals because they got what they wanted and they aren't smart enough to figure it out yet.

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