Israel 12

It is time for a little analysis of the situation currently facing Israel. Iran and Syria are rapidly rearming Hizballah providing them with even more and better weapons, moving troops into the area, and ramping up their own troops in the area for a coming battle with Israel. Al Quaeda has moved terrorist forces to both the northern and southern borders of Israel. Hamas, Fatah, and the rest of the terrorist organizations in Gaza and the West Bank are arming and training for a Hizballah type war against Israel while pretending to wage another civil war which is actually them trying to kill off their own suspected spies before the war starts. Lebanon is arming and threatening to join this coming war while the French lead UN forces have acted to protect Hizballah forces on several occasions when Israel tried to chase attacking Hizballah forces into Lebanon but did nothing to stop or catch the Hizballah forces showing the true colors of the French and UN.

Russia moved a team of military "engineers" into southern Lebanon to "rebuild the bridges" Israel destroyed in the last war but it was really so they could have an excuse to send in two combat platoons to "protect" those engineers. If the Russian forces are "attacked" by Israel during the coming battle, Russia will have an excuse to move a larger force into Lebanon to invade and punish Israel. This is the first time ever that Russia has staged openly combat forces in this part of the Middle East. Before, the Russian soldiers have always been classified as "Advisors" and these two Russian combat platoons are Muslim units run by Muslim officers. God has put the hook in Russia's jaw and drawn her down as promised in Ezekiel.

Egypt is now talking of a larger regional war while helping smuggle weapons into Gaza and moving more "police" and soldiers closer to the Israeli southern border. They have also been making military type intelligence excursions across the southern border of Israel. This is always done to prepare for a possible invasion.

A large UN navy flotilla has gathered off the coast of Lebanon with a few non-UN ships from other countries like the US. One of my concerns at this time is that, when the French lead UN forces begin attacking our allie Israel, if the US Navy even protests these attacks that the French lead UN navy may stage a surprise attack against the US Navy ships sinking one or more. I believe they will and then the UN navy will be used to fight Israel.

With Israel facing a rapidly approaching five-front battle (Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, West Bank, and Sinai), what are the liberal clowns who are supposed to be running Israel doing? Nothing but trying to save their own worthless political butts. They are not ramping up for the battle and the military has even been paralyzed at the top as their top general has surrounded himself with three reportedly incompetent yes men. Almost all of the top generals down to the lowest soldiers in the field have had enough with the incompetence of their "leaders" with protests being staged daily.

The vast majority of the population want Olmert and company out and, I believe, things are ripe for the military coup I warned you about when the fighting starts and Olmert and the rest of the clowns start bungling things again. I believe that almost everyone will support a military coup by the top generals who are worth something and them declaring martial law in order to win the war and save Israeli butts. Watch for this and watch the cowardly liberals run like hell for Europe when the fecal matter hits the fan. BTW, I believe this military coup will be just one more excuse for the UN, Russian, and Muslim forces to justify invading Israel to create a "democratic" Palestine but the coup will be necessary for the Israeli's to save their butts in the coming battle.

I also expect the Israeli Generals who stage the coup to turn power over to the conservative Israeli Sanhedrin after the coming battle, creating a theocracy, to show that they didn't do it for their own power but to save Israel. It will be either after this coming battle or the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 that the Sanhedrin will build the Third Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount to prepare for the coming of the Messiah as required by scripture.

Mean while, the acting US President, Condi Rice, is still trying to force Israel to give away more land to the Muslims to appease them with the cowardly, fool liberals like Olmert eagerly going along with it, which has and will never work. Strange, I don't know anyone who voted for Rice and the US State Department to be our President? Maybe Bush needs to regrow his testicles.

The US Navy ships for the coming attack against Iran have left port and time is growing short for all of this. It could easily start any day. Israel will be forced to attack or counter attack the UN and Russian forces in the area to get at Hizballah and the rest will simply join battle. Israel will win this battle and I believe that it is intentionally planned by most participants for her to win. The sucker punch is that it is also planned to create excuses for the participants to stage a larger force to invade and destroy Israel without the US interfering. The trouble is that Israel MUST take the sucker punch now that Olmert has set them up for it or be over run by the Muslim forces and the Israeli people slaughtered off. They must do it to survive and it will set up the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 like I have been saying for years.

This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Later, after the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, I will have to give you an analysis of how much things will improve for about 15 to 20 years and why. There are a few silver linings to this coming storm cloud including the return of the Messiah in the next 20 to 30 years. Look up!!! We are getting close!!! If you don't already know Jesus as your savior, you better find Him fast. Every day, we are one day closer to His coming!!!

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