As of October 20, 2006, things are starting to really heat up in the Middle East. Today cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's forces (a puppet of Iran) seized control of a town in Iraq showing that Iran is ready to start actions against both Iraq and Israel to tie down US and allied forces in an effort to prevent an attack or invasion of Iran.

You have to understand that this entire "insurgent" thing going on in Iraq is really nothing more than a counter offensive by Al Quaeda staged and supported by Syria and Iran to tie down US troops in Iraq to prevent an invasion of their countries, of which, until now, they have done a good job. The primary provider of terrorists and weapons has been Iran and the war in Iraq can't be stopped until Iran is stopped from being able to supply the terrorists in Iraq.

The mistake that the US made in going into Iraq was that they expected Syria and Iran to attack the US while we were still fighting the Iraqi forces using conventional armies and not an Al Quaeda terrorist force. If the US had realized Iran and Syria would use the latter, they would have immediately gone into Iran or gone into Iran first to prevent such a force from developing.

Today's event of cleric Muqtada al-Sadr taking a village was because Iran has realized, just as I told you, that the US has been freeing up forces in Iraq for an invasion into Iran. Therefore, they got their little puppet to stage another significant military action in Iraq to tie those forces down just before the expected attacks and invasions were to occur. Note that this military action by al-Sadr happened on the same day that the US Iwo Jima Expeditionary Strike Group entered the Persian Gulf to join the forces already gathering there for the attack and invasion including the USS Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group and the USS Enterprise Strike Group.

This attack is designed to tie down from 5,000 to 10,000 or more troops for a prolonged period of time. It should be obvious that the Iranian generals are not stupid and are quite innovative. The US generals have to do better at being even more innovative or we will lose this war. Let's hope the US anticipated this action and had a plan B.

With it having been stated that the "war games" the US and allied forces are "gathering for" have been scheduled to begin on October 31st, it should be expected for the attacks and invasion to begin some time around that date. Iran knows this and this military action in Iraq by al-Sadr is the first you should expect from Iran's terrorist forces designed to tie our forces down prior to the expected attack, such as Hizbullah attacking Israel any moment now. NO MATTER WHAT IRAN DOES, the US must be ready to attack and invade Iran.

You have to understand that sitting back and permitting Iran to make us play their game is what has drug this war in Iraq out so long and will lose us the war. With us fighting Iran's war, Iran can fight on indefinitely or until the US liberal media does its thing to help Iran win the war by discouraging voters and causing them to vote the GOP out of power.

The US MUST go into Iran and take out their ability to train and supply terrorists or this war will never end good for the West. We MUST take the fight to Iran instead of permitting Iran to take the fight to us or we WILL lose the war on terror!

It is important to note that the US did have a plan B and is sending in British forces to retake the town. This will prevent Iran tying down US forces destined for the invasion.

One of my main concerns with this attack coming up is France and the UN forces. Why has France suddenly "joined" the fight against terror when they have been not helping the West and helping the terrorists while blatantly working to protect the terrorists from Israel?

I am very concerned that France and some of the other socialist countries like Italy may have joined this UN force for the sole porpurse of waiting until the fighting starts and turning their weapons on the US and its allies for a surprise attack sinking and damaging our ships before we can defend ourselves, helping the terrorists and trying to appease the Muslims in order to stop the terrorist activities in their own countries. I believe this is a real possibility and some one else must have been suspicious because France was recently replaced as the command for the UN naval forces gathering off the coast of Lebanon by Germany who has recently started aiding in the war against terror or WWIII.

If my suspicions prove to be right, and I hope they are not, this will be the greatest military betrayal in modern history by an allie. If this betrayal occurs, I believe the US and its allies should hold the culprits responsible for their actions with severe military reprisals such as nuking Paris and then asking Germany if she wants what is left of France. From what I understand, Germany could use the parking space.

With the actions of al-Sadr, the battle to prevent the coming attack on Iran has begun and the big question is "will the US Pentagon stay the course and not permit Iran to force us to fight their war by forcing Iran to fight our war?" If necessary, I don't believe it is, we MUST risk losing temporary control of Iraq to take Iran out of the equation or we will lose the war. We will see.

BTW, it is important to point out that Syria is so financially and militarily weak that, if its primary military supporter, Iran, is eliminated, Syria will cave instantly. Iran is the current key in this war against Terror.

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