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Power mad Putin and his old commie comrades have taken control of Russia and are on the move to reform the Soviet Union. In my opinion, he is another Adolph Hitler but much more powerful. He is currently moving against everything Russia lost to freedom and has aligned itself with the west while foolishly building alliances with the Muslim leaders not realizing the Muslim leaders are waging war against him as well as the rest of us. Putin has placed Russia in no man's land; on everyone's side but not on anyone's side.

Because of this, while still fighting his current war against Georgia and President Rice and Vice President Bush not having enough guts to stand up for US allies and just bluffing with a lot of talking and posturing, Putin has made the statement that he will station armed troops in Syria and Lebanon along with very sophisticated weapons. Putin and the Muslims know Bush is just bluffing and are calling his bluff at every opportunity to make easy gains against the West. Putin is currently in negotiations with Assad of Syria concerning stationing the troops in these two countries and how many will be stationed there. The number could be anywhere from a combat battalion to one or more divisions (most likely) of well trained and armed soldiers. The positioning of these troops could happen within anywhere from a few weeks to months from now.

This has very serious implications for Israel. It is known by anyone with common sense and knowledge of the situations in the Middle East that it is not if but when will Israel have to fight Iran, Hizballah, Hamas, Syria, and Fatah. The when is getting closer as these hostile elements continue to arm themselves to the teeth and are planning to attack Israel as soon as they feel they can win.

If this war begins after Russia has stationed combat troops in Syria and Lebanon, Israel WILL find itself fighting one or more divisions of Russian combat troops which will cause the war to escalate quickly to a global war involving Russia and the Muslims while President Rice and Vice President Bush stand around talking and bluffing just like the scriptures say they will. This means that Israel MUST attack before Russia puts significant troops in Syria and Lebanon and that time is getting even shorter for Israel.

Israel wants to wait until after the US election to help prevent Obama from getting elected as President of the US but they don't have that luxury now. If Israel waits until after the election, they will almost certainly find themselves looking down the tank barrels of entire Russian combat divisions planning to do the damage to Israel that Russia is currently doing to Georgia.

Israel continues to foolishly put her faith in her Western allies instead of in God. The allies keep stabbing Israel in the back and her leaders keep turning their backs to the Western allies for more stabbing. God just keeps turning the thumb screws tighter and tighter on Israel knowing that eventually, the military leaders will get a clue and turn from putting their faith in stupid humans to putting their faith in God and doing what is necessary to save their butts before it is too late. As long as they continue to put their faith in man, it will keep getting worse for them and the rest of us.

The Israeli military leaders have been increasingly realizing that they don't have any allies in the world, have been working closer with and even taking classes from the Israeli religious community, and the Israeli religious community has been getting more united. If you watch closely, you will see that the military and religious communities are uniting quickly. God is pushing them to make the move of taking control of the government from the corrupt, idiot political leaders, setting up a theocracy devoted to and depending on God, building the Temple, and defending Israel by the power of God instead of the power of man, which has failed Bush also.

Years ago, I found out that the Israeli Temple Institute has a modular Temple constructed and hidden away on trucks to be quickly moved to the Temple Mount and assembled within days. Within the last four weeks, the Temple priests showed up for their "first fitting" for their Temple robes. Everything else is ready for the building of the Third Temple.

We are getting close; very close.

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