Dream 3

A few days ago, I had a dream in which God showed me a row of numbers that He made known to me were dates and times. He took two numbers from the left end of the row, 25 and 32, and made known to me that the Rapture will occur and the Tribulation will begin in 2025 but didn't make anything known to me about the number 32.

I very quickly realized, upon wakening, that the Tribulation is now only 17 years away and was thinking about the beginning of the Tribulation while also considering the meaning of the number 32. I very quickly realized that 32 couldn't have anything to do with the beginning of the Tribulation because it couldn't mean months in a year, days in a month, or hours in a day. Then I quickly realized that 32 = 25 + 7 and that 2032 is when Jesus will return, win the Battle of Armageddon, end the Tribulation, and set up His Millennial Rule of the planet.

We have very little time left and there is much to do. Everyone needs to be busy winning souls to Jesus because you don't want to leave any friends or relatives behind in the Tribulation. The Tribulation will be horrible beyond description and no rational, sane person should want to live through it or for friends and relatives to live through it. It is time for Christian revival like never before.

Also, it has become obvious that, following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, there will be a prolonged peace on the planet, which is why I have said we need to pray for the coming battles to happen quickly. The sooner they happen and we get them over with, the longer the peace will be between now and the Tribulation. The longer it takes for these battles to occur, the less peace we will have and the more war and suffering we will have between now and the Tribulation.

God is going to use the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to get rid of the natural elites (both Muslim and liberal commies) because they are trying to conquer the world together. This is interfering with the forming of the Muslim Caliphate (Daniel's beast with ten horns) which will conquer the world during the Tribulation. If these two power mad groups succeed in setting up their global commie dictatorship, the Caliphate won't be able to form and will prevent God's prophesies from taking place. Therefore, God must remove both groups so His Word can be true.

There will two key parts to the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39; the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and the destruction of Damascus. In the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, God will break the back bones of the power mad Muslim leaders currently preventing the Caliphate from forming while also breaking the back bones of the power mad liberal commie's by destroying 83.3% of their armies (5 out of every 6 soldiers will die.) With the destruction of Damascus, God will kill all of the power mad Muslim and liberal commie leaders gathered to watch the anticipated destruction of Israel.

You have to understand that the destruction of Israel by Islam is the most holy end time prophesy for Islam and for any of these leaders or terrorists currently waging war against the world to miss out on it would be Islamic apostasy. They will all be required to be there in order to be even considered to have a right to be part of the Muslim world power, even Osama Bin Laden and Big Al, with all their Al Quaeda armies, have to be at this show.

With this being such an important religious occurrence for Islam, the Muslim rulers will make it known to all the liberal commie's that they must show up at this party to show solidarity with the Muslims or they won't get an invitation to the next party. This will mean that all of the mid to upper level commie leaders, media, attorneys, government employees, military leaders, college professors, and others must be in Damascus when the army gathered gets ready to invade Israel or they will be excommunicated from their future world government. It will be a must show for everyone evil.

The destruction of the Muslim leaders will cause a power vacuum in Islam which will not only make it possible for the Caliphate to form but require the remaining Muslim leaders to form the Caliphate in order to keep Islam from imploding. Shortly after the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, you will see the birth of Daniel's beast with ten horns.

The Muslim armies and terrorist organizations will have been destroyed in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 forcing the Caliphate into a period of peace in order to rebuild their new country into the global power required to become the Tribulation one world government and one world church. If these battles happen soon, they will spend the next 17 years without causing any more wars or acts of terrorism in order to train up and arm the hundreds of millions of troops which will be required to quickly conquer the world as described in the scriptures about the Tribulation. In order to raise the capital they will need to rebuild the armies and military weapons lost in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 plus much more, they will have to increase the flow of oil to the rest of the world and divest themselves of all their financial holdings in non Muslim countries like the US. This will drive the price of oil way down on a global basis helping the global economies but the divestments will cause the rest of the world's economies to decline during that period of time plus so much money will leave the rest of the countries to pay for the oil. Also, the lower oil prices will prevent other countries from drilling for more oil in their own countries and make the world more dependant on Muslim oil which will be very important to the Caliphate when they do start their global war.

In order for the Caliphate to form into one of the world's two greatest super powers (Israel will also be building into a super power), the Caliphate will have to call ALL Muslims from around the world to help build their new country. They will need all the well educated Muslim people to be managers and military officers (they will serve both functions) and the rest of the Muslims will be the workers and soldiers for the Caliphate Army, Navy, and Air Force required to conquer the world so quickly. They will have to heavily industrialize their new country and build a lot of tanks, planes, and ships while developing the logistical support required for such a vast military operation. Plus, when they start their global war, they will want to be able to quickly sweep through every country killing all the men and enslaving all the surviving women and children without worrying about whether or not they are killing Muslims.

To conquer the world as fast as the Bible says, they will have to attack every country to the west at the same time which will require at least 100 to 200 million troops. Then they will need the prophesied 200 million troops to simultaneously attack all the countries to the east while still occupying the western countries. With over 1.2 billion Muslims and 80% of the known world oil reserves, it will be easy to do but will require a lot of time to accomplish. You know, 17 years.

The destruction of the liberal commie leaders is very important because the power mad liberal commie's and Muslim leaders have caused almost all of the wars in the last 100 years. With them gone, we will have the most peaceful time in world history because Communism will implode globally. It is very likely that capitalistic democracy will break out world wide with people enjoying global peace and just making money and a good living.

If the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 happens before the US elections, I believe that Bush, Rice, Hillary, Obama, McCain, the liberal left, and liberal RINO's in the GOP will all be in Damascus with their Muslim buddies and will die. This will leave Chenney as the incumbent President and GOP Presidential candidate. If so, he will win by a land slide with the left in tatters and their media propaganda machine destroyed in Damascus. Also, the right should be able to make huge gains in Congress.

If the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 happens after the US elections, it will cause a power vacuum in the US which could cause the country to spilt into two or more countries with God only knows what kind of governments. I pray and vote for the former.

Also it needs to be pointed out that, with global peace and most Christians and Jews moving to Israel to build it into a global power, history teaches it won't take long for most people in all countries except Israel to begin to demand we stop spending money on armies and intelligence agencies they will think we won't need. The rest of the world, except for Israel, will quickly disarm themselves making it even easier for the Muslims to conquer the world because it takes time to ramp up for war, especially with such advanced weapons systems. This disarming will begin within just 3 to 5 years of global peace.

With the current US military strength, it would take the US under WWII military industrialization at least 5 to 10 years to ramp up enough to defeat the future Muslim army or even hold it off for a reasonable period of time. With a significantly decreased military and intelligence agencies, we won't be able to hold that army at bay long enough to build any weapons and they will be able to conquer the US and do "clean up" within 1.5 to 2.5 years. All they will have to do is quickly defeat the significantly diminished military, which will be easy, while seizing control of the major air ports and sea ports close to most of our industry. They can use these air ports and sea ports to quickly land the troops to take over our industries preventing us from even beginning to ramp up for war and making it easier for them to conquer the rest of the nation by simply working down to smaller cities and towns until they can start taking over the towns, villages, farms, and ranches. By the time they have conquered our medium sized cities, we won't have enough industry left to sustain fighting for more than a few months and then it will just be clean up time for the Muslims.

If the Muslims take control of and don't destroy our industries, they will be able to use our own industries and their new women and children slaves to provide some of the logistical support required for the clean up and occupation.

History proves we humans are stupid enough to do this.

Now time for a little fun. God taught me a long time ago that, if you want to know something like who the Antichrist is, you just throw out Gideon's fleece. While Bill Clinton was President, I kept doing this saying that, if he is the Antichrist, he will get away with all of his crimes and he did. But now we have a chance to do this again together.

It should only be common sense that, if he is the Antichrist, then he can't die in Damascus with his liberal and Muslim buddies. Also, God always saves such people in last minute or "eleventh hour" saves to show His hand in it. Therefore, we can throw out our fleece by saying that, if Bill Clinton is the Antichrist, he will not die in Damascus and will be saved in the eleventh hour or last minute with people calling it a miracle. If he dies, he isn't the Antichrist.

Some people have asked me if Obama is the Antichrist and the same thing applies here. Just throw out the fleece with the same conditions and wait to see what God shows you. You can do this with anyone who is currently being considered to be the possible Antichrist. If they all die, then we have no idea who he is. :-)

What I believe is this and we will soon see if it is true. I believe that Bill will narrowly miss dying in Damascus, his wife and daughter will both die, without his commie buddies to help cover for his past crimes and the right in control of the US government, he will be forced to flee to his friends in the Caliphate, he will convert to Islam, quickly marries four Muslim wives, a Muslim cleric will be his teacher, the Muslim Mahdi and Biblical false prophet, he will help build the new Caliphate into a global power from Babylon, he will become known as the Jesus of Islam, will tattoo the most holy number for Islam on the back of his right hand (666), and conquer the world during the Tribulation.

Now we wait to see what God shows us. :-)

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