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I have been watching the media concerning Israel and other things. Over the last few weeks, I have copied the following news items from the web site, "The Debkafiles." I wish to discuss these items along with other information you need to know about. Enjoy, if you can.


Sharon ordered large-scale military operation in northern West Bank, ban on extended Palestinian stay in Israel, halt to secure and Palestinian Authority VIP convoys between Gaza and West Bank. These and other measures imposed after a Jihad Islami suicide bomber murdered 5 Israelis, injured 55 - 6 critically -outside entrance to Netanya's Sharon shopping mall Monday.


In mid-September, Al Qaeda diverted a small but potent force from Iraq to a new mission: the opening of a new front in China. The unit was smuggled into the Chinese border town of Kushi in the Xinjiang Uygur province in November, after a meandering journey traced by DEBKA-Net-Weekly's counter-terror sources. There, the terrorists were quickly absorbed by the al Qaeda infrastructure of local Uygur Muslim extremist cells. Their plan of campaign in the first stage was to reach Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

A small part of the force was stationed in Uzbekistan for the war against that country.


Palestinian terrorists are preparing Qassam missiles with chemical warheads, according to information reaching Israeli intelligence.

The first and second articles are important in understanding what is about to happen in Israel and the Middle East. Israel simply can't continue to tolerate the Muslims murdering their people and then bringing chemical weapons into the war against Israel. They must retake the Gaza soon, especially with the speed at which the war against Israel is accelerating. This will give the Muslims reason to bring a UN coalition against Israel for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. It is all accelerating very quickly. Keep an eye on Israel because it is God's time clock.

The second item is very important because it shows the true intentions of Islam. They state that their purpose is to begin waging war against the Americans in China but this will hurt the Chinese economy and many Chinese. If their pattern follows suit, in time, they will inevitably turn against China itself.

I have recently begun seeing a few other Christians who have realized that Islam is the one world government and one world church of the Tribulation and they are trying to teach this truth. People are gradually beginning to realize what I have been teaching for years.

I recently listened to a former Palestinian terrorists who converted to Christianity about how, when he began studying the Jewish and Christian scriptures to get inside the head of his enemy, he began to really understand Islam, the Koran, and Islamic prophesy causing him to convert to Christianity. In the same way, when I started studying the Koran, Islam, and its prophesies to get into the heads of my enemy, the terrorists, I began to better understand the Jewish and Christian scriptures. You have to understand that their end time prophesies all speak about the same events as the Jewish and Christian prophesies but the Jewish and Christian scriptures speak of these events from the opposite perspective from the Islamic scriptures. In the Jewish and Christian scriptures, they say that "THEY", another people, will do certain things while the Islamic prophesies say that "WE", the Muslims, will do those same things.

I have heard from several reliable sources that they have asked the Muslims why they don't respect the Christians and Jews. The response has been that they do respect the Christians and Jews which is why they will destroy the Christians and Jews after they have destroyed the rest of the world. I have realized that both Islamic and Christian prophesy confirms this. In Islamic prophesy, it says that the Jesus of Islam will conquer Jerusalem and give the order to the Muslims to kill the remnant of the Christians and Jews. The reason for this prophesy is because the Muslims will have already killed all the other non-Muslims in the world.

In Christian prophesy it says that there will be a world wide war in which 25% of the people of the world will die followed by the killing of tens of millions of Christians. This will be the Muslims conquering the Western world and then killing off the Christians and Jews in that part of the world after they have killed off all the pagans, communists, socialists, atheists, and other groups.

Immediately following this, the Muslims will launch a 200,000,000 man army east to conquer the rest of the world in which 1/3 of the people of the world will die. Then and only then will Islam turn on Israel where the remnant of God's people will be. The Jesus of Islam will conquer Jerusalem, seize control of the Jewish Temple, and begin waging war against the remnant of the Christians and Jews.

In order for these scriptures to come true, the Muslims must lose in their current attempt to destroy the Christians and Jews first. That failure will be at the battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. It will cause them to reconsider their end time prophesy while they peacefully rebuild their global army, realize they must wait for the coming of the Jesus of Islam, and destroy the God hating pagans first before they can destroy Israel.

So, all of you fool pagans, occult, atheists, communists, socialists, and other liberal God haters, your butts will get slaughtered first by the Muslims you have crawled in bed with. The Muslims will stain their swords with your traitorous blood first and they know it.

You better understand that the Muslims have been raised since childhood to know that they will slaughter all the non-Muslim men and enslave the non-Muslim women as sex slaves. They are raised to believe that this will all be them doing a good work for Allah and the practice of killing all the men and enslaving the women is an ancient practice which was common before Moses left Egypt which I explain it in my e-book, "Yahweh".

I also explain the primitive customs, traditions, and life from that time which have not changed much, if at all, among most Muslims so that you can better understand their customs, logic, and thinking. You MUST LEARN that Muslims DO NOT use Western customs, values, traditions, and logic in their thinking and strategy. They still use very ancient customs, values, traditions, and logic. To understand them, you MUST learn these customs, values, traditions, and logic as I describe in my book.

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