The Big Mess

We have really gotten ourselves into a very big mess; and I mean the entire planet. I got most of the following information from but some for other sites such as the Debkafiles.

Since Israel was forced to withdraw from Gaza by the West, the Muslims have stepped up their war against Israel to a much higher level with stated plans of accelerating the war beginning in 2006. This started with another suicide bomber killing five in Israel and Israel closing the borders she had been forced to open by the West. Since then, the terrorists have launched dozens of missile and mortar attacks against Israeli areas with Israel being forced to increase their retaliations and preemptive strikes.

The Hizab Altahrir group, operating on the Temple Mount, has been preaching Shariya, which is the act of subjecting the entire world to Islamic law. Other groups are now openly following suit. After Hamas won the recent election in Gaza and the West Bank, Hamas politburo chief Khaled Meshal declared his organization would not renew the informal ceasefire with Israel after end of 2005. Israeli intelligence has learned that the terrorists are now equipping their Qassam missiles with chemical warheads.

The head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, has approved a new law, providing monetary grants to the families of suicide bombers paid for with your tax dollars. The legislation refers to the suicide terrorists as shahids (martyrs), a term generally applied to a person who dies in an operation fighting against Israel.

Under the new law, the terrorist's family will be paid a base sum of $250 per month. The law takes into account extended family arrangements commonplace in Arab societies. The families of married terrorists are entitled to an additional $50 per month, and $15 are added for each child, $25 for each parent, and $15 for each brother who lived with the terrorist prior to his death.

The monies, to be paid out of the general budget of the Palestinian Authority, are significant sums for average Arab families living in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

Mean while, Iran continues to defiantly build towards developing their own nuclear arsenal while stating that Israel should be wiped from the map. But the big scare came when it was discovered that some of the Muslim clerics in Iran have been preaching that they should use nuclear weapons as an offensive tactical weapon and that it will be alright to lose a lot of Muslims in a massive nuclear exchange with Israel as long as they destroy Israel. They believe that they can destroy Israel with a nuclear slug fest and still be a major threat to the rest of the world because there are now so many Muslims (1.6 billion) and are preaching that it will be a good thing.

Add to this that the Muslims have also moved their war to Australia. Have you noticed that these new countries keep trying to down play that the Muslims are at war with them the way our government did under Bill Clinton for seven years? If they keep that up instead of dealing with the truth that they are now at war, they will get their own 9/11.

Almost immediately after all of this, Charles Smith did a summary of the Hudson Report released by a Washington think tank, The Hudson Institute, and it is posted on at You really should read the entire report.

This report states that China is so obsessed with taking back Taiwan that "Beijing is solidly on the path of forcing Taiwan to "return to the Motherland" even if it means war with the United States. The Hudson Institute report concludes that the Chinese military is not afraid to fight America." Their top officers and politicians feel that they can take Taiwan within one week or seven days.

Mean while, some of our often clueless politicians in Washington believe that the Chinese leadership will not engage in active combat for fear of losing trade dollars and ruin the scheduled Olympic games in Beijing. But the report states that the Chinese President Hu Jintao, often viewed in the Western press as a moderate in PRC politics, is clearly cited as confident that waging war in the Pacific will not affect China's global trade. According to General Secretary Hu Jintao, "We believe that the war will not obstruct the holding of the 2008 Olympic Games."

In his article, Smith states, "The Hudson report outlines a terrifying scenario of a Chinese invasion force landing "between 200,000 and 400,000 troops" on Taiwan. The Chinese air force (PLAAF) will then use "mammoth forces" to overwhelm Taiwan's small air forces. The PLAAF will mobilize 3,000 aircraft to "annihilate" Taiwan's air defenses. "We must capture Taiwan, even if that means we have to sacrifice the lives of tens of thousands of soldiers!" notes the report, quoting an unnamed Chinese general."

Considering dealing with the US over Taiwan and China's continued expansionism or imperialism, Smith states, ""Beijing is also prepared to fight the United States if such a confrontation proves unavoidable. The PLA [People's Liberation Army] will mobilize its destroyers equipped with SSN-22 anti-ship cruise missiles, Kilo-class submarines, and Chinese Aegis warships to clash with the Seventh Fleet, and will use information warfare to destroy U.S. satellites and command-and-control systems," states the Hudson report. The conclusions of the Hudson report mirror statements issued by the Chinese army that trade and economic growth are secondary issues. According to an official report by the CMC (Central Military Command), China is confident that it must overwhelm Taiwan and deal with American military forces within the next few years.

"Taking into account of possible intervention by the U.S. and based on the development strategy of our country, it is better to fight now than future - the earlier, the better. The reason being that, if worst comes to worst, we will gain control of Taiwan before full deployment of the U.S. troops. In this case, the only thing the U.S. can do is fighting a war with the purpose of retaliation, which will be similar to the Gulf War against Iraq or the recent bombing of Yugoslavia," notes the Chinese army report.

The Chinese leadership is also confident about fighting a nuclear war with America. The Chinese military makes it clear that it is willing to go to nuclear war with America. 'In comparison with the U.S. nuclear arsenal, our disadvantage is mainly numeric, while in real wars the qualitative gap will be reflected only as different requirements of strategic theory. In terms of deterrence, there is not any difference in practical value. So far we have built up the capability for the second and the third nuclear strikes and are fairly confident in fighting a nuclear war. The PCC has decided to pass through formal channels this message to the top leaders of the U.S.'"

All of this makes me wonder, "Just what weapons technology did Bill Clinton, Hillary, and their gang sell to China?" Six months following Bill's re-election as President of the US, they admitted that they had sold the Chinese classified missile guidance technology for $400,000 in campaign donations for his re-election (more to an off shore account?) and in the last week of December 1998, they admitted to having also sold the Chinese classified satellite weapons technology. By the strangest coincidence, shortly after Bill's re-election, China test fired a triple stage ICBM over the Pacific Ocean capable of reaching Washington DC using technology that Pentagon knew the Chinese did not previously have and then there was the realization that our top nuclear weapons technology had been sold to China. The Clinton administration (and also the liberal media?) along with Bill Richardson effectively covered up the investigation into this act of treason by using Win Ho Lee as a scapegoat and prosecuting him for downloading classified information onto the wrong secure computer in a secure facility. They never did complete the investigation into who sold China that weapons technology.

My thoughts on this are, "What other classified weapons technology did the Clinton Gang sell to the Chinese that has made them so bold as to be ready to take on the US in nuclear war?"

But this story about China gets even better because Smith's article stated, "'The Hudson report also notes that Washington and Taipei are not alone in worrying about the emergence of Chinese global military power. Recent events inside Moscow show growing concern inside the Kremlin about the monster on Russia's eastern border. Russian military experts now warn, "Thanks to Russia, Chinese military might is growing even faster than its economic might.'

'Some Russian analysts have gone so far as to charge that Russian nuclear weapons are in fact a 'non-deterrent' against China. The Chinese leadership is said to be willing to sacrifice 'hordes' of its citizens in pursuit of its geostrategic objectives," concludes the Hudson report.'"

Whatever the Bill and Hillary Gang sold to China, they are now not afraid to use nuclear warfare against Russia at the same time they are fighting the US and the rest of the world. The liberals have turned China into a devouring brute beast ready to burst forth from its cage to munch on the rest of us.

But why, you might ask?

Smith quotes the Hudson Report as saying, "According to General-Major V. Slipchenko, the ultimate goal of Chinese military reform consists in the creation of a military establishment that guarantees 'living space' within 'strategic borders.' These 'strategic borders' must shift according to the expansion of China's Integrated State Power, the primary components of which are economic and military might," warns the Hudson report.

Nor should it be forgotten that China's geopolitics as formulated by Mao gave priority to expanding the country's borders, especially by annexing Russian territories," states the report. According to Russian military scientists, the process of settling Chinese people in the Far East is proceeding almost unchecked.

In January 2005, General-Lieutenant V.I. Ostankov, director of the General Staffs Military-Strategic Studies Center, warned that the strengthening of China's economic might and its growing population require tremendous resources. Because the repository of the world's natural resources has already been divided up, it seems logical that the vector of Chinese expansion will be directed toward the abutting regions of Russia (above all, Siberia and the Far East) as well as of Kazakhstan and other countries of Central Asia."

In other words, they are in the same mess as Japan was before WWII. They have a huge population and limited resources and, just like Japan, they plan to go on a military rampage to take those resources from others. If you have studied WWII, you should also realize that their basic military strategy is the same as Japan's was, which was to beat technological superiority with numbers. The trouble is that China's numbers are far greater than Japan's were and they are also better equipped, have developed their own in-country industry (largely thanks to the Western World), and have the scientists and engineers to continue developing their weapons during the war PLUS we don't know exactly what weapons technology the Clinton Gang sold to China.

Also, don't forget that, after conquering Eastern Russia, China will only be 22 miles from Alaska and then on to Canada and the rest of the American continents.

At this point, I need to share something I have learned in studying history. The liberals like to think that everyone sees the world through their fogged up glasses and think the way they do. Because of this, they like to believe that no one would really start a nuclear war with us because, based on the liberal definition of winning, no one would win the war. What these simpletons have yet to figure out is that 1) we don't all think like them (for better or worse) and 2) we don't all have the same definition of winning.

For example, the above information shows that winning a nuclear war by the Muslims means that there will still be some Muslims left when the dust settles and there won't be any non-Muslims left. To the Chinese winning a nuclear war means they will lose a lot of people, of which they have 1.2 billion, but will conquer the world.

It should be obvious to everyone that Adolph Hitler couldn't win WWII but the fact is that he thought he could so he tried. It doesn't matter whether you think or even know that someone else can not win a war based on your definition of winning that war. All that matters is whether that someone else thinks they can win that war based on their definition of winning. If some power mad, whacko nut believes he can win the war, he will try and you better be ready to stop him.

During the late '60's, the doped up hippies dreamed up a saying that the idiot liberals of today still think is brilliant because they still have not figured out the answer to their own stupid question. A few years ago, I was stunned to hear Dan Rather ask the same question and then sit their grinning like it made him look brilliant.

Their favorite war related questions is this: "What would happen if someone gave a war and no one showed up?" At first, it sounds pretty brilliant but then, if you study history, you realize the question has been answered a number of times. I used to answer this obviously stupid question by saying, "Ask a Jew, because Adolph Hitler gave a war against the Jews and they didn't show up to defend themselves." Now I can also say ask an American because for seven years Al Quaeda gave a war against the US bombing our Trade Center, blowing up a US military barracks, blowing up three US embassies, and blowing up the USS Cole but President Clinton didn't show up to defend America so we got 9/11.

Next, you have to ask why the Chinese would want to go to war against the US as soon as possible. The answer should be obvious to anyone familiar with military strategy. 1) The Democrats, under the Clintons, spent 8 years tearing down the US military so that, even in a time of war, it has not yet gotten back up to its full strength largely because of interference by the liberals, 2) our limited troops are already pinned down in several wars and it would be almost impossible to redeploy enough troops to stop the Chinese war machine without using nukes, and 3) the liberals in the US are sending the message to China that we Americans are cowards because the liberals want to cut and run over the relatively much smaller mess in Iraq greatly encouraging the Chinese to jump into us right now. They almost certainly think that our leaders wouldn't dare use the weapons necessary to win a war with them and, I am afraid, they may be right.

Then you ask, "Can we defeat them?" Yes, but only if we use the right weapons at the right time. There are two myths the liberals have been able to create in the West which could possibly keep us from using those weapons and fighting against China. 1) A nuclear slug fest will kill us all and the world will become uninhabitable. Obviously, the Chinese and Muslims (also the Russian and US military) know this is not true.

First, today's counter weapons systems are good enough that most nukes won't reach target and detonate. Second, the fallout will be much less than we have been taught by the media and life will go on. They estimate that anywhere from 50% to over 75% of the people in the world will survive an all out nuclear war, contrary to the propaganda the liberals have been selling us.

2) That a really massive army like China's 200 million man army can't be stopped. This myth has been created by using the myth that they can march on forever because they can reproduce faster than we can kill them. I have yet to see any person successfully mate while marching towards their enemy much less have a child and raise it. Plus, when you have weapons which can kill everything within a 30 mile radius like 30 megaton nuclear warheads, you would be surprised at how fast you can vaporize 200 million people militarily positioned for attack. Most of the US strategic arsenal is in the 30 to 40 meg range (not including tactical weapons) and the Ruskies have weapons in the 40 to 60 meg range. IF we will use the right weapons to win the war, the Chinese are making the same strategic mistake Japan made in WWII, unless the Clintons sold the Chinese our best military technology, for which, they have now had enough time and money to develop that technology. If the latter is true, we are super screwed because, in my opinion, the Clintons committed the worse case of treason in the history of the world. I believe they make Benedict Arnold look like Mother Teresa.

Finally, if the Chinese and Muslims coordinate their attacks against the West and too many western countries remain cowards and refuse to fight, we could be conquered and scattered among the nations the way the Bible says God will do to those who refuse to repent of their crimes and turn back to Him when He makes their cities barren with things like hurricanes, tornados, and the Avian Flu.

So can you see God's hand looming over us in His great anger ready to swat our back sides a good one, if we don't repent and get back to Him and His Law? I strongly suggest that all of you repent and pray like mad for a Western World revival before we get our sorry butts scattered.

Let me share one last thing with you. The Muslims are being taught as children that they are to conquer the world, kill off all the men, and take the women who survive as sex slaves. This means all you guys out there will be murdered and your mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, and granddaughters will be taken as slaves for the pleasure of the Muslims terrorists, if we lose this war. The Chinese have a law that their people can't have more than one child so they have been killing off their daughters to the point that the males greatly out number the females and they will be looking to also take your women as mates or sex slaves. You really don't want to be scattered among the world by these two powers.

The Bible tells us that, if we repent and turn back to God, He will turn these things away from us. I strongly suggest that everyone repents and prays for revival on a global basis. It just seems like a good idea to me right now.

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