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In following what is going on in Israel, I have found the following information, mostly from the web site, "Debkafiles".

"DEBKAfile's counter-terror sources report that up until Jan 1, 2006 fifteen Damascus-based heads of the Hamas armed wing flew in from Damascus and entered the Gaza Strip via the Rafah crossing. The most recent arrival on Jan. 1 was Rashid Hamadi, one of the founders of the Hamas Ezz a-Din al Qassam armed wing, who for 13 years operated out of Damascus and Beirut.

DEBKAfile's sources learn that the Hamas operations director Imad al Alami is also on his way.

The video cameras at the Rafah terminal and the European monitors recorded their arrival and passed the data on to the IDF and Shin Beit. None of these bodies was in a position to keep the terrorists from entering the Gaza Strip or prevent their free movement through the crossing to and from Damascus headquarters. Last week, Nizar Rayan, the number three Hamas commander in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, took off for consultations in Damascus by the same route. While repeatedly pointing the finger at the Syrian capital as the real sources of Palestinian terrorist and suicide attacks, nothing is being done to plug the open route between Damascus and Gaza."

Shin Beit 2005 Report confirms vast scale of war materiel smuggled from Egypt to Gaza since Sept. 12, the day of Israel's pull-back

Listed are 5,000 automatic rifles, a million bullets, anti-air and hundreds of anti-tank missiles, mortars and 5 tons of explosives. The anti-air weapons in terrorist hands place Israeli air force counter-operations over the Gaza Strip at risk. If conveyed to the West Bank, they will imperil civil aviation in Israeli skies. Since the Israeli evacuation, the Palestinians are engaged in a massive effort to extend their terror infrastructure to the West Bank and manufacture high-trajectory weapons. Egyptian border troops and Palestinian security forces are partners in the gunrunning operation into the Gaza.

According to the report, released Monday, there has been a 900% increase in the number of anti-tank missile launchers Arab terrorists have brought into Gaza from Egypt since Israel's unilateral withdrawal in August as compared with the preceding seven months. Approximately 350 anti-tank missiles were brought across the border in the same post-Disengagement period, representing a 600% increase since the Palestinian Authority took over Gaza.

In addition, the GSS reported that an estimated five tons of explosives have made their way into Gaza since August, as well as 5,000 rifles and handguns, and more than a million bullets.

The GSS report states that the PA, which holds jurisdiction over Gaza since the Israeli withdrawal, is doing nothing to halt the flow of weapons into terrorist hands. Therefore, the report concludes, the border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip has become an easy, safe passage for the importation of weapons and other supplies for various Arab terrorist groups. In this regard, the GSS sees the abandonment by Israel of the Philadelphi Route, bordering Egypt, as a turning point in the threat Israel faces from Gaza.

Security services say the beefed-up arsenal has provided the terrorists with greater capability and incentive to start firing Kassam rockets into central Israel from Judea and Samaria, as well.

The Palestinian armory has a new weapon: Jenin-1 on the West Bank joins the Qassam missile of Gaza

Furthermore, three weeks ago, the Palestinians were able to fire their first missile from the West Bank into Israel. It was aimed from a point north of Jenin at Moshav Adirim outside the West Bank less than 8-9 km distant. The news was held back officially and only partially released for publication Friday night Dec. 30 when media viewing is low.

DEBKAfile's military sources report that the West Bank version of the Qassam was developed by the ruling Fatah al Aqsa Brigades faction in Jenin, Nablus and Tulkarm, for distribution across the West Bank. These sources have no doubt that Jenin-1 will soon be followed by Jenin-2 and Jenin-3, with improved range and a more powerful blast.

The Jenin differs from the Gazan Qassam in two important respects:

1. It does not depend on Gaza-developed technology, but is a West Bank product from start to finish.

2. It is not wielded by Hamas and Jihad Islami like the Qassam but the weapon of the al Aqsa Brigades, a branch of the ruling Fatah of which Mahmoud Abbas is the titular head, along with the jailed terrorist Marwan Barghouti. The first is the US-Israeli partner in dialogue; the latter heads the Fatah slate for the Jan. 25 election.

Once the Jenin missile starts flying towards Israel's population centers, the security situation will start plunging not only around Gaza's blue skies but also opposite the West Bank.

Shin Beit chief Yuval Diskin warns Palestinians now possess Grad missiles with range of 30km and Strela SA-8 anti-air missiles. They fully intend to keep up missile and terror attacks against Israel

DEBKAfile's military sources: These missiles substantially upgrade the Palestinian terrorist armory and ability to hit targets deep inside Israel. It is a light artillery weapon, standard in most of the world's armies, rather than a terrorist resource. The Grad deliveries were made via northern Sinai without Egyptian interference. The 30km range cited by the Shin Beit director refers to as the crow flies. Launched from northern Gaza, the Russian Grads extend the Palestinian range as far as the big Israeli port of Ashdod north of Ashkelon, and Gedera and Kiryat Gat in the south.

It should be obvious to even the most stupid people that the terrorists are building a weapons arsenal specifically designed for the invasion and destruction of Israel itself. Israel simply can't permit this military build up along with the increasing attacks against Israel and its citizens much longer. Something must be done and done in the near future.

Add to this that President Bush has been forcing Israel to permit such activities and Prime Minister Sharon has agreed to make the moves which are threatening Israel. Far more important than this is that God says the land of Israel is His land and that we are not permitted to divide it up and give any of it away. Israel has been designated as the keeper of this land and it is forbidden for anyone to either take the land from Israel or force them to give it away.

I have pointed out before that certain catastrophes striking the US immediately followed the US's actions in making the situation worse in Israel. I have also noticed that President Bush's political problems have coincided with his actions against Israel. This said, in the last few days, Bush has ordered and forced Israel to permit Muslims in East Jerusalem to vote in the West Bank elections which, in effect, divides Jerusalem. I am expecting that either Bush's problems will get significantly worse in the near future and/or other disasters will hit the US.

I ask you, how many coincidences does it take for it to stop being a coincidence? How many more times will Bush and the US pay for this continued persecution of Israel for cheaper gas from Muslim countries? And note that the price of gas and other fuels has actually increased during this same period of time that we have been selling out Israel.

The real problem here is that President Bush fears man more than he fears God. He is more afraid of a man named King Abdullah than he is afraid of the God named Yahweh. It turns out that Yahweh can do more to increase the price of fuels in the US than Abdullah can and He can also do more damage to Bush and the Republicans than anyone else on earth.

Recently, Sharon has been hospitalized and has been on the verge of death with a strong probability that he will be permanently crippled from his recent stroke. Following this, Pat Robertson stated that Sharon was punished for dividing Israel. This is something that many Christians and Jews believe but only Pat was willing to say. He has been strongly criticized for making this statement because it was "insensitive." I hate to bust your little liberal bubbles but I dare you to show me one prophet in the Bible who would not have said the same thing and been criticized for being insensitive.

I can't seem to find anywhere in the 10 Commandments where it says, "Thou shalt not lie except when telling the truth is insensitive or offends someone" or "Thou shalt lie to keep from being insensitive." The fact is that God's people, especially the prophets, apostles, and any leaders are REQUIRED to tell such hard truths to instruct people and warn others when such punishments occur. They are the watchmen for all of the world and God clearly states that, if a watchman sees trouble coming and doesn't warn everyone else, the blood of the people will be on their hands. For God's people to NOT make such true statements is a crime against God's laws and they will be held accountable for not doing their jobs.

The truth is that Sharon was not only being punished for dividing Israel against the Laws of God but he was also being used as a warning to the next Israeli leaders and anyone else involved in dividing Israel that they will pay dearly for their crimes, if they persist. Sharon was also being removed from power by God because he would not trust in God to protect Israel and feared man (the US) more than God. If the next Prime Minister does the same, he will also be dealt with by God and probably even more severely than Sharon was.

Sharon's biggest crime in this is the same as that of President Bush; he is more afraid of man than of God. He refused to trust in God for the protection of Israel when the US and other countries tried to force Sharon to do what he knew was wrong.

I teach all of this and more very clearly and plainly in my e-book, "Yahweh", and tell the many why's. We have permitted the liberal Christians to teach us lies about God and the Bible and you need to know these things are lies. Contrary to what you are being taught by even most "conservative" Christians and Jews who have also fallen for these lies; God does hold us accountable for our crimes against His Laws; He does kill us, and He does sentence us to eternal damnation and I teach in my book, not only that He does, but answer why He MUST do it.

Now, concerning what is going to happen in the near future because of the actions of both the Israeli, US, and other governments, you should expect to see that, as things continue to get worse in Israel, things will also keep getting worse for the individuals and countries who are causing things to get worse in Israel.

If you think Bush has had problems before now, you have not seen anything yet. I used to be concerned about the troubles Bush was having until I realized that he and his people are bringing those problems on themselves because of what they have been causing in Israel. If Bush wants to stop his problems with the liberals and media, all he needs to do is stop making things worse for Israel. Since we support him in office, we will also be held accountable for his actions against Israel so watch for more trouble to hit the US in the near future.

You Americans need to start sending loads of letters (snail mail), phone calls, and e-mails to the President and the other Republican leaders telling them to stop persecuting Israel so God will stop punishing them and us. If not, expect to continue to pay for their crimes against God's Laws. There is even an increasing probability that God will punish this country by turning its control back over to the idiot liberals.

Concerning future actions in Israel, if their government continues to make things worse for the people by continuing to divide Israel and now Jerusalem, then they will also be faced with increasing personal and political problems. These problems will continue until the people elect someone into office who fears God more than he fears man and takes a stand for what he knows is right trusting in God and not man to protect Israel. When this finally happens, we will see Ezekiel 38 & 39 and God will deliver Israel at the last second to set her up to become a super power.

You reap what you sow. If you sow of this world ignoring God and His Laws, you will reap thorns and thistles. If you sow in faith to God, you will reap blessings from God. We must relearn to fear God more than man and our problems will continue to get worse until we do.

Many of you have been taught that, after Jesus died, things changed and God doesn't hold us accountable for our actions or punish us for our crimes against His Laws any more because we are now in the period of grace. Hold it!!! God destroyed His Israel and scattered His Jews, many of them Christians, DECADES AFTER the death of Jesus. Gee, if what you are being told is true, why did God punish Israel and Christians following the death of Jesus and during the period of grace? Think about it.

You better fear God more than man!!!

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