Osama Bin Laden

I just saw the item about the latest audio tape from Osama Bin Laden where he proposed a truce with the US and I feel it necessary to warn you about what it means. In the Koran, it expressly states that the absolutely ONLY reason any Muslim is permitted to set up a peace agreement of any kind, including a truce, is to keep the enemy from attacking the Muslim while that Muslim is REQUIRED to rebuild his army to stage an attack against that enemy as QUICKLY as possible.

Therefore, the absolutely ONLY reason Osama can offer a truce with the US is to keep us from attacking him and his forces while he rebuilds Al Quaeda with preparations to attack and completely destroy the US as quickly as possible. The Koran is EXTREMELY CLEAR that there is absolutely NO other reason for which Osama is permitted to establish such a truce. If Osama were to even offer us a truce for any other reason, he would automatically be branded a hypocrite and be hunted down and killed by his own Muslims. He would be seen as a traitor.

Further proof of this out side of the Koran is the fact that we found out that Osama offered Europe a truce WHILE he continue to plan missions against Europe. It is an absolute fact that the only reason Osama can even offer a truce is to keep us from attacking him while he reorganizes Al Quaeda and plans further attacks against the US. There is absolutely no other possibility. End of discussion.

So, what should this sucker punch that Osama is trying to get the US to take tell you about the war against Al Quaeda? It should tell you that Al Quaeda is getting their butts handed to them by the allies, they are severely damaged and having trouble operating, and are steadily losing ground in this war against the world. They have reached a point to where they cannot begin to turn the war around or even hold ground without us stopping our attacks against them. Simply put, they are hurting VERY BADLY.

Then why the threats against the US and our allies in the same audio tape? Because Osama needs dearly to recruit more fighters and is hoping the tough talk will get more Muslims to join his losing cause and turn the fight around. It is military marketing and sales for troop recruitment.

The threats were also meant to scare enough cowards in the US and among our allies to pressure the President and the other leaders into taking the sucker punch Osama is offering. Osama is using psychological warfare to scare our cowards and fools into panicking and doing the stupid thing. He knows we have plenty of cowards and fools and is hoping there are enough, especially among the journalists and politicians, to force Bush into taking the bate or sucker punch. That is probably his best hope and Al Quaeda has been using this approach to turn a large portion of the US against the war in Iraq. He knows he can still frighten the scared and stupid into doing the stupid.

The absolutely worst thing we could do is to take Osama's sucker punch!

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