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Things just keep getting worse for Israel and will until they finally give up on man's way of doing things and turn to God. Russia has just made it known that their "intelligence" has determined that Iran already has "some kind" of nuclear device they plan to explode for "testing". I ask, "On whom?"

It was also recently announced that the Clinton Gang sold the plans for building that nuke to Iran. Their story is that Bill sold them plans that were flawed but the agent who delivered the plans, a "defected" Russian nuclear expert chosen by Bill, just happened to see the flaw in the plans and fixed the flaw for the Iranians. Another one of those Clinton coincidences concerning selling classified weapons information to enemy sources. It is my opinion that either he was really stupid or sold out everyone on the planet.

At the same time, Putin also announced that they used the billions of dollars Bill Clinton gave them for the financial rebuilding of Russia to build a new nuclear warhead which can get through any missile defense system by altering its course. You better bet that was a threat to the West. No telling whether Bill also sold them the intelligence info required to build the system.

(I do hope that you have realized that Russia surrendering to the cold war was a ruse designed to cause the west to quit the weapons race so the Russian western socialists friends could help the severely behind Russia catch up and pass the west in weapons technology while we slept. I hope you also realize who those liberal socialist friends of Russia and China are.)

Then Fatah realized that the reason Hamas won the election is because Hamas was more aggressive in killing Jews, the way the Koran requires. In other words, they were more aggressively adhering to the Koran as I tell you on my Koran site that Koran really says instead of the way the idiot liberal media keep telling you it says. So now Fatah has said they will become even more aggressive than Hamas at killing Jews so they can win back the Muslim people. In other words, Fatah and Hamas are going to have a Jew hating and killing contest. (sick, huh?)

So poor little Israel is facing an Iranian president who believes he will bring the Jesus of Islam by starting a war with Israel and the West and has a nuke to blow up (but only for testing, of course), Iran is being backed by Russia and its new super weapons (courtesy of Bill), Syria to the north supports both Hamas and Hezbullah (the media spells Hezbullah different ways so I figure I should also) who have sworn to wipe out Israel with Hezbullah having at least 5,000 to possibly over 12,000 surface-to-surface missiles and rockets in Syria aimed at Isreal, Hamas and Fatah are having a Jew hating and killing contest in the Gaza and West Bank, Israel is being "supported" by Western fools who will go ahead and give Hamas the money to destroy Israel, and the poor country is being run by a pack of fools who are going to give more money to Hamas to kill Jews and give more land to Hamas making it easier for Hamas to kill more Jews.

Yep, that about describes their current situation. Anybody want to move to Israel?

Mean while, the world is burning and the fools running the West are still fiddling around talking to the people using the torches to set the place on fire. This is exactly the attitude the Bible says they will have in Ezekiel 38.

Some times I get so frustrated at our world leaders that I just want to scream.....


Is anyone out there thinking?!?

Then I remind myself that God is not sharing His wisdom with them and permitting them to remain fools so God's prophesies will come true. The only reason He shows me what is going to happen is so I can share it with you so you can duck.

I figure there are two main probable courses for Israel to take and they have to take them soon because they are now in a worse strategic position than they have been in since the Romans destroyed Jerusalem almost two thousand years ago. Either the people will realize they must do something because their fool leaders are only making things worse, they will revolt (probably killing their fool leaders; they deserve it), and turn to God for their salvation or the military will realize some one MUST do the right thing very quickly or there won't be an Israel much longer and stage a military coop so they can begin defending Israel the way they should have been defending Israel all along.

Why would the Jews turn to God for their salvation? Because man's way has not exactly done Israel any good and they might as well give God a chance. He couldn't do any worse. Besides, recently, there has been a revival of Judaism in Israel with more and more people quickly turning back to God. Therefore, if the people in Israel even come close to figuring out how dire their situation really is, they will probably revolt and turn the country over to their orthodox Jewish Rabbi's setting up a theocracy and turning to God for their salvation. You know, like it says in Ezekiel. It has finally gotten so bad that no one else can save their butts.

Why would the military stage a coop and go against the West to attack the Muslims? Because they KNOW just how bad it is, will soon realize that they simply can't wait any longer and still survive, will realize that waiting for the fools who got them in this mess to clean it up will take too long, and just do what needs to be done. They will reach a point to where they will know that to wait is to die and realize that their first allegiance is to the country and the people instead of the bungling fools ruinning the country. It will be them realizing that those bungling fools will get their families and friends killed so they must turn on the bungling fools and save the people. I believe that the military will turn the government over to the orthodox rabbi's to run while the military wages the war.

I have realized that, in an effort to fulfill the prophesies, the rabbi's will probably select a descendent of the House of David whom they know is a religious, orthodox, and just man, and anoint him King of Israel. Remember that the scriptures say a descendent of David will be the Messiah and they are really getting eager for the Messiah to come and save them, not only from the Muslims, but also from their stupid leaders. They also know that the Messiah will conquer back all that David conquered and bring peace to Israel. I believe that this is a real possibility.

If things continue to escalate at the current rate, either Israel MUST attack their enemies first or she will simply cease to exist in the very near future. Keep your eyes on Israel because she is God's calendar telling us when things will happen.

If all of this scares you, then either you are not a child of God or have not learned to understand Him yet. I find this all very encouraging because I cheated and read the end of the book. I know how it all ends and can't wait for that ending to get here. I also know we must go through some hard and trying times before that ending gets here. My focus is on our wonderful destination we are rapidly getting closer to and not on the pothole filled road we must travel to reach that destination. All I am doing is telling you to duck because we are about to hit another pothole. I don't want your punkin' head to get hurt. :-) Of course, if you are not one of God's children, you are in big trouble and should be scared.

John 3:16 - For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that whosoever believes in Him should have ever lasting life.

I wouldn't wait too much longer to accept that mercy.

Coming soon!!!

to a war theater near Israel,

The Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39!!!

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