Israel 6

Did you notice that the day after they force-evacuated Amona that a small group of tornados swept through New Orleans? You know, like I told you would happen.

But our liberal, God-hating friends would just call that another coincidence. Gee, there sure are a lot of coincidences happening at just the wrong time, especially with things like tornados that are out of season. Oh, but our liberal, God-hating friends have an excuse for that too; it is called global warming. They will do anything but admit that God exists or will hold us accountable for our actions.

Forget the fact that ever since we started forcing Israel to give up land for peace and making things worse in Israel we have been having things like hurricanes destroy the southeast and east coasts, a drought throughout the Southwest causing range fires during the winter destroying homes and even entire towns (making towns barren), constant raining along the west coast causing flooding, and large numbers of tornados and out of season tornados throughout the Midwest. How many coincidences will it take for them to stop being coincidences?

Have you noticed that, in spite of the best efforts of the politicians and bureaucrats, New Orleans has remained largely barren with many of its former inhabitants being scattered throughout the US so they literally can't rebuild much of it? So has much of the Gulf Coast and other previously devastated areas such as in parts of Florida. I guess that when God says He will make our cities barren, He means barren and not just for a little while. Look at how much of our cities are still barren from disasters that happened over a year ago.

Do you realize that the reason we are having to fight the terrorists today is because we didn't let Israel take care of the terrorists and get rid of them years ago? If we had permitted Israel to erradicate the terrorists years ago in self defense, we wouldn't be fighting them now. We didn't permit Israel to properly defend herself against the terrorists years ago and required her to permit the terrorists to murder her people so now God is permitting those same terrorists to murder our people. Gee, go figure.

I guess God really meant it in His Law when He said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." I guess God is just doing unto us what we have been doing unto Israel for all these years. We permitted the terrorist to have their way attacking Israel so God is permitting the same terrorists to have their way attacking us.

I guess that sounds fair and should tell you that, if we stop permitting the terrorists to attack Israel, God will stop permitting the same terrorists to attack us. That sounds reasonable and fair.

The thing that worries me just a little is that the appropriate punishment from God for us dividing up Israel would be for Him to divide up our countries and scatter our sorry butts into other countries. Maybe you need to start talking to your leaders about them dividing up Israel and making their towns barren. Personally, I prefer to live in a united America just a little longer. Think about it.

Did you notice that the people who showed up to resist the destruction of Amona showed up ready with crude defensive weapons like rocks, bricks, and balloons filled with paint AND after the fighting was over, they literally were calling it a civil war. You know, like I told you would probably happen. Of course the police retaliated with brute force and got more than just a little carried away beating the protesters on their heads with steel pipes.

Next prediction: in the next confrontation, expect the protesters to show up better prepared with things like helmets, body armor of various types, defensive fighting poles like the Japanese protestors use, various forms of shields, and defensive siege weapons like long poles with a Y at one end for pushing ladders away from walls. It seems that the idiot leaders have turned the police against the people and vise versa. I really don't expect them to win in the next election over a month away and I expect to see the violence to escalate, especially since the police used rubber bullets against their own people.

This thing will get much worse before it gets better because the West insists that Israel try to buy peace by giving more land away in spite of the fact that they have already given most of the land away and things have only gotten worse. As a matter of fact, it is known that the giving away of land has only encouraged the terrorists because they see it as their terrorism working. Why would they want to stop their terrorism when their terrorists activities are getting them what they want? Think about it.

I am wondering how Olmert and his buddies are going to look hanging upside down by their heels in some city square. You know, like Mussolini did. It wasn't pretty even though Musso baby was a really bad boy and got what he deserved.

Then there is the fact that, in order to get Iran reported to the UN Security Council for trying to make nukes, Bush caved in to Egypt and permitted Israel to be added to that same protest to the Security Council. Anyone who has been watching this mess in the Middle East for very long knows that the main deterant keeping the Muslim countries from out right invading Israel is them thinking Israel has nukes. If Bush (he is getting really bad advice from the State Department) gets the UN to either prove that Israel doesn't have nukes or forces Israel to give their nukes up, the Muslim countries will be all over Israel like butter on toast.

That sends shudders up my back making me wonder what God will do to us for making Israel disarm and become defenseless against her enemies. Gee, you don't think He would make us defenseless before our enemies, do you? Bet on it.

BTW, that reminds me, about one or two years ago, I had a dream where I was inside an office in that really fancy sky scraper at the north end of down town Chicago which you always see in pictures of the Chicago skyline, I forgot the name of it. Sudden, a very powerful wind came up from the east and blew all the people and furniture out of the building through the windows causing the people to fall to their deaths.

I found this very confusing because the winds in Chicago are strong but not anywhere nearly that strong and always blow from the west and north. It wasn't until I was listening to some experts last fall discussing survival during various disasters that I remembered that one of the things which will happen if a small nuke is set off in a major city is that the force of the explosion will literally blow people out of those sky scrapers through the windows and they will fall to their deaths.

No element of time was given in the dream, only location.

FYI: Another thing that will happen in such a nuclear event is that the blast will blow out all the windows in those tall buildings with the glass fragments close enough to the blast being melted into tiny balls like the pellets from a shot gun and the rest will remain tiny sharp fragments. Anyone hit by either of these will instantly be torn into tiny bits of bone and flesh. There will be nothing else left of you. Imagine a rapidly and outwardly expanding circular wave or 100+ feet high Tsunami of these glass fragments traveling at hundreds of miles per hour and you will understand that NO ONE within the reach of such a wave will survive except the few lucky people who just happened to be behind something very thick and hard when the blast occurres. All the rescue people will find of thousands of people will be a carpet of bloody flesh and bone fragments. What survival?

All I can say is, "Boy, are we going to catch hell from God for all this!!!"

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