The Last Judgment

Most don't realize that God gives us an excellent description of the last judgment or our final court trial before Him in the Bible. You see, God is a just and righteous God. This means that He cannot give us one set of laws to live by and try us by another set of laws. In the Laws He gave us, He sets strict standards by how people must be tried AND, since He is a just God, He MUST try us by those same Laws.

First, you have to understand that God said that EVERYTHING will be made known. He did not say everything except the things you confessed or repented of and He did not say everything except anything. He very specifically said that EVERYTHING will be made known inclusive of all actions, words, and thoughts that we have committed from birth until death.

I have learned that this is both a promise and a threat. For example, if you told a lie about me, it is a warning to you that the truth will be made known about your having lied and it is a promise to me, in that, the truth will be made known concerning the lie about me so that no one will go into eternity believing a lie about anyone because EVERYTHING will be made known. After this final judgment, there will be no one in existence who doesn't know every little secret about every one. There will be no questions, no doubts, no lies.

Most people falsely believe that the way all this will transpire is that we shall all take turns standing before God, who will expose everything about us and then pass judgment. There is a little problem with this misconception. In the Law or Torah, God expressly says that the judge CANNOT testify against ANYONE!!! This means that God cannot testify for one thing against any one person during this set of trials.

But it gets even better. The founding fathers of the United States of America built our US Constitution around the Laws of God. They took our Fifth Amendment right out of the Bible because God says that no man can be made to testify against himself. This means to you and I will not have to testify against ourselves in our final judgment before God. If we don't have to testify against ourselves, God can't testify against us, and I committed just one crime against His Laws for which no one but God and I know about it, then God can't tell about it, I don't have to tell about it, and God would have lied because everything can't be made known.

How many of you will confess to things you did for which no one else saw and God can't testify to? I wouldn't either.

But it gets even better than that because God REQUIRES that there must be two witnesses to a crime or a person can't be tried for that crime. Hold it! This means that, if only God, I, and one other person know about a crime I have committed against His Law, then I can't be tried for that crime and God will have been wrong again because He expressly said, "Don't be deceived, you sins will find you out."

So how can God be right, if He said that everything will be made known when He can't testify against us, we don't have to testify against ourselves (I wont add to my punishment, will you?), and there have to be at least two witnesses to every crime? Oops, we forgot about another group of beings called Angels.

I have learned that the Orthodox Jews believe that there is one Angel with each of us from birth until death writing down everything we do, say, and think 24 hours a day and seven days a week. But they seem to have forgotten about the Law requiring that there must be a MINIMUM of TWO witnesses to every crime. This means that there must be a minimum of two Angels with each and every person for every instant that we are alive from birth until death and that there can be any number of them at any time.

You mean that those incredible beings called Angels that we often refer to as our guardians and some people even worship are not really our guardians but will be objective witnesses against and for us at our final trial? You bet.

The Jews know that everything we say, do and think is being recorded by Angels in books from which our lives will be read before all existence during that final trial. In the Book of Revelation, it states that, at the final judgment, the books and then the Book of Life will be brought out during the final judgment and that we will be judged from these books.

It is significant that the scriptures state that the two different sets of books will be brought out separately during the final judgment and that the books in which our works are recorded by the Angels will be brought out first.

The Angels will first read from the books in which they have recorded every action, word, and thought for the lives of every person from the beginning of time until the end of time so that every being in existence will know that every human at that trial is standing before God as a criminal deserving eternal incarseration in God's eternal penal institution known as the Lake of Fire. Then and only then will the Angels bring out the Book of Life in which is recorded the name of every person who acknowledged their crimes against God's Laws, repented of their crimes against God's Laws, and accepted the payment that the Messiah made for our crimes against God's Laws.

At that time, everyone who is written in the Book of Life will be grouped on God's right (the sheep) and the rest will be grouped on God's left (the goats) and the goats will be herded into the Lake of Fire where they will spend eternity paying for their crimes against God's Laws because they refused the payment that God made for those crimes. It is written that they will be given perfect memories so they will remember forever every crime they committed against God's Laws and every time they refused to accept the payment that God made for their crimes against His Laws.

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