Katrina III

The fun and games just keep coming courtesy of the idiot politicians and media who think they are smarter than the rest of us and know what is best for us yet keep causing most of the problems we have. I think I will start calling these the Liberal Soaps. Some times I don't know whether to laugh or cry at their folly because it is hilarious to watch the great brilliant know-it-all's screw up again and again, but, unfortunately, a lot of us pay the price.

I have decided it is time to make some more of my conservative predictions which just keep coming true by the strangest series of coincidences. :-)

A lot of well meaning but naive people just helped out a bunch of people in trouble by bringing those people into their communities for shelter and food without stopping to think who they were bringing in to their communities. There are a lot of poor but good people in that group but there are also a lot of bad people called criminals. New Orleans just got rid of most of their trouble makers en mass in what has to be the biggest and most inadvertent sucker punch ever. You have to understand that the New Orleans crime rate probably dropped by at least 90% to 95% when that group of people left town and they may not want most of them back.

I predict that most of the good people in that bunch will quickly find jobs in those communities to start making money and getting back on their feet while waiting to be able to return to New Orleans or deciding to not return but live where they are. There will be a large group of indigent people who can't work but are good people who will have to be waited on by the well intending people who took them in.

Then there will be the large numbers of the bad element who will sit on their butts demanding regular diaper changes while they go out at night partying and committing crimes in the host community. These bad apples will cause resentment by the local people towards all of the refugees and cause a lot of tension. When the tension occurs and the locals will stop waiting on the refugees hand-and-foot, the bad guys and gals will start riots claiming racism with the Louisiana politicians rushing to take their side for political reasons, and all hell will break loose. Of course the media will over sensationalize it and take the wrong side, as usual.

If this new situation is not handled right and quickly by keeping the refugees busy, this will turn into a real mess everywhere large numbers of the refugees were taken. It is going to get really ugly with the bad refugees blaming their hosts for not liking the refugees committing crimes. There will probably be riots with burning and looting along with increased numbers of murders, rapes, and drugs. After this soap opera is over, New Orleans will never be able to get anyone to take their refugees again.

You think I am wrong? Look at what already happened at the Super Drome in New Orleans in just the first few days following the hurricane. This bad element was so concentrated and in large enough numbers that they seized control of the stadium, chased out the police, and started beating and raping women along with other crimes at will. You think these bad guys won't do worse in some one else's house? Think again.

This soap/sitcom has only begun and you have not seen the worst/best of it yet. Stay turned for more political and media stupidity. I can guarantee you will see much more of it soon.

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