Do you really believe that, immediately after we forced Israel to evacuate the Gaza causing thousands of the Jewish people to lose their homes so we could have cheaper gas, Katrina suddenly formed in a part of the Atlantic Ocean very close to the US where hurricanes don't normally form, quickly grew to hurricane strength, swept through Florida and into Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama causing over one million US citizens to lose their homes, thousands to lose their lives, and the price of gas to soar was just a coincidence? I would have to call that a pretty incredible coincidence.

Liberal Christianity has taught many Americans that God doesn't cause evil to come on us because that would make Him evil. But hold it, is this true or just more liberal nonsense? Do these people really believe that for God to hold us responsible for our actions and punish us for our crimes against His Laws is evil? I guess that these people think that God PERMITTED Satan to create Hell and the Lake of Fire to punish himself? Oh, I almost forgot, they just don't believe that Hell is real in spite of the fact that Jesus said it is.

In my e-book, Yahweh, I show that God told us that he does punish us and hold us accountable for our actions. As a matter of fact, I also teach that, as the divine judge over all creation, it is His responsibility and He is required to punish us for our crimes against His Laws in the same way that every judge on earth is supposed to hold our criminals responsible for their actions. If He doesn't, he couldn't be a responsible, just, and righteous being, therefore, in accordance with His Laws, He MUST punish us and hold us accountable for our actions.

As a matter of fact, I show in the book and provide the scriptures where He not only tells us that He does punish us and why He punishes us, but also tells us in detail the levels of punishment He puts us through before He will completely destroy our country and hand us over to our enemies. God makes it very clear that He must and will punish us for our behavior.

Yes, I know, some of you believe that was the "old God" of the Old Testament or God, the Father, and not Jesus. But Jesus said, "If you have seen me, you have seen the Father because we are the same"; telling us that Jesus (Yeshuah HaMashiach) is Yahweh, God the Father of the Old Testament.

The primary reasons why I wrote the book, Yahweh, was to show that this being is real, He lives, and He exists and to help you to better know Him, what He is doing, and why. I am introducing you to the real Jesus, not the false liberal Jesus you have been taught to worship. He is very different from what you are being taught and I provide the scriptures in the Appendix so you can verify what I say.

If you don't believe this, just watch; every time we go against the Jews for cheaper gas, God punishes us and drives up the price of gas. Keep an eye on it.

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