The Liberal Crisis 10

In my first Liberal Crisis essay written in August 2002, I pointed out that the liberal population would decline enough and the conservative population would grow enough that the media, including Hollywood would be financially forced to become increasingly conservative. Since then the media have been adding increasing numbers of more conservative programs, even ultra liberal PBS. For the last three years the ticket sales at the box offices for movies have been declining with liberals wondering what is happening. They are trying to blame it all on the new DVD's, of which I am sure are contributing to this problem, but they refuse to acknowledge the effects of a declining liberal population in relation to a continued liberally biased media.

Behind closed doors, they have taken notice and their actions betray this. First, Disney tried to get their CEO, Mike Aisner, to convert from their standard of happily selling witchcraft and black magic to making movies with a more conservative and Christian theme. He refused, they fired him, and hired another CEO, who just produced the movie Narnia, which has a Christian theme. (How many of you realized that the Lion killing the witch was supposed to be Christ returning and killing the Satan possessed Antichrist at Armeggedon? They didn't tell you about that, did they?)

I found it very interesting how the news channels talked about the movie before hand when it was in doubt that the movie would have profitable sales and, after Narnia surpassed first weekend sales for the last Harry Potter movie, they suddenly shut up about Narnia, have only mentioned King Kong, and have even been not giving the weekly sales for movies. I had to find out from a Christian TV station that Narnia was supposed to gross over $240,000 in sales by the New Year's weekend. They don't want us to realize that a movie with a Christian theme is selling better than the God hating movies but you can bet the movie investors have already noticed. The important thing with most of these investors is that their primary concern is how much money they will make from their investments so you can bet that at least some of them will go looking for good movies with Christian themes. Most of the investors don't care whether the movie is pro-God or anti-God as long as they make their bucks.

How have the liberal media been handling losing ground to conservative Christianity? They have aggressively gone on the offensive trying to discredit and destroy Christianity with lies, misinformation, and propaganda. They have also been using their movies and TV shows to try and portray Christians as ignorant, stupid, incompetent, and completely out of it while portraying any form of God hating such as black magic and witchcraft as being good, smart, and superior.

They have become extremely frustrated, belligerent, and desperate and their actions show it. They are so desperate that they are blatantly committing treason against the US during a time of war in an effort to turn as many of you as possible to their side so they can regain power. Their problem is that conservative voters are increasing by a rate of in access of one million per year over liberal voters so they must regain control as soon as possible and stage a coop to set up a liberal dictatorship for permanent control or they will quickly lose control again.

But the latter actions are developing an increasing and angry backlash instead of the liberal desired turning people away from Christianity. For example, this coming TV show called "The Book of Daniel" which heavily portrays Christians as stupid and Jesus in a negative and liberal frame is drawing protests from hundreds of thousands of Christians who are correctly calling it Christian hating and bashing. The Christians have organized and are fighting back because they have begun to realize that they now out number the liberals and are actively fighting to take back America and undo the damage the liberals have done to our society.

I also told you that the Democratic Party would have to change or go the way of the buggy whip factories. They are currently refusing to change from their ultraliberal platform and are steadily losing ground in almost all political areas. So many of their previous ideas and policies have failed that they are now limited to a political platform of abortion and character assassinations. The more intelligent liberals are trying to make it look like they are becoming more conservative, just like I warned you they would, such as both Clintons. You have to be careful to weed these people out at the primary elections.

The Democratic Party is hurting so bad that the national news has become the best sitcom on TV. It absolutely blows my mind to sit and watch supposedly intelligent people whose only political concepts or ideas consist of attacking their opponents with increasingly obviously false charges only to be proven wrong again and again and to keep fighting for retaining abortion.

Hold it!!! You mean these brilliant, all knowing, all wise, highly educated, and grossly over paid liberal politicians who have gotten themselves in political trouble because abortion has killed off tens of millions of their voters want to keep abortion? Are these people brain dead, stoned bonkers, or just the most stupid living organisms on earth? I laugh my butt off at their continued and insistent stupidity.

In deciding whether to approve Bush's appointees for the US Supreme Court, the only thing the fool liberals talk about is whether the person will repeal abortion. You would think that the only issue that ever comes before the Supreme Court is abortion. You have to understand that they have been so thoroughly defeated that their lives have become so pitiful and pathetic that the only political policies they have left are abortion and character assassination. Without those two things, the liberal Democrats are zero.

I have been noticing that more and more of the public have been becoming aware of what the liberals are up to and are getting increasingly angry. I believe that, if the liberals (media included) continue this strategy of character assassination, they will so infuriate the conservatives and even moderates that many people will vote against the liberals just to get rid of them for good.

I have also realized about the coming pandemic, whether it is the Bird Flu or something else, that all epidemics are aimed at liberals. If you study the biology behind an epidemic, you realize that the mortality for any such disease is determined by health and immune system fitness which is determined primarily by lifestyle. In other words, no matter what the disease, the liberal life style increases your potential for death because it weakens your immune system.

If a pandemic hits any time within the next few years, the liberals' chances of maintaining any amount of power, much less ever regaining power, are less than slim. With the current demographics, it won't take many dead liberals to shift the power significantly to the right for a long time. Take New Mexico for example; for at least the last two presidential elections, it has been considered one of the four most significant swing states in the US. In the last two presidential elections, the vote for the state has been decided by less than one thousand votes. If just one or two thousand liberal voters in New Mexico were to be killed off by such a pandemic, the state would go red for years to come.

If I am right about the pandemic killing off more liberals than it will kill off conservatives, how can you tell? After all, you can't expect the idiot liberal media to either figure it out or point it out. Just watch certain things such as the polls and the number of top liberal politicians, journalists, and movie/TV celebrities dying off. If the pandemic kills off more liberals than conservatives, the polls will show increasing support for conservative ideas, programs, and President Bush without much happening and even in spite of the terror of the pandemic. You will also see significantly more top liberals in all areas dying off compared to the number of conservatives in the same areas.

Also watch which cities and states the majority of casualties occur in such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Boston, which are all very liberal, AND pay very close attention to the neighborhoods in which most people are dying. Especially watch the four swing states of Florida, Ohio, New Mexico, and Wisconsin become increasingly conservative and harder for the liberals to win.

For example, in New Mexico, the liberals tend to be mostly in the north and west with most of them concentrated in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, and Taos. Most of the conservatives are in the south and east of the state. If just a few thousand liberals die off in their four main cities, the state will be lost to the liberals.

Watch the colleges and universities become more conservative as liberal professors, administrators, and staff die off. Even Hollywood and TV will become increasingly conservative as their liberal leaders, producers, and actors die off.

One thing you must all be aware of is that certain very wealthy people, like King Abdullah, have been purchasing enough stock in certain of our US media so they can have control of what our media are telling us. King Abdullah has had controlling ownership of one of our three main national broadcast networks (I forget which one) and recently purchased controlling ownership in Fox to shut down the conservative news on Fox and put in his propaganda about the war on terror. King Abdullah has also been trying to gain control of the Internet to suppress the truth and make sure it only provides his propaganda. It is my opinion that any such act to aid the terrorists and work against our troops in this war should be considered an act of war against the US and require immediate action. We need a law stating that during any military actions by the US, all international holdings and/or control of any of the US media be nationalized to prevent subversive actions to turn the US people against our own military actions. At the very least, such actions are a severe conflict of interest and must be stopped and prevented.

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