Liberal Crisis 12

Political strategist James Carville, of the Democratic Party, and CNN's Paul Begala have just published a book titled "Take It Back: Our Party, Our Country, Our Future". In the book they state that the Democratic Party needs to move to the right and change its dogmatic thinking on abortion rights, gun control, and environmental concerns. In it they say the Democratic Party needs to get rid of "outdated" ideas like health care for everyone and late term abortions. To the true liberals, this is blasphemy.

Their proposed solution for the party problems is that the liberals need to at least start acting like they are conservatives and they should kick out the "dead wood", the liberals who refuse to publically pretend to be conservatives.

What we are witnessing is the most significant moment in the history of the Democratic Party since it was founded. Just like I told you would happen years ago, they are at a cross roads in which they must change or the party will go the way of the Whips and Federals of the 19th Century. The liberals in America are quickly losing power, realize they can no longer win as liberals, and are greatly divided on how to get conservative votes because the liberal population is rapidly declining and the conservative population is growing rapidly.

The problem with the above strategy is that John Kerry tried it and failed because the conservatives already knew he was a liberal and it was just too easy for the Republican Party to point out and remind us that he is liberal. The rest of the liberals like Hillary who think they can just lie and enough people will think they are moderates or conservatives will quickly find out that won't work any more. I believe the liberals will have to learn this the hard way in the next one or two presidential elections and then all hell will break loose in the Democratic Party, if it is not already breaking loose and I believe it may be.

One thing which this strategy is already causing in the Democratic Party is that the liberal voters are rebelling against this strategy. One top member of the party recently said she would not support Hillary as a candidate for president because Hillary will not take a stand as a liberal. Until now, the liberals leaders have been able to use this act ignoring the fact the strategy was angering the liberal voters who felt they are being betrayed by their party leaders because the leaders knew that the liberal voters were not going to vote for a true conservative against a lying liberal.

The liberal voters are beginning to show in increasing numbers that they will go Green Party if the Democratic liberal leaders will not take a liberal stand. This is putting the liberal leaders in a catch 22 situation.

The Democratic Party is in a quandary, it is currently controlled by the liberals from both the top and the bottom. As long as the party continues to be controlled by the liberals from both ends, they will continue to elect liberal candidates who will continue to loose increasing numbers of government positions to the conservatives. As long as this continues, moderates will increase in their defections to the Republican Party increasing the voter disparity already running out of control because the liberals have been killing off their current and future voters with their life styles as previously explained.

As I explained years ago, for the Democratic Party to survive, the true moderates must take control of the party and drive out the liberal politicians which will cause the liberal voters to flee with the liberal politicians to the Green Party. Then the Democratic Party leaders must recruit the moderate politicians from the Republican Party in order to draw the moderate voters from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party to begin rebuilding their power base further to the right. The Democratic Party will have to begin rebuilding their party around moderates like John McCain.

At first, the Democratic Party will lose more power, the Green Party will gain some power, and the Republican Party will gain a lot of power but the long term plan is their only hope for the party to survive. The Democratic Party needs to realize they will lose more power over both the short term and long term and even cause the end of the Democratic Party if the liberals stay in the party. This is one bullet they are just going to have to bite because, if the liberals stay in the party, it will continue to lose power forcing the moderates to join the Republican Party until the Democratic Party dies, the liberals are forced to either merge with the Green Party or join it, and the moderates are eventually forced to create their own party anyway. They only have the two choices so that the big question is which choice will they take.

But don't worry, it isn't just the US which is facing this political change of guard for the very same reasons this is taking place in the US. The conservatives have recently taken control in both Canada and Portugal and will continue taking back power in country after country because the liberals have been and insist on continuing killing themselves off with their life style in all of the western countries.

Another recent victory for the conservatives which was kept quiet by the liberal media was the cancellation of the God and Christian hating TV show, "The Book of Daniel." The show was highly publicized and advertised by the liberal media and spent less two weeks on TV before the out cry of the conservatives to the advertisers caused NBC to can the show.

You can bet this victory is sitting sweet in the mouths of conservatives and they will soon realize they can use this same power and tactic to shut down even the mighty propaganda machine of the liberals, the news media. When they get this working in full gear, the different news media will be forced to get rid of everyone from the CEO's to the liberal journalists or go out of business. As I told you before, the buck will trump the agenda and dogma causing the liberal news media to stop putting out their lies, misinformation, and propaganda or lose advertisers and you can bet the liberals who are currently running these media are shaking in their boots. This is a new found power that can even stop the mighty CNN and PBS dead in their tracks. They may even be able to reach over seas and effect the BBC.

We are witnessing a huge cultural revolution on a global basis. The planet is becoming more conservative every year by the tens of millions. The liberals are losing power everywhere and are becoming frantic and desperate. Their reign and damage are quickly coming to an end and they don't want to give up the power. It even appears that at least some will join forces with the terrorists and commit treason to keep from losing power and you need to be aware of this because it will cost lives in the US and other countries. It could even get bad enough to cause us to lose the war against terror and the terrorists seem to be trying to take advantage of this.

Years ago, I predicted this would happen and told you why it would happen. Next, I expect to see Hollywood, the news media, and even state governments to get cleaned out at an increasing rate becoming more conservative. We will see a return to conservative morals and values but it will take decades for the damage to be even close to being undone. I would not be surprised to see the more radical liberals turn to violence the way the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) did decades ago and some conservation groups have done more recently. Some of them will even join forces with the terrorists to wage their fanatical religious war against the conservatives. It will get much worse before it gets better but we can already see the silver lining in the cloud.

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