The Coming Storm

I have been watching things build in this war against terror and have been waiting for the other shoe to drop. I couldn't seem to figure out exactly what was developing.

This morning, I realized just what that shoe is. God has been building things up to punish us for dividing His land, Israel, again. You see, God doesn't hold us accountable for our actions by punishing us for our crimes before we commit the crime. He waits until after we get stupid enough to commit the crime to punish us, even though He knows we will commit the crime.

Over the next few days, under pressure from the western world, especially the US, Israel will give away more land to the terrorists in spite of the terrible results of the last great land give away, you know, which resulted in Hamas getting elected to control the Palestinian government. Are these western world leaders dumber than rocks or what? Let's see, the last land give away resulted in an extremely terrible result, so let's give away more land to the same people and see what happens. Duh, hello!!!

I have been watching Iran elect a mad man president who believes that he will bring the Jesus of Islam to their side by waging war against the rest of the world and then watch him put his crazed followers into positions of power to increase his control over the country, called consolidation of power. This man will not stop until he gets the war he wants and the western leaders are so stupid they keep talking while he is building nukes. Go figure!

Then Hamas gets elected to control a burgeoning nation, its people, and its army while the fools running Israel and Europe even consider giving the Palestinian government more money to use in a war that Hamas insists on waging while Hamas makes an alliance with the nut running Iran. Are these western leaders having a stupid contest to see who will be declared the stupidest living organism in the history of the world? Well, they are all winning.

Then we have Syria in which President Assad is on the world ropes for murdering Hariri, we find out from an Iraqi general that Saddam did have WMD's and sent them to Syria for safe keeping before we invaded Iraq just like the Israeli intelligence told us six weeks before we invaded Iraq but the brilliant western leaders and intelligence people refused to listen to, and Syria makes an alliance with Iran to hide each others WMD's in the event either is attacked to get those WMD's (if they don't have WMD's, why would they make the alliance?) making me wonder what WMD's the Iranian president is just itching to use against the US.

Add to all of this the increased activity of Al Quaeda over the last few months and I hope you have plenty of KY jelly because we are about to get screwed big time.

Of course, all of these hostile elements are being encourage by the behavior of our illustrious liberal politicians and media openly providing such classified information as intelligence and military secrets like how we have been listening to the enemy, that our military is at the breaking point, that we are planning to withdraw troops from Iraq soon, and other such information. The liberals are also blatantly discouraging young men and women from joining the US armed forces during a time of war which is working to decrease the strength of the US military during a time of war in order to provide the enemy with an improved chance of defeating the US in combat and constitutes aiding and abetting the enemy during war. I was in electronics warfare in the US Air Force, had a secret classification, got to play in Uncle Sam's "Black Closet", was trained in what constituted treason and what didn't, and, according to my training, what the liberal politicians and media are doing, constitutes treason.

During World II, if you had provided the enemy with the same information the liberals are currently providing the terrorists with or provided them with the same military assistance, you would have already been arrested, tried, found guilty, and been shot, at least once. They executed the Rosenbergs during a cold war for less than the liberals have already done during a hot war.

Listen, freedom of speech and freedom of press do not guarantee the right to commit treason!!! Also, being a hero in one war doesn't give you the right to commit treason in another war!!!

Add to this that the liberal demand to cut and run in Iraq is sending the message to the terrorists and their supporting nations that we are all cowards who will not stand and fight but will cut and run the first time the fighting gets tough. Why would the enemy not be encouraged to accelerate their war against us? Of course they would.

What is going to happen is that, following the giving away of more Israeli land in these next few days, God is going to cause all hell to break loose on the US and its allies, including Israel. This is going to be so nasty that you won't believe it and every liberal coward in the US will hit the streets protesting and demanding we cut and run from the fight. You know, like that will make us safe from a force that has already attacked us on our own soil. Once again, the liberals will provide more evidence proving that the first and most important requirement for being a liberal is to not have a lick of common sense. I mean, after all, they can't even seem to figure out which side they are on, our's or the terrorist's. Mean while they think they are being patriotic. To whom, Osama?

Well, one thing for sure, you can bet the Kadima Party in Israel won't win any positions in the coming election after giving away land causing Hamas to win control of the Palestinian government and causing Hamas, Fatah, Al Quaeda, Hizzbullah, and Syria to invade what little is left of Israel. I wouldn't be surprised to see either the people of Israel riot and do to Olmert and his leaders what the Italians did to Mussolini or the IDF leaders to say they have had enough of the political nonsense, stage a military coop, and save Israel's collective butt setting up the battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

It blows my mind that the west keeps think that if the Jews just give up more land, there will be peace between Israel and an enemy who has sworn to eradicate Israel. This is in spite of the fact that Israel has already given up more than 95% of the land they captured from Syria, Jordan, and Egypt because the latter attacked Israel.

If Israel giving up land will provide peace, where is the peace?

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