Liberal Crisis 14

I told you so...again and this is a really good one. :-) The brilliant, all knowing, all wise, highly educated and grossly over paid fool liberals THOUGHT (Yes, I know it is mind boggling that liberals actually do try to think) that their strategy would turn conservatives into liberals and cause us to vote for liberal leaders. Showing that liberals have yet to figure out functioning, rational thought processes, the voters have done what I told you they would do and not what the brilliant, all knowing, all wise, highly educated, and grossly overpaid fool liberals thought they would do.

The voters in PA just voted out 12 incumbents in their primaries, mostly Republicans. In their place?...they voted in 12 people who are MORE CONSERVATIVE than the incumbents, just like I said they would. Oops, are you, the people going to take that anger the lying, liberal media and politicians have instilled in you and use the primaries to make our government EVEN MORE CONSERVATIVE, just like I said you would? Yep, those fool liberals just don't understand you conservatives and their own actions are doing EXACTLY the opposite of what they intended them to do.

Wow, does their brilliance just amaze you? It shouldn't, except in how mind bogglingly stupid the fool liberals really are. Seeing how obviously stupid and out of touch with reality the fool liberals are, it is easy to see why all their great plans including their socialism/communism have and are failing.

Get a clue liberals, you are so stupid couldn't think your way out of an empty closet with the door open, the light on, a road map to the door, and a tour guide!!! A conservative would have to throw your stupid butts out of the closet just to keep you from starving to death!!!

I have told you before that the current actions of the liberals will cause anger and wrath among the conservatives which will cause the conservatives to turn out in larger numbers and vote in politicians who will do what they were elected to do, which is clean up the mess the liberals have made of everything. It should be obvious that the fool liberals don't want their mess cleaned up. They are like stupid hogs who want to wallow in their waste and will fight really hard to stay in their own crap forever.

I told you before that the WORST thing the liberals could do for their cause was to infuriate the conservative voters causing them to turn out and vote in even more conservative leaders to do the right thing. The BEST thing the fool liberal Dummycrats could have done for their own cause was to do nothing but make it look like the Republicans are doing everything right and everything is doing just great in "paradise" causing the conservatives to become complacent, not turn out, and not increase how conservative the government will be because it would cause the liberal Dummycrats to turn out in greater numbers with the ONLY hope of voting in more liberals to screw things up even more.

But, by the time the fool Dummycrats figure out something so intelligent as that, the Millennium will have passed and God will have set up His Kingdom forever with all these fool, Satanic, liberal Dummycrats in the Lake of Fire forever. (Yes, I know that Satanic and liberal are redundant because they mean the same thing but many liberals are so stupid they have not figured it out so I must point it out to them or answer to God for not doing so.)

The Liberal Crisis continues and will grow in leaps and bounds as the fool Dummycrats keep making us angry causing us to vote in greater numbers in our primaries as well as in the main elections turning the government increasingly conservative until the fool liberal Dummycrat mess has been cleaned up. Just like I told you, the brilliant, all knowing, all wise, highly educated, and grossly over paid fool liberal Dummycrats are their own worst enemies and are so brain numbingly stupid that they can't figure it out. As long as they continue to try to think and do what, to them, seems intelligent, the US will be alright because it will always be what is the worst thing they could do to achieve their own evil goals.

This should teach you to not pay attention to the lying liberal Dummycrat polls because they are INTENTIONALLY DESIGNED to miss lead you into believing that the conservatives CAN'T win in the hope that you will not show up and vote and also hoping the fool, liberal Dummycrats will show up to vote in greater numbers. It should be obvious by now that these polls, which are nothing but lying liberal propaganda, are doing exactly the opposite the fool, liberal Dummycrats intend them to do. Every two years, the liberal polls have been getting further and further from the election results which should tell you that they are getting more and more wrong. They have reached the point of error that the polls are ridiculous to even think about. Ignore them and fight on!!!

The fool, liberal Dummycrats are winning the war for us by stimulating our side to show up in greater numbers and fight even harder and they can't figure out something so obvious. I have stepped in dog crap which was more intelligent than the fool, liberal Dummycrats!

Just remember that the wisdom of the world (liberals) is foolishness to God
and the wisdom of God is foolishness to the world (liberals).
Therefore, God is our only and greatest hope for a sane existence.

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