Liberal Crisis VII

They just don't get it. The liberals just elected ultra liberal, Howard Dean as head of the Democratic Party and are trying to tell us that the party is not quite so liberal by saying they hope Dean won't make us think the party is not main stream. You have to understand that their twisted definition of main stream is ultra liberal. They are trying to convince themselves and the rest of us that they are actually moderates but most people didn't buy it in the last three elections and won't buy it in the next two elections either.

One thing which shows that the liberals are clue less is that they insist that their liberal socialism is the answer to the world with liberal socialism dying and failing all around us. Our own socialists system of Social Security is failing and they are now trying to tell us that it really isn't failing after scaring us for years about how it is failing (can't make up their minds?) and now the social security system in Russia is also failing. Socialism is dying globally and these clue less wonders keep insisting that what we need is more of the same poison which is killing this planet.

The big question here is, when will these simple minded fools get it? Never?

It will probably take the liberals losing at least two or three more elections by increasingly larger amounts before they even begin to get a clue. When reality finally sets in about what is happening, it should cause a huge split or over throw within the Democratic Party. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Then we get a new strain of HIV that is immune to the current medications and progresses to full blown AIDs within months instead of ten or more years. You have to understand something here from a biological basis. The evolutionists tell you that new strains are evolving but that is not what is happening.

Every organism which causes illness, viruses or bacteria, in their original states, have a wide variation in immunity to the drugs we use to treat them. For example, a bacterium which is normally cured by penicillin will have bacteria that are extremely easily killed by penicillin to bacteria that are extremely immune to penicillin. With such a wide spread of resistance, when you are infected, the drug takes out most of the bacteria which infected you leaving a small population for your body's immune system to kill and time to take out that part of the infection before its population can reach a level to where it can be lethal. This permits your body to kill off all of the organism and cure you.

On the other hand, what has been developing in HIV is that we have not been killing off the viruses in the host and curing the host. What we have been doing is killing off the most susceptible organisms with the first treatments while the patient continues having sex and spreading the more resistant organisms to other people. The second and subsequent treatments kill off increasingly more resistant strains while the host continues to spread the most resistant strains which none of our drugs can kill until only the most resistant strains are left and being transmitted in large enough quantities that the infections quickly overwhelm the host's immune system permitting the host to develop into the most advanced state faster. Nothing has evolved!

What they have done is use their bodies and free sex or adultery to breed out the strains which are susceptible to our drugs and develop a culture of only the strongest strains. Now they are spreading this new, more deadly culture of the same disease.

This problem has largely been caused by the liberal media not telling the truth. They have continued to try to play down the truth about there not being effective treatments for HIV, played down how serious this problem is, tried to deny the fact that these epidemics of sexually transmitted diseases are being caused by their free sex, and just ignoring the problem hoping science would solve the problem and make it go away so they don't have to give up their free sex.

What you need to be asking now and the media are failing to ask is, "who infected this guy?" There has to be at least one other person out there who has this disease and is still passing it around with his free sex. Plus the disease always has the initial advantage in that it has time to spread before it is first detected. This provides the disease with the chance to quickly spread to many people by the time it is detected. This means that there are almost definitely many more people out there spreading this new, more deadly form of HIV.

What do I expect from this new culture of HIV? I expect to see it quickly begin showing up all over the US and spreading like fire, first through the homosexual community and then through the heterosexual community. The death rate will climb very quickly with many dying by the time this thing peaks and people get scared enough to quit having free sex.

You should also remember what I said about diseases like SARS getting into such disease infected populations in previous writings. There will suddenly be huge numbers of people who's immune systems will go to zero and be dying from diseases like the flu and pneumonia which are the primary killers for AIDs patients. I recently saw a news item about the CDC being very scared by a newly discovered Asian flu strain in chickens which has not yet but will eventually jump from the chickens to people. This strain of flu is very deadly and very communicable. If this new flu jumps with the more deadly culture of HIV spreading quickly, we will have a rampant epidemic of the new flu killing from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of people in a period of from months to a few years. The people with the new culture of HIV will get and spread the disease more easily and quickly increasing the rate of infection for everyone else, especially those with other diseases like the older strains of HIV.

I hope I don't get to say I told you so about this last item but the timing is getting very close.

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