Genetic Death?

In 1998, I taught high school for one year at the high school from which I graduated and during that year, I quickly noticed a greatly increased number of young people with learning disabilities over what had been the case when I was in school in the 1960's. I thought it might only be my misperception because of the long time distance between the two events so I asked a number of other teachers, especially special education teachers, if they had noticed an increasing number of young people with learning disabilities. Everyone I asked about it said that they had noticed a rapidly increasing number of young people who were mentally challenged in a variety of ways.

Over the last few years, scientific research has been showing that there is an increasing epidemic of a variety of mental health problems in young people including autism. This has confirmed mine and the other teachers' observations.

In order to determine the cause of such a problem, a biologist will normally look for any significant changes in the ecosystem or behavior for the species. The change I observed which seems to be most uniform throughout the US is the pandemic use of recreational drugs over the last 40 to 50 years. This was further confirmed by the teachers when I asked what they thought was probably causing this new mental epidemic and they unanimously responded "the recreational use of drugs by the children's parents."

This only makes molecular biological sense because we know that all of these recreational drugs cause cell damage. You have to understand how the body works as far as distributing chemicals throughout the human body. The cardiovascular system literally flushes the chemicals through the body with the molecules randomly bouncing off of cells until the molecules make the right contact with a randomly selected cell that could be anywhere in your body. The molecules will then either react with the cell membrane or make entry into the cell on a random basis.

When a molecule, which is not supposed to be in a cell, makes entry into the cell, it will either randomly interact with molecules inside the cell or be captured and moved towards certain parts of the cell because of some chemical similarity with molecules which should be in the cell. Therefore, the reaction with molecules inside the cell will be either random or directed but abnormal and both will cause internal damage to the cell which will most likely be permanent.

This is extremely important if the damage is done to your DNA in the nucleus of the cell because it will permanently alter the function of the cell. This type of damage is often terminal for the cell and can even be terminal for the organism or human if the damage causes such diseases as cancer.

What you have to understand is that these chemicals are in no way selective as to the cells they damage or kill. They damage the first cells they can make entry into on a very random basis and when you have from billions to trillions of such molecules being ingested or other wise placed into the body in one usage, then they will damage cells throughout the entire body. This means that these chemicals will damage or destroy everything including brain cells, organ cells, nerve cells, muscle cells, and the cells in your reproductive organs (testicles and ovaries)on a completely random basis.

It is only common sense molecular biology that such random damage done to your reproductive organs prior to conception of children will pass some form of damage, mutation, or birth defect on to your children. This is especially true if the end result is damaged DNA in the sex cell. If one sex cell combines with another sex cell that is damaged, the resulting organism will be damaged based on the type of damage done to the DNA. If both sex cells are damaged genetically, then the amount of damage will be much greater and, potentially, more severe.

Understanding this, it is my hypothesis that the growing epidemic of mental birth defects in this country is being caused by parents using recreational drugs prior to conception and conceiving children whose DNA have been damaged by their recreational drugs. I believe scientific research will prove this hypothesis to be correct.

If this hypothesis is true, then we are quickly destroying our own gene pool which could eventually lead to the extinction of the human species. I believe we have already done irreparable damage to our gene pool which will, at the very least, cause the eventual degeneration of our society. Think about it; increasing numbers of mentally challenged people won't be able to maintain a high technology oriented society when the most advanced thing they can manage is an electric wheelchair.

Having studied history, I realize that a long term result will be the development of social class based on intellectual ability or damage. No one will want to spend much time with people that either you can't understand them or they can't understand you. This will ultimately result in class divisions based on people being healthy or mutated.

The lying liberal media like to show you that such people can become a productive part of our society but, if you have ever worked with such people, you quickly realize that 1) they have very limited abilities, capacities, and potentials in society with many being limited to menial labor and not having the ability to develop social skills and 2) most people don't like being around such people because they feel uncomfortable and even guilty about being healthy when this other person is seriously handicapped. To see the truth about this matter, just look around at the same liberals who are selling you this bill of goods and see how many intellectually handicapped individuals they have working with them. In almost all cases, you won't find any such people working with them because they are hypocrites.

A good example here is the move that was strongly encouraged by the liberals for major corporations to hire the mentally handicapped people in the 1980's. Remember the McDonalds' commercials showing mentally handicapped people working for them? When was the last time you were in a McDonalds or any other business and were waited on by a mentally handicapped person? How many of such people have you recently seen at any liberal social gathering? I have noticed that the mentally challenged are only at liberal gatherings when the liberals are trying to show how wonderful they are by socializing with these people and have intentionally brought such a person to the gathering. Otherwise, you won't find them at almost all such gatherings regardless of the dogma the liberals put out insisting the rest of us should not treat different people differently. You know, do as I say and not as I do.

Further illustrating the lack of potential for such people is to simply ask yourself, would you want a mentally handicapped person to be your financial consultant, lawyer, or brain surgeon? Of course not, and there are many other jobs they can't perform.

This is very important because, if we want to prevent such problems, we must first find the cause. If you as a parent want to increase the chances of you having healthy children, you need to know what you can do or not do to increase those chances.

Since the vast majority of people who want to legalize drugs and who use drugs are liberals, if my hypothesis is true, then this posses a particular threat to them and their political power base because it means that increasingly more and more of their population and offspring will not be able to vote. This may very well be one more way that the liberals are actively wiping themselves out by turning their offspring into idiots with their recreational drugs.

This may also be a major reason why we are having so much trouble with the increasing problem of our children not being as well educated when leaving high school. After all, children who are not capable of learning as much will test lower on all scores making it only look like the problem is the education system when it could actually be the destruction of our gene pool.

We really need to do scientific research to find out if the use of recreational drugs is causing this new mental handicap epidemic. To be a valid test, we must randomly select large numbers of such mentally handicapped people and do research involving their parents to find out whether the parents used recreational drugs, how extensive was their drug abuse, how long they used drugs, and which drugs they used. We also need to test their grandparents and, when possible, their great grandparents to see if there is a cumulative effect from generations of drug usage. We really need to emphasize to these parents that they be honest so we can try to identify any possible problems in our children because of our abuse of drugs.

I believe we will find that certain types of drugs will tend to cause certain problems, combinations of different drugs will cause combinations of problems, more extensive or longer usage will increase the potential for such birth defects, there will be a cumulative effect with generational usage of drugs, and that even modest to light usage of drugs will cause at least some birth defects or at least increase the potential for such birth defects.

If my hypothesis is true, then we have a problem which will continue to develop and grow for generations to come as today's drug abusing children bear offspring in the decades to come with many of them bearing damaged offspring. It is very likely that the thoughtless, irresponsible, and criminal behavior of certain people in our society will develop a class of mental mutants who will become a lower class degenerate society condemned to a life of menial work and few pleasures. I hope not. Only scientific research will tell the truth about this.

I also realize that our drug abuse may be causing additional problems in conceiving and bearing children. In genetics, you learn that the vast majority of genetic mutations in a zygote or embryo will cause it to die before birth. Is it possible that drug mutated DNA is causing this new epidemic of parents not being able to conceive and carry children to birth? It makes sense to me.

I would think this increasing problem is probably related to the increasing epidemic of mentally handicapped children in that the mentally handicapped children are the relatively few conceived children with drug damaged DNA who manage to live long enough to be born. I guess you could say they are the unlucky ones.

If a person's drug abuse has resulted in the permanent damage to their productive cells in their sex organs so that they consistently produce sex cells with any number of terminal DNA mutations, which would be the majority of genetic mutations, then their conceived offspring would not be able to survive until birth and the parents would consistently miscarry.

Then there is the question of the increasing epidemic of sterility among parents trying to conceive. For decades now, they have noted that sterility in adults has been increasing on a non-linear basis. Is this also caused by cell damage in the hormonal system preventing the production of fertile or sufficient numbers of fertile sex cells?

It seems that it is possible that what we had previously perceived as a victim less crime, drug abuse, really has a victim after all; the human race.

What have the liberal drug users done to the human race?

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