War Against?

If you listen to the liberal media and Democrats, the war we are currently fighting is against weapons of mass destruction. If the President even thinks about going into a country to root out the terrorists, the media and Democrats start attacking him if there are no weapons of mass destruction. They have reached a point of even requiring him to prove there are weapons of mass destruction before he can be approved by them to go into a country to get terrorists.

This makes me wonder if the liberals are so stupid that they can't remember who attacked us on 9/11. Just in case you fool liberals can't remember, there wasn't one weapon of mass destruction that attacked us; they were all terrorists and the terrorists didn't use even one WMD in their attack against us. They used airplanes. As a matter of fact, if you include the five confirmed attacks against the US under the Clinton administration, the terrorists have not used one WMD in six attacks against us but the liberals have made it a requirement for WMD's to be proved present for the President to have their approval to invade a country.

If we permit the fool liberals to change the focus of this war from fighting terrorists to fighting WMD's, we will have already lost the war against terror and the terrorists will have won. We MUST keep our focus on fighting terrorists and going into any and all countries harboring, training, financing, and equipping terrorists of any group or we will lose this war.

All of the experts agree that the terrorists will most likely be able to attack the US on US soil again. Most likely, it won't be done using WMD's but a more innovative or conventional weapons system. If we start only fighting WMD's we decrease the chance of stopping the terrorists and increase the chance of them succeeding. We must keep our focus and attention on fighting terrorist where ever they are and not let the liberals shift the focus to something else so they can gain politically.

We must stop this insanity created by the liberals in their lust to return to power. We must return to being rational and focused on the task and threat at hand or we lose the global war against the worst threat to this world and the people of it for over half a century. We must win this war against terror and forget about the imaginary war against WMD's created by the liberals.

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