I thought for a while that maybe God was through with me teaching and warning you about things which will happen in the future because now there are from dozens to possibly several hundred sites teaching you the things for which I was a lone voice crying in the wilderness just a few years ago. God made me take a little break of just a few months and now I am again posting quite a few essays in the first month I have been back to writing about things in our future no one else is telling you about. Hang on, here we go again, looking at tomorrow's news today. :-)

First, let me state that I have nothing against the people or state of Texas. As a matter of fact, I have quite a few friends and family who live in Texas, which is right next door to my state, New Mexico. For such reasons, most old school native New Mexicans like me consider Texans our first cousins, largely because many of them really are. :-) Socially and other wise, we tend to be closer to the state of Texas than any other state. I am only going to use the State of Texas as an example for this essay because their glorious libertarian governor, Rick Perry, is getting so much press for what he is currently doing with people thinking he is soooo brilliant. My friends and family in Texas should take this as a friendly heads up warning. For country people, a neighborly thing to do.

Rick Perry, the alleged genius libertarian governor of Texas is really screwing up big time while everyone thinks he is being brilliant, you know, like all that other stuff I warned you about years ago which the commies were doing and all the experts were proclaiming as pure genius. What that genius, Rick libertarian Perry, is doing is seizing an economic opportunity being caused by the socio-economic failure of communism in other states, such as Commiefornia and Commie York, to grow the economy of Texas. He is offering the businesses in those failing states lower taxes and less government regulation to get those businesses to move to Texas and grow the Texas economy.

It sounds absolutely great, doesn't it? Why, just pure genius? So say the experts, anyway.

It is actually the way a simpleton would grow his state's economy in these days and is pure stupidity. Let me help you think through this. I have been watching this happen, especially in my state, for more than 40 years. It has been destroying my state and other states, such as Colorado, for more than half a century.

Alright, you start bringing businesses into your state from dying communist states using lower taxes and less government regulation to draw those businesses into your state. When those businesses get into your state, who will end up working for those businesses?

Answer: People are falsely thinking that local citizens will get those jobs which used to belong to liberal commies in the states those businesses just vacated. What, do you think those liberals, who were making good money, are going to just sit on their butts in their dying commie states doing nothing and making no money? People are fleeing those states in part because the jobs are fleeing those states and it isn't just the conservatives fleeing those states. The people in those commie states are majority commies which means that at least a large number of the employees who follow those businesses and jobs to your state are going to be liberal commie voters. Oops!!!

Next, let's take a look at those transient liberal voters moving into your conservative states. We already know all too well that liberals ABSOLUTELY NEVER admit they made a mistake, always blame the failure of their brilliant sounding ideas on something or some one else, and, therefore, can never learn from their mistakes because, in order to learn from your mistakes, the very first thing you have to do is admit you made a mistake and not blame others. Therefore, those brainwashed liberal commies fleeing those failing liberal commie states will refuse to admit, even to themselves, that those commie states failed because of the liberal commie's beloved communism. What they do is immediately start working to turn the state they just moved to into a commie state. This phenomenon has been taking place in every state the commies have fled to, such as Colorado.

In other words what that genius, all knowing, all wise, highly educated, grossly over paid, libertarian, Rick Perry is also doing is bringing in large numbers of liberal voters to add to the already present liberal voters in Texas. Even in Texas, there are large numbers of liberal voters. When you already have a significant number of brainwashed idiots living in your state, it won't take bringing too many more brainwashed idiots into your state to put the brainwashed idiot voters in your state in the majority. Then your state will quickly become one of those failing commie states.

The real question, especially for the good people of Texas, is, "How long will it take for that genius, all knowing, all wise, highly educated, grossly over paid, libertarian, political hack, Rick Perry, and his libertarian pals to turn the good state of Texas into Commie Texas, a liberal run septic tank"

Answer: Not MUCH longer. The liberal populations are already rapidly growing in the medium to large cities throughout the State of Texas. As a matter of fact, the Texas State Capitol, the City of Austin, has already been taken over by liberal Commiecrats. In other words, that genius and political hack, Rick Perry, and all his corrupt libertarian pals are rapidly putting themselves out of work because, when the commies reach majority voter statis, the liberal commie politicians will put the libertarian politicians out of majority control of the Texas government. Smart move, isn't it? Absolutely brilliant, or so the experts are saying.

Let me give you a clue, if the experts are calling you anything but crazy, you are an idiot.

Every day, it becomes increasingly important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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