Territory of Nuevo Mexico

That is Spanish for the Territory of New Mexico and is pronounced Nu-way-voe Me-hee-koe.

I told you about UN Agenda 21 but there are any number of evil plans floating around by different corrupt, power mad, and greedy groups of upper class trash people who just can't wait for the opportunity to steal more of anything from other people. I am going to share a little brief Western history in conjunction with current events to illustrate this on going corruption. I will try to keep the history brief and interesting telling the important parts. You really need to know what is actually going on, just how bad things really are, that they are only getting worse, and will continue to get worse until we, as a nation, turn back to God. God IS our only answer and this essay will better illustrate that.

Spanish Western History

It was the Spanish who first explored and colonized the current United States of America west of the Mississippi and south of Canada except for the current Washington state, which was explored, settled, and later sold to the US by Russia. Spain even explored and colonized the current State of Florida but that is another story. The country of Spain had already cumulated massive amounts of wealth by conquering and plundering South America, Central America, and Mexico. They were looking for new civilizations to conquer and plunder.

Remember what I have taught you that greedy, power mad people can never be satiated. They can never be happy with what they have and will always want more. That is a historic fact.

According to the ancient exploration maps in Spanish arichives in Spain, when the dust had settled from their explorations and colonization in the current Western US, they had broken up everything west of the Mississippi into four territories, the Territory of Louisiana, the Territory of Texas (pronounced Tay-haus), the Territory of California, and the Territory of Nuevo Mexico. The boundaries set by those maps divided those territories up approximately as follows and can be varified by the Spanish maps from more than 400 years ago.

The Territory of Louisiana was basically the current State of Louisiana.

The Territory of Texas was from the Gulf of Mexico west to the River of Texas in the middle of the current State of Texas and from Mexico or the Rio Grande (great river) in the south to the current Texas State Boarder on the North. This was about half the size or less of the current State of Texas.

The Territory of California consisted of the current Baja California, still owned by Mexico, and a thin strip of land between the mountains running north to south through the center of the current State of California and the Pacific Ocean from current Baja California in the south to the current Washington State in the north.

The Territory of Nuevo Mexico consisted of everything else west of the Mississippi and between Mexico and Canada. It was huge.

When Napoleon Bonaparte first went to war in Europe, Spain was his ally but Britain began destroying Spain's economy by blockading Spanish ports. Therefore, Spain declared itself neutral in the war. This really ticked off Napoleon who quickly invaded, conquered, and set his brother up as the King of Spain.

To keep Spain and her resources neutral in the war, Britain began working with the Spanish to drive out Napoleon's forces and free Spain. But, before they could do this, to finance his war in Europe, Napoleon sold the Louisiana Purchase to the US. The Louisiana Purchase consisted of the Territory of Louisiana (hence the name) and a big chunk of what had previously be established as the north eastern part of the Territory of Nuevo Mexico decreasing the size of the Territory of Nuevo Mexico by about 15% to 20%. This sale can be confirmed by the US and Spanish government contracts.

A few years later, the country of Mexico achieved independence from Spain and was under the extremely harsh rule of General Santa Ana. Increasing numbers of Americans who had moved to Louisiana to settle that new US territory started moving into the Territory of Texas and settling there. This caused concern for Santa Ana who tried to drive them out but was defeated by the new colonists bringing about the independence for the Territory of Texas. Mexico still had control and ownership for the remainder of the territories of Nuevo Mexico and California .

Mexican-American War 1846-1848

Americans first started trading with the Mexican citizens in the territories of Nuevo Mexico and California and then started moving there to settle. This up set Santa Ana even more and, to prevent losing more territory to US settlers who were actually leaving the US and settling in Mexico, Santa Ana tried to invade and retake Texas along with trying to run US citizens out of the territories of California and Nuevo Mexico.

You have to understand the Spanish mentality in settling their territories. Unlike what US citizens were accustomed to, you couldn't just move onto a peace of land, build a house and barn and call the land yours. Under Spanish rule, you had to have approval from the Spanish government just to move to these new territories, land was strictly allocated by the government, and government leaders were appointed before anyone moved there. The early Spanish explorers had to have government approval and financing before they were aloud to travel to these territories. This mentality was continued by the Government of Mexico and, suddenly, there were a bunch of US citizens who just moved in and called land theirs because they built a house on it. Even the Mexican citizens were not aloud to do that because all land was allocated by the government. For Santa Ana, permitting even his own people to just live where ever they wanted would have given those people much more freedom than Santa Ana wanted those people to have. This was a matter of control.

Santa Ana invading Texas and trying to run US citizens out of Nuevo Mexico and California started the Mexican-American war of 1846 to 1848, which the US won. Santa Ana was financially devastated by losing this war so, as part of the settlement, the US government decided to purchase the territories of Nuevo Mexico and California north of the current US border from the nation of Mexico and paid what was estimated to be anywhere from about 2.5 to more than 5 times what the land was estimated to be worth at that time. Mexico got a very good deal on the sale and got rid of quite a bit of land she would have had to spend significant amounts of money annually to police and control.

Texas Upper Class Trash

Following this huge purchase of land, the US government decided to divide up the Territory of Nuevo Mexico, now called the Territory of New Mexico, because they felt that such a huge state would eventually be able to develop enough members in the House of Representatives to effectively seize control of the US government.

The corrupt, power mad, greedy members of the upper class people running the State of Texas saw this as an opportunity to seize land and increase their power over more people. There were several groups of these people who literally drew up fake maps showing the land Texas had freed up with their war of independence as if these freshly drawn maps were proof of the area they had conquered. The more conservative groups of lunatics drew the map so that the Territory of Texas was all the way west to the Rio Grande River in the middle of the current State of New Mexico while a more power mad group claimed everything west of the Mississippi including the Territory of California.

The actual size and borders of these territories was laid out in the treaties and sales contracts with Mexico and the US and were nothing like the Texas upper class trash were claiming. To stop the insanity, the US Congress compromised with the Texas upper class trash and gave Texas about half the extra land they were claiming along with a spur running west to include the City of El Paso. But, of course, power mad, greedy people can never be satiated and don't ever forget that.

The Territory of California was changed in that it was about doubled in size east to west but the current State of Oregon was carved out of the northern part of the territory of what had been California.

The massive Territory of New Mexico was divided up into the remaining states west of the Mississippi and between Mexico and Canada only leaving a small fraction of the former territory as the new Territory of New Mexico which became a US state in 1912.

But don't forget those fake maps and the insane lust for land and power by the Texas upper class trash. The people of Texas are good, it is just the corrupt members of their upper class are crazy just like the upper class trash every where.

US Civil War

During the US Civil War, these Texas power mad upper class trash decided to go on a land grabbing venture to get "their land". They sent a Confederate Army unit to invade the Territory of New Mexico from El Paso, Texas. Their goal was to first, take the land they claimed in the most conservative fake maps they had drawn up, which was west to the Rio Grande, but phase two was to use Santa Fe, New Mexico to launch a military campaign to take all the land to the Pacific Ocean, including the Territory of California, you know, just like in the more insane fake maps they had drawn up. Like I told you, power mad, greedy people can never be satiated. But it gets better.

This Confederate Army unit was defeated in the mountains east of Santa Fe, New Mexico by the US Army and a militia unit from Colorado. Unfortunately, a lot of good Texas boys were killed to appease the greed of their Texas upper class trash. Have you noticed that lots of good people always die to pay for the mischief of the bad people? That is another historic fact.

Current Situation

Now for the heads up to my Texas friends and relatives. The real agenda for the Texas upper class trash (the corrupt members of the Texas upper class) is to use the Libertarian movement to transfer power from the US government to the state governments so that the US military will not be strong enough to stop Texas from seceding from the Union and then using its increased military (from the transfer of power from the Federal government to the state governments) to invade neighboring states like New Mexico, Colorado, and Oklahoma to increase the power of these Texas upper class trash by grabbing more land so these upper class trash can set up a larger and more powerful nation of Texas.

The Texas upper class trash is still abscessing about those two fake maps and intends to set up a situation where they can send some of you Texas good old boys to die fighting to increase the power of the upper class trash all in the name of Libertarianism. I hope you get the picture before your group of the upper class trash get a bunch of you boys killed to increase their power. Remember that some of you are my friends and family.

But....it gets better.

A while back, I was doing some research on history and found a very interesting bit of extremely ill propaganda on Wikipedia. You can find it by doing a search for the Territory of California.

It seems that the power mad upper class trash in California have taken the Texas fake map showing the Territory of Texas going all the way to the Rio Grande River and said, "Hey, we can do that too." They have now drawn up a fake map showing the "original Territory of California" to include everything from the Pacific Ocean to the Rio Grande River including Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Western Colorado. Guess what the California upper class trash plans to do when the US folds. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the California upper class trash plan on using a military campaign to take land from other surrounding states. Are these people raving lunatics or what?

But, we have already seen that the Texas upper class trash will not be satisfied with everything west to the Rio Grande and, after taking that much land, will want the rest of it to the Pacific Ocean plus only they know what else because power mad people can never be satisfied with what they have. They will always want more and be able to come up with great sounding lame excuses for taking that more.

You know that, if these two groups of crazy people get what they want, there is going to be one very bloody war in which a lot of good people are going to die because of the upper class trash. And believe me that these are not the only crazy people plans out there. I know of others but that is another story. Let me finish this story first.

Expected Outcome

It should be obvious that both of these groups of crazy people expect out comes which will favor them and only a maximum of one group can be right. The other group is in for some bad surprises.

Remember the essay, Texas, just before this one? If not, go back and read it before continuing because this gets very scary for my Texas friends and family.

We have this genius Libertarian politician, Rick Perry, and his friends who are imporing lots of really great businesses and jobs into the State of Texas from....California along with a lot of....California liberal voters and activist while planning an eventual war with....liberal California for control of the Western US remains. They are inviting their planned eventual enemies to come live in their cities. Think about that one for a while. My farts are smarter than those people because my farts would never do anything that stupid.

What will really happen? The poor people of Texas are going to be so busy fighting and dying in their own streets, neighborhoods, and cities that they won't have the time or resources to invade anyone. This is going to get really bad and will be very personal for me all because of the mischief of the upper class trash and their genius plans which never work out the way they are planned to work out.

But have no fear, I have plenty of faith in my Texas cousins. After they win the bloody war to save their own cities and state and they find out what the Texas upper class trash really had planned, I believe my cousins will throw a very special Texas style private neck tie party for the Texas upper class trash that will be remembered for a very long time. I believe the Texas upper class trash will pay for this mischief. Don't be surprised if they also have a Texas style BBQ while they watch the Texas upper class trash swinging from the trees and kicking in the breeze.


Man plans, God laughs.

Repent of your sins and accept salvation through our Lord, Jesus Christ because you may not survive the stupidity the upper class trash has dreamed up. As always, it is time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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