Think About It

We are rapidly approaching the time when science will make it possible for us to have a form of immortality. If we can extend our lives another 50 to 100 years, we will live long enough that we will be able to extend our lives indefinitely. They are even beginning to talk about this on television more and more.

With every new scientific advancement comes new problems to solve and additional responsibilities. This one achievement will create the single greatest moral dilemma in the history of man. To whom will we give immortality, to whom will we deny immortality, and who will decide?

To this it is tempting to answer,"We will give immortality to everyone." Oh really? Would you give immortality to a vicious killer like Adolf Hitler, Iddi Amin, or Sadam Hussain? Do you want to spend eternity on a planet with such vicious animals torturing, killing, and other wise making other peoples' lives a living hell? It would be a living hell beyond description.

Look at the world we live in today with all the problems we create for ourselves and others. Do you really want to live forever in a world where people murder, rape, and rob others? Where people hurt other people for their own gain and pleasure? It is common sense that it would only be a matter of time until it became your turn.....again, and again, and again....into eternity.

We have learned that mean and selfish people become more mean and selfish with time. We know that when a person murders someone, it becomes easier to murder with each new murder. This is true for all crimes from murder to lying. All compulsive liars had a first little white lie and it got easier to lie with each lie they told. Do you want to live forever on a planet with people you cannot believe or trust? With people who will lie about you again and again for all eternity? With no hope of it ever stopping?

What about gossip? It seems to be a relatively harmless past time until you become the victim of someone else's vicious gossip. Do you want to spend eternity on a planet with people who go around hurting other people with their gossip? Even "minor" crimes against other people become significant if they will be repeated for eternity and you will be the victim repeatedly forever with no hope of it ever stopping.

Do you want to spend eternity on a planet with people who enjoy hurting or killing other peoples' pets? We now know that these activities which used to be considered minor lead to worse crimes. We call it becoming desensitized. Since we know that bad people become desensitized with time and commit progressively worse acts or crimes, how bad will they become in just a thousand years much less eternity? Will they become monsters worse than anything we have experienced in the history of man?

Do you want to spend eternity on a planet with immortal beings who belong to a syndicate, Mafia, or gang. People who will spend eternity murdering, raping, robbing, extorting, and selling drugs and prostitutes? Would you want to spend eternity as a prostitute or drug addict? What if these people gained control over more than just neighborhoods and cities? What if they gained control of the world and could terrorize the entire planet forever? Would you want to live in that world forever?

To Whom Would You Give Immortality?

Where would you draw the line on who gets immortality and who doesn't? Would you say that people who commit felonies don't get immortality and the rest of us do? What about the people who start out with misdemeanors and progress to felonies? They could make that progression in weeks, months, years, or centuries as they become desensitized. What about the people who lie, gossip, or just steal from the office? Will they get worse over thousands of years as they become desensitized and progress to worse?

Look at what happened to us with our free sex. It started out with us just going around screwing each other. Then it progressed to orgies, kinkier perversions, and then to things like pedafilia and incest. This desensitization is a major issue today.

If you give someone immortality and then reverse it later, it is the same thing as to give them a death sentence. Where will you draw the line at killing immortal beings? Will you only kill those who commit murder? What will you do with the other immortal, habitual criminals? Are you going to keep turning them loose on everyone every few years or decades for eternity?

Then there is always the problem that, if these wicked, immortal people are permitted to live forever, they will eventually seize control of the world and there wont be any laws or protection from they. It will be every man and woman for themselves. The children and weak will have no mercy or hope. And since they will have eternity to do their mischief, it is only a matter of time and they will get around to you.

Who Will Decide Who Will Get Immortality?

Do you know of anyone that you would want to have such power over the people of the world? Would you want me to have such control over you? I would not want you to have that control over me. To be able to control another person's eternal destiny is an incredible thing.

Even if we found someone who could do a reasonable job, if he didn't do a perfect job, some person he gave immortality to could always gain control 50, 100, or thousands of years from now. Or his extreme power over others could corrupt him thousands of years from now.

God And Immortality

This is the problem that God faces. He doesn't want people in His eternal kingdom going around murdering, raping, robbing, and stealing. He doesn't want to spend eternity with people who will enjoy hurting people and animals forever. He doesn't want to spend eternity with people who will lie or gossip about others forever. He doesn't want to spend eternity with people who will use and hurt other people for their own gain or pleasure. He doesn't want to spend eternity with wicked people who will eventually try to gain power or control over His paradise. He already went through that with Lucifer and the one third of the angels who followed him.

God wants to spend eternity with good, kind, caring, loving people. He wants an eternal paradise, not an eternal hell.

That is why God developed His plan. He placed man here on Earth to test us. He lets us have enough free reign and stays out of sight so we will be tempted to do wickedness. He knew we would all fail by violating at least some of His laws so He was smart enough to have a backup plan to give us a second chance. He came to Earth as a mortal, lived a perfect life by His laws, and died to pay for ALL of our crimes. Now we have a second chance and choice. We can turn from our crimes and accept His payment for our crimes or we freely chose to remain committed to our crimes forever.

If we chose the former, then God wants to spend eternity with us. If we chose the latter, then God doesn't want to spend eternity with us. Therefore, those who chose the latter, will be eternally incarcerated in God's eternal penal system called the Lake of Fire. God intentionally made it so simple that even a child could understand it so that even children can make the choice.

A Just God?

When you consider the enormity of spending eternity with people who will not stop committing even the smallest crime, such as lying or gossiping, and being their victims forever without any hope of it ending and the emotional and eternal hell it will cause, you can understand the justness of God in sending these people to the Lake of Fire for eternity. But God is even more just than that. Remember that He already paid for ALL of our crimes so that all we have to do is to turn from our crimes, accept His payment for our crimes, and we don't have to spend eternity paying for those crimes. Therefore, God truly is a just God because, if you go to the Lake of Fire forever, it will be your own fault for wanting your crimes more than God's love and forgiveness. If you refuse to turn from your crimes, no matter how small, none of those going to Heaven will want to spend eternity with you and your crimes. God will be justified in incarcerating you in the Lake of Fire for eternity with the rest of the eternal and immortal criminals.

It is your choice. Do you want to be the kind of person God will want to spend eternity with? Think about it.

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