The Tribulation

Over the last one hundred years there has been a lot said and written about the period of time known as the Tribulation. Almost all of it has been proved to be nonsense. With us being at the beginning of the new millennium, books and video tapes about the Tribulation are among the best selling items on the market. The false prophets I referred to in my last page are taking advantage of peoples' ignorance, curiosity, and fear of what is going to happen to make billions of dollars from their "prophesies" or interpretations of the Tribulation every year. They have even found that it is good marketing to scare people into buying their books and tapes.

To analyze the Bible prophesies about the Tribulation from the book of Revelations, I will use my studies in the Bible and an understanding about God in relation to my studies in science, the military, economics, sociology, psychology, history, and current events. Unlike the false prophets, if I feel that I don't understand something, I will tell you and tell you why. I don't care what anyone tells you, there isn't any one person or group of persons who know all the secrets of God. He lets us know what He wants us to know and when He wants us to know it. Until then, we know nothing. I will prove that there are still secrets of God with this essay about the Tribulation.

Understanding God

First, you must have a basic understanding of God. He is a very incredible being who loves to create magnificent things, loves those things He has created, and wants to be loved by that which He has created. God could easily have created a "cheap" love for Himself by creating mindless androids who were programmed to love Him without question. But God knows that a true love requires the freedom of choice. But always remember that God is not some simplistic god of love and that He is also a god of justice.

He created a place called Heaven and some very incredible beings we call angels who did have this freedom of choice. His most powerful creation is a being we call Lucifer who is second in power and intelligence only to God Himself (the totality of God.) The scriptures tell us that the being Lucifer realized how powerful and intelligent he is and decided to love himself more than God and rejected God's love. He chose to elevate himself above God and convinced one third of the angels to help him over throw God. They failed and God set other actions in motion with a plan in mind.

God created His Garden of Eden, our cosmos and planet, with man as a new companion. He gave man authority over the Garden of Eden and everything in it knowing that Lucifer, with his superior intelligence, would convince man to disobey God. God wanted to have a paradise with eternal peace occupied by beings who truly love Him and would freely accept His love. To do this, these beings must first be tested as to who would accept God's love and who would reject it.

The test must be valid which means that man must have the illusion that he can do as he pleases without being punished for his crimes. For decades, I have heard and have pondered myself why the wicked get rich and live long and the good are poor and die young. The answer is surprisingly simple. Who would be tempted to reject God's love for wickedness if the wicked died young and were poor while only the good lived long and were rich? To have a valid test we must have temptation with at least the illusion of reward. In other words, God knows that criminals commit crimes because crime pays without serious consequences or at least appears to.

But God is also doing other things to insure this eternal peace. One of the many things God is doing with His prophesies and the Bible is to illustrate just how much more powerful He is than even Lucifer, much less the rest of us. He is giving us a glimpse of His incredible power over everything and this is one thing you must keep in mind throughout this essay. One of the biggest reasons for the Tribulation is to show the power of God against the wicked and how helpless they are before Him.

If you could run the mile ten seconds faster than any one else, what would be the best way to impress your overwhelming dominance on everyone else's mind. Would you just go around beating them by ten seconds every time? No, you would give them a ten second lead, catch them, and still beat them. And you would tell them your plan in advance the way Babe Ruth pointed to left field before he knocked a home run over the left field fence. We still tell that story with a lot of respect don't we?

God is doing the same thing. He is telling us and Lucifer what His plans are long before He does them. Even though Lucifer knows God's plans, he can't stop Him. Imagine a general who is so much more brilliant and powerful than his opponents that he sends messengers to the opposing generals with his own battle plans and still beats them while using those battle plans. That is what God is doing to this being, Lucifer, who thought he could be the equal to God. God is simply showing Lucifer and all existence that Lucifer doesn't even come close. God is showing all existence that Lucifer, the second most powerful being in all existence, taking on God is like a two year old climbing into the ring against the greatest heavy weight boxer in the world. Lucifer and his followers are helpless before God. I will show how helpless at the Battle of Armageddon. When God is finished with Lucifer and those who CHOOSE to follow Lucifer, He will have His eternal peace.

The Beginning Ends

The Tribulation will not be the end of all things like most prophets and Hollywood tell you and most people believe. It is only the end of the beginning and is, therefore, the beginning for the rest of eternity. The reason I look forward to the coming of the Tribulation is to get it over with and for the lack of pain and suffering that will follow. The Tribulation will end and, except for a brief period of time at the end of the millennium and the final judgment, there won't be any more wicked people to hurt others. There will be no more war, crime, abuse of others, hatred, or meanness of any kind.

As far as fear of the Tribulation, there is an easy solution to that. The people who accept the payment made by Jesus for our crimes against His laws before the Rapture don't have to worry about the horrors of the Tribulation because Jesus will remove them all in the Rapture. Only those who refuse the payment Jesus made for our crimes need to worry about what is going to happen to them during the Tribulation. Properly stated, their concerns should be what will happen to them before they die because almost everyone who goes into the Tribulation will die within that seven years. Jesus stated that, if He were to delay His coming even the slightest, there wouldn't be any life left on Earth. The only logical thing to do is to acknowledge your crimes against God's law, turn from those crimes, and accept the payment made by Jesus for your crimes before the Rapture and miss all of the horrors of the Tribulation.

The rest of you need to take the remainder of this page personally because it is an outline of your future. Enjoy learning what WILL happen to you, if you live long enough to "enjoy" it all.


There are several things you must know before we plunge into the Tribulation. First, most of the things in the Tribulation are not going to just suddenly occur. God has spent thousands of years preparing the scientific, political, social, economic, and other conditions necessary for these things to occur. He is still doing so now and will continue to move our world toward the events of the Tribulation. The Tribulation will be the culmination of things which have been developing for thousands of years.

The Antichrist, false prophet, two witnesses, and, probably, 144,000 virgin, Jewish males along with all the other principle actors of the Tribulation are already on the Earth, are being prepared for their rolls in the Tribulation, and are being moved towards their starting positions on the stage of life. Soon, a curtain call from Jesus,"Come up here!" will be given, a curtain of born again christians will rise, and the most terrible play in the history of the world will begin.

Second, these prophesies are predictions given to us by God about the things He will cause to occur. They will happen as He said and cannot be stopped because God is all powerful, all knowing, and cannot be wrong or stopped. There are those, even "christians", who believe we can stop God's snow ball from rolling to where He said it will roll and doing the damage He said it would do. Their efforts will fail.

Another thing you must understand about the judgments of the Tribulation is that they are not simplistic, singular events which will occur in a linear manner as the false prophets tell you. The judgments mentioned are the beginning of events and the effects of those events which will continue to cumulate throughout the Tribulation and last until the end. Each judgment adds to prior judgments or, in some cases, is the culmination of a prior judgment. Like snow falling, each new flake makes it deeper. In other words, the Tribulation will be far worse than anything described by any false prophet who prophesies for money.

The judgments are listed as seven seals, seven trumpets, and seven bowls with several parenthetics or lists of other events which will occur during the Tribulation. Contrary to what some "prophets" tell you, all of the judgments are in chronological order. The parenthetics are events which occur in parallel or at the same time with the judgments. There are two trains of thought running parallel to each other.

The First Seal

The first seal is about the first horseman of the apocalypse trotting onto the seen. This is the arrival of the Antichrist, an actual human, into a major position of power. He may or may not achieve global power at this time. He WILL achieve global power and cannot be stopped because God said that He will achieve global power. He will achieve his global power before the middle of the Tribulation. He is definitely already a very powerful person and moving towards a position where he will be able to seize control of the world government now being formed.

The scriptures tell us that the Antichrist will receive a wound to the head that will kill him. His false prophet will raise him from the dead or at least make it appear to us that he has. I believe that this head wound will be caused by someone who does not believe that God's prophesies are infallible and tries to assassinate the Antichrist. His efforts will fail and end up fulfilling prophesy.

The Second Seal

The second seal represents the outbreak of ethnic and racial wars on a global basis. Every hate group in the world will take advantage of the confusion and fear caused by the sudden disappearance of tens of millions of christians from around the world and the many different rumors the disappearance will cause. Basically, every hate group in the world will strike out to commit genocide against the people they hate and to seize control of all of the land they can. It is only common sense that such a massive armed out break, the chaos it will cause, and the other effects mentioned in the next few seals will last to at least some extent for the rest of the Tribulation.

The Third Seal

The third seal addresses the famine and economic hardships which will result from the Rapture and the global fighting. There are always very severe effects following any war and a global outbreak of many wars will be even more severe. There will be millions of refugees, people will starve by the millions, disease follows war like a shadow, farms and food stores will be destroyed by the fighting, and the economies will be brutalized.

The disappearance of tens of millions of people from the world economy caused by the Rapture will only add to the problems the world will face. These people will no longer be here to purchase, sell, and pay taxes. It will take time to sort out their wills and redistribute their properties to people who will return them to the economy. There will even be the question as to whether these properties should be treated as if the people are dead because many will believe that they may come back. It will also cause legal problems.

The Fourth Seal

The fourth seal tells how bad the death from the wars, famines, and diseases will be. In just the first one or two years of the Tribulation, one fourth of the people in the world will die from these hardships. With today's world population, that represents 1.5 billion people dying in just a few years. Imagine one out of every four people you know dying in just one or two years. It will be worse in some countries than in others. Entire populations and ethnic groups will be wiped off of the face of the Earth. So many people will die in such a short period of time that they won't be able to bury them all. Dead bodies and skeletons will fill the streets and the highways everywhere. The stench of death will fill the air. Maggots and flies will grow into infestations beyond imagination. Animals, including former domesticated pets, will start by feasting on the dead, and then grow in courage to finish off the dying. As their hunger continues to grow, they will increase in courage to even attacking and killing the healthy living. Packs of dogs, former exotic pets, and unleashed zoo animals will hunt people. Cannibalism will spring up everywhere. Visualize Somalia on a global basis. You don't want to go into the Tribulation.

The Fifth Seal

This is where it says that the wicked will begin killing off the new christians in mass. Following the disappearance of the pre Tribulation christians at the Rapture, many people will realize that they were wrong or really were not true christians and turn to Jesus, becoming the new christians of the Tribulation. There will be a global surge in people turning to Jesus with the two witnesses running around the world teaching people. Plus, you will have to realize that each new christian will become an evangelist, spreading the truth of God's love.

The Satanists won't like this because they will have just gotten rid of the previous christians and gained complete political power. This sudden growth in christians will threaten that power. The Satanists will choose to believe the lie that God is not a supreme being but is really an alien and that the Rapture was actually an alien abduction. They will believe that the people who disappeared were taken to a distant planet to be slaves. Because of this lie, they will claim that christians are allies to this "alien" and are, therefore, traitors to Earth. This will make it easy for them to justify murdering christians by the millions in order to maintain their power.

Satan worship is already the fastest growing religion in the US and around the world. With the further grow of Satan worship that I show on the previous page about those who only claim to be christians leaving the church when they are disappointed about Jesus not returning by the end of 2001, it will become the single largest religion in the world in the near future. Following the Battle of Ezekial, everyone will know that both God and Lucifer are real and that all other religions are just a front for Satan worship. They will then make a clear choice between christianity and Satan worship. Most will choose Satan worship. There will only be three religions or political groups left in the world, the Jewish religion, Christianity, and Satan Worship. The final battle line will be drawn and there will be no further confusion. It will be God or Lucifer. This will be the situation prior to the Rapture. Following the Rapture, the number of christians will suddenly drop to God's two witnesses which will leave only the undecided and the Satanists. The Satanists will not want to give up such absolute control over the world and will turn to global murder to keep it.

The Sixth Seal

When the wicked begin killing God's people, He always turns up the heat. That will be true in the Tribulation as well. With this seal, God begins to show His true might as the one and only God. This one judgment will dwarf all of the previous judgments.

There are a number of catastrophes which will occur in this one judgment. The first I wish to discuss is the sudden disappearance of almost all of the stars from the sky.

For a long time, scientists have been debating the end of our cosmos. Will it expand until the cumulative gravity of the cosmos can no longer hold the subatomic particles together and everything flies apart or will it stop expanding and collapse in on itself? By December 1998, it was made public that scientists had finally confirmed that everything would continue expanding until everything flies apart.

This realization confirms this prophesy. In this prophesy, it states that the stars will be rolled up like a scroll. This means that the stars will disappear from the outside of the cosmos to the inside of the cosmos. When the subatomic particles begin flying apart, the first to fly apart will be those closest to the outside of our cosmos. This will decrease the cumulative gravity of our cosmos and cause matter a little further from the outside to also fly apart. This process will domino from the outside of our cosmos and will accelerate towards the center at an exponential rate. You wont see any flashes or explosions because even the light photons will fly apart before they can reach us. It will simply look like some one is turning out the lights starting from the outside of our cosmos and moving toward the inside. Without the hand of God to control this, what would happen to you is that you would be standing here one instant and fly apart at the subatomic level the next instant. You wouldn't see, feel, or hear anything because your brain wouldn't have time to register what happened. You would suddenly cease to exist and become a cloud of fast moving subatomic particles.

But, it is very apparent that God does stop this at some point because (1) the story continues and (2) a later prophesy refers to stars in the sky. This means that God has and will use the power to control this phenomenon to save us and some of the stars. This alone will literally scare some people to death.

This prophesy also states that there will be a meteor shower but it does not provide details about this shower or the damage it causes.

This prophesy also tells us that the islands and mountains are moved out of their places. This causes some people to confuse this prophesy with the last judgment of the Tribulation which states that all of the islands and mountains will be destroyed. These people think that moving all of the islands and mountains out of their places requires that they all be destroyed and, therefore, these must be the same prophesies.

Actually, there are at least two scientific possibilities where the islands and mountains can be moved out of their places and not be destroyed. The first would be if the planet should change the tilt on its axis. The other, we discovered decades ago, would be if the crust of the Earth were to shift or slide over the molten magma under neath it.

The latter would be much more likely to produce the remainder of the problems described in this prophesy. The rest of this prophesy says that there will be a great earthquake and that the sun will be made black and the moon will be made red. This is clearly indicative of seismic and volcanic activity. If the Earth's crust were to move even slightly over the magma, it would have to change shape. The Earth is not a perfect sphere because the Earth's spinning creates centripetal force which causes the Earth to bulge at the equator. If the crust at the bulge were to move either north or south, it would have to flatten slightly which would cause bunching and create hills and mountains very quickly. If the crust from a flatter part were to move to the bulge, it would be stretched creating crevices and chasms. The end result would be massive seismic and volcanic activity on a global basis. There would be so much volcanic ash in the sky that the sun would be made black and the moon would look red.

It is also important to know that approximately 90% of what comes out of a volcano during an eruption is steam. This steam condenses into clouds which produce very strong thunder, lightning, and hail storms. You always have very strong storms following major volcanic eruptions and this will contribute to the blocking out of the sun and moon.

How severe the seismic and volcanic activity will be, depends on how far the crust moves and how fast. If it moves too fast, everyone would die very quickly. But, if it moves slow enough, it can move very far without killing most of us.

There is another serious problem which would accompany such activity. It would change the oceans and continents positions in relation to the sun. This would permanently alter the global weather. Forests and jungles would become either deserts or polar caps. Sudden flooding in dry deserts causes massive erosion and would create a waste land of huge gullies. Farm land would become useless, we would get a huge population of immigrants fleeing from one disaster area to another, and there could be severe storms raging throughout the planet.

It should be obvious that the effects of such a global catastrophe will be felt for the rest of the Tribulation. As a matter of fact, we have learned that earthquakes don't relieve stress in the crust, they increase stress in the crust. This means that this massive of a crust movement will set a series of geological phenomenon in motion which will culminate with the final earthquake that will be so violent that it will destroy all of the islands and mountains. Until then, the aftershocks will be larger than the largest of today's earthquakes. The Earth will almost constantly shake for the last five years of the Tribulation with constant volcanic activity creating a permanent cloud of ash surrounding the planet. It will be building towards blowing itself apart into a cloud of asteroids. If Jesus would delay His coming even the slightest at the end of the Tribulation, it would do just that. There wouldn't be a planet for Lucifer to take over. He would rule a dead pile of rocks floating in space. Lucifer is in a lose/lose situation. He can't win. You don't want to go into the Tribulation.

The First Parenthetic

At the start of the first parenthetic, it says,"And after these things I saw..." This verse clearly tells us that these judgments are all in chronological order. The sixth seal could not possibly be the last judgment because the first parenthetic could not possibly follow the last judgment. Therefore, it is only common sense that the islands and mountains moving out of their places does not destroy all of them and the sixth seal could not possibly be the last judgment.

This phrase also shows that this parenthetic will begin between the beginning of the sixth and seventh seals. This is where God introduces us to His latest army. This is the 144,000 virgin, Jewish males. It clearly shows that 12,000 will be selected from each of the twelve tribes of Israel. These people are not any of the religions that already exist as some false teachers tell us. If you are not a virgin, if you are not a male, and if you are not Jewish, you are not one of these. I don't care what anyone tells you. Forget the garbage about lost tribes of Israel. It is a lie of Lucifer.

This will be an incredible group of men. They are very special and will receive special protection from God. Not one of them will die during the Tribulation. Some false teachers tell us that some of these men will die. The Bible clearly states that all 144,000 will meet Jesus on the Mount of Olives when He returns. It doesn't say 143,999.

These people will be God's missionaries to the people of the world. This number represents about two to three times the number of missionaries presently scattered around the world. They will do their job very well and very quickly. The number of christians around the world will explode but so will the number being murdered.

The scriptures tell us that the wicked people of the Earth run and hide from God. They already know that He is real, lives, exists, and is not a religion, myth, or something someone ate before going to bed. This is still very early in the Tribulation which increases the probability that the world had already been convinced of His existence before the Tribulation. From this point on, the scriptures tell us several more times that the wicked feared and/or cursed God.

It is very important to understand that, at this point, we could not possibly be a full two years into the Tribulation. We have only completed one parenthetic and the first six judgments. We still have seven more judgments left which must be completed in the first three and one half years of the Tribulation as I will show you. Things will happen very quickly and build to a very intense level in the first three and one half years of the Tribulation. All of the problems of the first judgments are still continuing. But It gets worse. You don't want to go into the Tribulation.

The Seventh Seal

The seventh seal is in response to the prayers of God's people. This provides some very interesting information. First, it shows that God responds to prayer. Second, it also shows that God has already planned a response to their prayers thousands of years before the prayers are said, has an entire judgment reserved as an answer to their prayers, and He knew they would pray for His help thousands of years ago.

The only other thing that this judgment tells us is that God has an angel throw fire down on Earth and it is followed by voices, thunderclaps, lightnings, and an earthquake. Not much information is given here for a reason. God is intentionally vague for this judgment and several of the trumpet judgments including the sixth trumpet and last judgment before the middle of the Tribulation.

Most of the Satanists and their leaders will realize after only a few judgments that they must not kill God's two witnesses before the sixth trumpet judgment. The advanced warnings the witnesses will provide will make it possible for them to prepare for these judgments and will save lives. Therefore, most of them will not try to kill the two witnesses until after the sixth trumpet and the middle of the Tribulation.

This should also tell you that no one, not even the two witnesses will understand these prophesies until after the Tribulation begins.

The seventh seal also sets up the next seven judgments called the judgments of the seven trumpets.

The First Trumpet

The scriptures say that there will be hail and fire mingled with blood which tells us that the hail and fire will take many lives. They also tell us that one third of the trees and all of the grass will be burned up. Imagine more than three fourths of the world on fire at the same time.

All of the grass crops such as corn, wheat, and barley will go up in smoke. Much of our tree crops such as fruit and nuts will be destroyed. The live stock and wildlife grazing in the fields will be incinerated. Farm, ranch, and other houses surrounded by grass and trees will be destroyed and the people in them will be roasted alive. Entire cities, towns, and villages will be burned down and/or hammered to pieces by the hail. If you leave your home to escape the fire, the hail will get you. The crops the fire doesn't get, the hail will.

Famine will race around the planet adding to the already existing food shortages caused by the fighting earlier in the Tribulation. People will form mass migrations from one area of starvation to another and many will kill for food. Cannibalism will become common place.

Carbon monoxide will increase considerably and will even kill many people in areas where the fires are the worst. The heat from the fires will increase the planet temperature and the increase in carbon monoxide will add to that increase. The planet will become a sticky, stinking sauna that will be miserable day and night.

With much less vegetation in the world, it will take much longer to turn the carbon monoxide back into carbon and oxygen. People with heart and respiratory problems will die form the carbon monoxide and a lack of oxygen.

The increased temperature of the air and water along with the cloud seeding caused by the ash will cause very severe global storms. El Nino, La Nina, and La Mama will seem like kittens. Without the vegetation, the storms will cause massive erosion which will destroy farm lands and pollute the streams, killing the fish. The increased temperature will melt the polar ice caps, raise the sea level, and cause draughts inland. The surface drinking water will become polluted. Large sections of the planet will become parched and lifeless and the coastal areas will become flooded by the rising oceans.

I believe that from this time until the end of the Tribulation, there will be a permanent layer of ash surrounding the world. You won't be able to keep the ash out of your house, car, clothes, hair, or food. You will always feel sticky and gummy from the ash collecting on your skin and you will never feel clean. You will be awakened at night with your sinuses and throat clogged from the ash. You will have to clean the ash off of the windows of your car every time you drive it.

The Satanists will rule the world but it will be a terrible world to live in. They will not enjoy themselves and each day will be a new hell for them.

Let me paint you a picture of where you will be at this time and you wont even be half way through the Tribulation. The Satanist will be running and ruining the world. They will be murdering millions because of their hatred of God and violent crime will be the order of the day. If you are a woman and you have not been raped, wait a few more days. Crime, hatred, human sacrifices, meanness, war, famine, economic depression, disease, and fear will be every where. Homeless people will wonder aimlessly by the millions and the dead and dying will clutter the streets and roads. The stench of rotting flesh, flies, and maggots will follow your every foot step. The Earth's crust will have shifted and you will have no idea what the weather will be like from day to day. One moment, you will be pummeled by dust storms, draught, and hot winds and then you will be running from very large hail, lava, lightning, and fire. You will choke on every breath from the ash and carbon monoxide. Nothing will be beautiful and the dying planet will shake constantly beneath your trembling feet. Think of the worst things you have seen and read about on this planet, add them all together and it will not even begin to compare to where you will definitely be by this time in the Tribulation. Stephen King only thought he could write a good horror story. He should read the book of Revelations. Any one of these judgments would make a great Stephen King novel. You don't want to go into the Tribulation.

The Second Trumpet

This judgment tells about a "mountain burning with fire" that is cast into the sea. It tells us that a third part of the sea became blood, a third part of the life in the sea dies, and a third part of the ships are destroyed. This is a very massive destruction when you consider that the entire Atlantic Ocean makes up only 24% of the ocean waters in the world. More aquatic life, water, and ships will be destroyed than the entire Atlantic Ocean contains.

Some of the false prophets tell you that this is a nuclear missile. This could not possibly be true. The Russians developed the largest nuclear warheads in the world because their missile guidance systems were not that accurate. Their nuclear strategy was to get the missile as close to the target as possible and put the biggest warhead on it they could to make up for the difference in guidance system accuracy. The biggest warhead they developed was a 60 megaton warhead. Even this size of warhead couldn't cause the destruction described by this prophesy. This will definitely be a meteor striking one of our oceans. But which ocean?

The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean in the world and only contains 24% of the ocean waters in the world. The Pacific Ocean contains a little over 40% of the ocean waters and life in the world. Therefore, I believe that a meteor will strike somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and destroy most but not all of the waters, life, and shipping in the Pacific Ocean.

The meteor will do something to the water to cause it to turn to blood and this change will spread quickly throughout the world's oceans and seas until they have all been turned to blood by the Second and Third Bowl judgments which will be the culmination of the Second Trumpet judgment. This means that, for almost the remainder of the Tribulation, the world's oceans will be turning to blood and the sea life in them will be dying as this spreads. Imagine living in a world where the oceans are quickly turning to blood and it is killing off all of the sea life. A sea of red death will be spreading around the world.

At first, this sounds like a fantasy or a good sci-fi movie. But what is blood? Blood is really nothing more than water with certain organic compounds and structures in it. If you take one pint of blood and a pint of water and mix them together, you will create two pints of thin blood. If enough animals, in a body of water, hemorrhage violently, as they would from the ebola virus, then that body of water would literally become blood.

Will this meteor deposit a pathogen similar to the ebola virus in our oceans which will spread through our oceans killing off all aquatic life? Or will God simply use His control over matter at the subatomic level to literally change the water into blood?

But that is only half the fun. When this meteor strikes Earth, it will send a huge fire ball for at least hundreds of miles. Anything in the way, is toast. Second, it will send a massive percussion wave throughout the atmosphere. This explosion will literally be heard around the world. It will topple trees and buildings for thousands of miles and blow out windows and knock down people for thousands more. The meteor will also send a massive tidal wave miles inland, especially since the ocean water levels have been increased by prior judgments and the coastal areas will already be flooded. Cities, towns, and villages will be destroyed and people and their homes will be washed out to sea. Millions will die and the global economy will suffer another devastating blow from the lost shipping, products, and coastal communities.

The Third Trumpet

We get to talk about another meteor. This one will probably hit right after the last one and may even be a little further back in the same shower much like the meteor that hit Jupiter. I don't know exactly how this one will do its job but I think it may breakup in the Earth's atmosphere and spread dust and it nasty little contaminant over one third of the world's surface and rivers. Anyone or anything which drinks water containing the dust from this meteor will get a very bitter taste in their mouth and die. I believe that it will probably kill off all plant, animal, and human life on the one third of the world where the dust settles. This land will probably become barren waste land that the rest of the world will avoid like the plague.

An interesting question that I pondered for a long time is"where will it hit?" God, geography, politics, and the Sixth Trumpet give us the answer to this question. First, it has to be one third of the world's land surface. Africa, Australia, and Europe are too small plus Europe is referred to throughout the rest of the Tribulation, sorry, people, you don't get this one. That would leave the American continents and Asia. Well, Asia doesn't get it because of the 200 million man army which comes out of the east in the Sixth Trumpet and that can only be China. Americas, you get this one. This land will probably become barren waste land that the rest of the world will avoid like the plague. One third of the oceans and one third of the land will now be dead.

This disaster will kick a leg out from under an already weak and wobbly world economy. More economic chaos is sure to follow with many companies losing a huge market for their goods. The global economy will be knocked to its knees again as millions more are laid off and businesses continue to go under. Large amounts of food and other products will instantly disappear from already starving markets. The fear and shock of this catastrophe will reel an already numb world. Politically and militarily, there will be a global void which will be filled by a politically weak EU and an aggressive China.

The Fourth Trumpet

We are still about a year away from the middle of the Tribulation and still have this judgment and two more. The effects of every event before this judgment will still be felt or developing towards the conclusion. You should realize by now that it is no longer possible to describe everything that is happening. The horror and the misery are beyond description. People will literally die from fear, give up and commit suicide, or pray to die. And it gets worse.

This is one of the judgments God will use to protect his witnesses by not revealing everything about it until just before it occurs. It says that a third part of the sun, stars, and moon will be smitten so that they will not shine for a third part of the day or night. It seems that something will cover one third of the Earth at either the setting or rising of the sun. There is no clue as to what phenomenon may cause this. This is another secrete of God.

The mention of the stars here is what leads me to believe that God will have saved some of our galaxy from the earlier destruction of our cosmos. He will have done this to show how much power He actually has. He controls nature, nature does not control Him.

The Fifth Trumpet

The scriptures tell us that an angel will open a bottomless pit. Smoke will come out and cover the sun. Out of this pit will also come some strange form of locusts which will bite only the non christians. The bite will be very painful and make them sick. These locusts will persecute the non christians for five months.

It is obvious that God will introduce a new species of locusts which will sting like scorpions. They wont kill the people. They will just make them very sick.

The Sixth Trumpet

This judgment speaks of an army of 200,000,000 soldiers which will kill one third of the people in the world. The only country with an army anywhere near this size is China. This has been believed to be China for a long time and no one questions it. I believe that the Chinese will use their missiles with neutron warheads to depopulate other countries throughout Asia and then move Chinese people in to repopulate those countries.

When detonated at the right distance above the ground, the neutron bomb kills only people and animals. It does not kill plants or destroy property. It also leaves only a small "burn" spot at ground zero with a radioactive residue. It is the perfect offensive weapon because it permits you to occupy most of the land immediately after the weapon's use.

Completely depopulating countries and resettling those countries with your own people from an over crowded country is the perfect form of conquest. You don't have to worry about guerrilla armies taking to the mountains. The people will be loyal to you because they are your people and you have given them large farms and cities for free. After having little, they will be grateful.

For the Chinese to go on this rampage, both the US and Russia must have been either destroyed or diminished in power. This is further reason to believe that the battle of Ezekial will occur before the Tribulation begins and that the second meteor will take out the American continents. Europe has always had and will still have the lack of unity to stand up to such a powerful enemy and China knows this.

China will conquer everything up to the Euphrates River. Her armies will halt there until just before the battle of Armageddon. This will be explained more later.

The Second Parenthetic

Welcome to the middle of the Tribulation and the beginning of the "Great and Terrible Tribulation." This parenthetic covers events from the start of the Tribulation until its end. It is here that we are introduced to a number of very important people.

The first and best known of these people is the Antichrist or the Beast. He is the Satanic equivalent of Jesus. Since Jesus is the Son of God, then the Antichrist is the Son of Satan. The Antichrist is a very wicked and deceitful person who will tell the people the lies they want to hear so that the wicked people of the Earth will love and even worship him. You may ask how such a wicked person can be loved by the people of the world. History and current events give us the answer.

I was a child in the 1950's and was regularly in the presence of World War II veterans who talked about the war and Germany. I heard them make comments about the reason for the German people following Hitler and permitting him to commit his crimes. They believed that the German people followed Hitler and permitted him to commit his horrible crimes because the Germans were terrible, murdering monsters.

I had a little problem with this. I am part German and did not have any inclination toward murdering people. Therefore, I reasoned, there had to be other reasons and I began a search to understand what happened that lasted for decades. What I found is very interesting.

Before Hitler rose to power, Germany was in the middle of the worst depression in modern history. People were starving to death and some had even resorted to cannibalism. There was no end in sight for Germany and her people.

Most people think that Hitler was stupid but he wasn't. He was just crazy. Stupid people don't go as far as he did. He was insane but very intelligent. He and his staff brought Germany out of that terrible depression with a variety of building projects such as the autobahn and the Volks Wagen factory. It was probably the single most successful economic recovery of the 20th Century. He had taken the German people from financial ruin to prosperity.

So, why did the German people look the other way when Hitler committed his crimes? It was the economy, stupid! You know, the same reason why the majority of Americans were willing to look the other way when Clinton committed his crimes and even attacked those who tried to prosecute him. The German people committed the same crime that the American people just did by looking the other way while their leader committed crimes because of the economy, stupid. The difference is the crimes that were committed by the leaders.

Or, is there a significant difference in the crimes Hitler committed and the crimes Clinton committed? By the beginning of 1998, we knew that Clinton had sold classified missile guidance information to the Chinese government for an estimated $400,000 in campaign donations. This is probably the single worse act of treason in the history of the US. When Bennedict Arnold betrayed the colonies with his notorious act of treason, he only put the lives of the Continental Army at risk. He did not put the lives of the entire civilian populace at risk. The missile guidance information that Clinton sold to the Chinese for his own benefit, make it possible for the Chinese Army to ACCURATELY target every city, town, and village in the US. Clinton has put the lives of every man, woman, and child at risk. Clinton's act of treason dwarfs the crime of Bennedict Arnold and every other traitor in the history of the US. And we are looking the other way because of the economy, stupid. But it gets better.

First, this act of treason was not just against the people of America, but against the entire world. It is now possible for China to effectively use nuclear weapons against anyone in the world. And it still gets worse.

By the end of 1998, we knew that Clinton had also given the Chinese classified satellite information. This information increases a country's ability to spy on other countries and to more accurately aim their missiles. Suddenly, we realized that we didn't know exactly what Clinton had sold to the Chinese. But the media and everybody else continued to look the other way from what could eventually develop into the most horrible crime in the history of mankind because of the economy, stupid. And, once again, it gets better.

Now we know that the Chinese have also obtained the most classified nuclear weapons technology we have. The Clinton administration began to vigorously pursue the cause of this terrible act of espionage. They quickly pointed their fingers at a scientists of Chinese nationality as being the culprit. They have begun to prosecute this scientist for having provided the Chinese with this information. But are they really prosecuting him for that charge? No, they are prosecuting him for having down loaded classified information onto THE WRONG COMPUTER IN A CLASSIFIED BUILDING. The Clinton administration and his liberal media are only making it look like this scientist is being prosecuted for having provided this information to the Chinese government while not investigating to find out who did provide the information to the Chinese.

Sounds like a cover up, doesn't it. Is it possible that Clinton also provided the Chinese with our nuclear weapons information and the scientist is being used as the scapegoat simply because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and is Chinese? If this is true and the Chinese use this technology to kill one third of the people in the world, then he will be guilty of a crime far worse than what Hitler committed. Hitler only murdered millions, Clinton will have murdered billions. But don't worry Bill, the American people will look the other way because of the economy, stupid. Just like the German people did for Hitler.

Now look at the devastated global economy by the middle of the Tribulation. It will be much worse than even the German depression was and the American people didn't even have to have a depression to sell their souls to the Devil. When the Antichrist brings the world out of this global depression in the middle of the Tribulation or at least makes them think he has, the people will look the other way when he seizes control of the one world government and commits his terrible crimes because of the economy, stupid. The depression he will pull them out of will be so terrible that they will even worship him when he seizes control of Jerusalem and the new Temple of God and proclaims himself the messiah and god because of the economy, stupid. Is the world, including the American people, ready for the Antichrist to rule over them? You bet they are. We, the greatest country in the history of the world, just proved we are ready for him because of the economy, stupid.

The media and movies have taught us that the Antichrist will be some outwardly foreboding person who will strike fear to anyone simply by his presence. The scriptures tell us a very different story about who the Antichrist really is. The Antichrist will be physically attractive. He will be loved by most of the world to the point that they will be willing to submit to his absolute rule and even worship him as god. He will be able to commit any crime he wants and get away with it. No one will be able to successfully prosecute him. If anyone tries, they will be attacked and villainized by his followers. The good guys will be called bad guys and the bad guy will be called the good guy. The media will help cover up for him and the people will look the other way from any and every crime and even help him commit crimes such as murdering christians because of the economy, stupid. The people will willingly believe any and every lie the Antichrist tells them because they will want to believe him regardless of any evidence.

Then there is the False Prophet. He will be the religious right-hand man for the Son of Satan. He will be the PR man and spin doctor for the Antichrist. The False Prophet and Antichrist are both alive and well on planet Earth. They are worming their way into position to assume their rule during the Tribulation. If you met them, most of you would like them. You may already like them.

In God's corner of the ring are the two Witnesses. There is very little said about these two prophets. They were prophesied in the Old Testament. One of them was prophesied when God told Moses that He would raise up one like Moses in the end times from among the Jewish people. The other one is prophesied as being the prophet Elijah. In the book of Revelations, it says that these two witnesses are the two olive trees and lamp stands. This is referring to the fourth chapter of Zecharia where it tells about two olive trees and lamp stands which will stand before God forever. These two prophets will be second in power only to God. The only reason they will not destroy the Antichrist, the False Prophet, and Satan is because God will not permit the prophets to destroy them. God will destroy these three at the time He has chosen to show His own power.

The false prophets believe and teach that these two men will actually be Enoch and Elijah returning from Heaven to serve during the Tribulation. They justify this belief because Enoch and Elijah were raptured and did not physically die as is required by God's law. This could not be possible because God said the two witnesses will be like Moses and Elijah and not Enoch. Is God a liar? Of course not. Also, both of them did die to the world when they were raptured because God's definition of death is separation from. They were separated from the world or died to it when they were raptured.

Another false belief is that Moses and Elijah will actually return from Heaven to serve God during the Tribulation. Jesus, Himself, proved this idea to be incorrect. He said that John the Baptist was the fulfillment of the prophesy in Malachi 4:5-6 which spoke of God sending Elijah. John did not descend from Heaven to fulfill that prophesy. He was born like Jesus and EVERY prophet before him. The true children of God understand that many of the prophesies about the coming of Jesus apply to both the first and second comings of Jesus and must be fulfilled twice. This is also true for the prophesy about Elijah coming before Jesus to prepare the way for the coming of the Lord. It will be fulfilled the same way the second time as it was the first time.

Both of these witnesses have be born, are adults, are being prepared for service, and are alive on Earth right now. The book of Revelation tells us that these two prophets will serve God for the first half of the Tribulation. If anyone tries to harm them, they are required to open their mouths and God will send fire from their mouths to consume the persons who want to harm the witnesses. They will be given incredible powers by God. The two witnesses will be able to make it not rain, change water to blood, and cause plagues as often as they want.

The scriptures say that, at the end of their service and in the middle of the Tribulation, the Antichrist will wage war against them, prevail, kill them, their bodies will lay on the streets of Jerusalem for three and one half days, God will raise them from the dead, and levitate them up into Heaven. After the witnesses are levitated up to Heaven, there will be an earthquake which will destroy one tenth of Jerusalem and kill seven thousand. The remaining Jews will turn to Jesus as Messiah and rebel against the Antichrist, running him out of Jerusalem while the world watches. He will immediately call all of the armies of the world to the Valley of Meggido to eradicate the remaining Jews.

Everyone believes that these two witnesses will be killed in the middle of the Tribulation because that is where the parenthetic is given which tells about them being killed. But the same parenthetic also tells about their service during the first three and one half years. Will they die at the middle of the Tribulation?

The scriptures tell us that, at the middle of the Tribulation, the Antichrist will wage war against the two witnesses before he prevails and kills them. How long will this war against the witnesses last? Do these people assume that God would call it a war if it lasted the few minutes or hours that would be necessary for the soldiers of the Antichrist to pick the witnesses up and kill them? For all anyone knows, this war could last years. They also assume that the two witnesses will die at the middle of the Tribulation because the scriptures state that "after their service is done" the Antichrist will wage war against them. Does that also mean that the war against them will only last a few minutes or hours? Of course not. That is just when the war against them will start. Also, God could very easily have another job for them as He has for all of us. He simply did not tell us about that job. This is one of those secrets of God that will be made known at a later time.

I will show later that the time of their death during the Tribulation is very important. This is because the last seven judgments cannot occur until after their death and resurrection. I will cover this more later.

On the first day of the Tribulation, the Antichrist will sign a military treaty with the country of Israel. The treaty will require the country the Antichrist is ruling at that time to come to the military aid of Israel in the event that one or more other countries attack and to defend the autonomy of Israel. This will be a seven year treaty by the Jewish calendar.

The Antichrist will sign this treaty with Israel after the Battle of Ezekial 38 and 39 and the defeat of Israel's enemies because it will be a low risk commitment that will make him look good. We are told that he will also break this treaty half way through the Tribulation and half way through the treaty. The Antichrist will invade Israel and seize Jerusalem and the new Temple of God at the middle of the Tribulation. He will begin to wage war against and persecute the Jewish people at the same time that he will begin his war against the two witnesses of God. I believe that it is very likely that these two witnesses will lead the remnant of the Jews into the wilderness and use the powers God has given them to hold off the Antichrist and care for the Jews until just before their deaths.

The Seventh Trumpet

It is this judgment in which God legally reclaims ownership of Earth. The planet will be His from this point on through eternity. This will occur at the middle of the Tribulation.

The scriptures also tell us that there will be lightnings, voices, thunder, an earthquake, and great hail. Here, we have the last of God's secrets as far as the judgments and the Antichrist will feel free to begin his war against the two witnesses. From this point on, the scriptures provide enough information that the wicked people of the Earth will feel they can prepare for the coming catastrophes. They will be wrong. No one can prepare for what is still to come. You don't want to go into the Tribulation.

The First Bowl

In the first bowl judgment, there will be a very "foul and painful sore" break out only among the wicked people who follow and worship the Antichrist. The people of God will not get these sores.

The people who presently run the world, plan to eventually have people use a chip placed under the skin on the back of their hands or on their foreheads for identification and financial transactions instead of cash, checks, or credit cards. This conforms to what is referred to as the mark of the beast which the scriptures say will be used for the same reasons.

This information and prophecy are very interesting in relation to two things. First, the chips presently planned for use utilize a special battery which, if ruptured inside the body, will cause very severe sores to break out all over their bodies.

The second thing about this is what I have discovered concerning the fourth through sixth bowl judgments which leads me to believe that these three judgments and the first bowl judgment are different effects from the same catastrophe. In the fourth bowl judgment, it says that an angel pours out his bowl on the sun and it scorches the people with a great heat. This tells me that solar activity increases considerably and the sun may even expand a little.

If solar activity increases, light and heat will not be the only increased outputs from the sun. We know that nuclear bombs generate electromagnetic waves which, if intense enough, will destroy electronic and electrical devices by causing a surge of energy in them. The sun is a perpetual nuclear bomb going off and is constantly creating electromagnetic pulses which can sometimes cause minor problems here on Earth. If the solar activity increases enough, it will increase the strength of these pulses enough to destroy all electronics and electrical devices on Earth except, possibly, for the "hardened" components in military equipment. This explains two of these prophesies.

Increased electromagnetic pulses from the sun could easily cause the very sensitive chips under the skin of the followers of the Antichrist to explode causing these sores. Since the christians will not use these chips, they wont get the sores. This will not only make all of the wicked people of the Earth very sick and not too happy with God, but will also instantly destroy the global economy the Antichrist will have just setup. Oops, foiled by God again.

There is an element of timing being shown in these first six bowls. The first element has to do with the death of the two witnesses. Their deaths must occur before the increased solar activity. The scriptures tell us that the entire world will watch the two witnesses be murdered on the streets of Jerusalem by the Antichrist and will throw a global party while they watch their dead bodies for the three and a half days. They will be expecting the two witnesses to not be resurrected as prophesied and will want to watch their bodies for the full three days to make sure that some of their followers don't steal the bodies and claim that they have resurrected. Many of these people already believe that this is what happened to Jesus. They will want to make sure that "it doesn't happen again."

The only way they can do this is by television and/or the internet. The increased activity of the sun will wipe all non military electronics and electricity out. Therefore, no one will be able to watch their deaths and bodies after the first bowl judgment begins. Their deaths and resurrections must precede this and all subsequent judgments. Now you can understand why it is important to know exactly at what point during the Tribulation they will be killed and how long the war against them will last.

The second timing element is explained in the next judgment.

The Second Bowl

This judgment tells of ALL of the oceans and seas being turned to blood and all life in them coming to an end. By this point, there will not be any ocean aquatic life left on Earth and one third of the land will be barren. This judgment will be the point where the seas turning to blood and all ocean aquatic life dying off, as caused by the meteor, culminates. But not where the catastrophe completely ends. It ends in the next judgment.

It is very important to understand here, that God intentionally placed this and the next judgment between the judgments concerning the hyperactivity of the sun to show that they occur at the same time. This is the second timing element.

The Third Bowl

This judgment is the complete culmination of the judgment caused by the meteor which caused the waters of the world to begin turning to blood. The scriptures tell us that all of the rivers and springs became blood. At this point, every drop of surface water on the planet will have turned to blood and there wont be any aquatic life of any kind left on Earth. By now, biologically, the planet is almost dead. It should be obvious that such a catastrophe will also kill off at least some of the remaining land life. Six months from the time of this occurrence, there wont be any life left on Earth.

The Fourth Bowl

This is the judgment where the increased solar activity is shown to occur. It says that the sun increases its activity and the people of Earth are "scorched" with fire. In a little bit I will show how much damage this causes and how it also contributes to or causes some of the catastrophes described in the last judgment. All of these judgments hit within the last six months of the Tribulation so that the horror will be indescribable.

Don't think that the first three years of the last half of the Tribulation were nice and peaceful just because there was only one new judgment introduced. Remember that the effects of all of the previous judgments were still being felt and even increasing. Do you think it will be anything but terrifying to watch all of the water in the world quickly turn to blood and all aquatic life dying off over a period of years? The Earth will be constantly shaking with numerous volcanic eruptions and ash everywhere. Life on Earth will be a living hell and it gets worse during the last six months to the point that only the hand of God will make it possible for anyone or anything to still be alive at the end. You don't want to go into the Tribulation.

This is another place where it says that the wicked people will recognize the existence of God by cursing Him. They will know He is God and hate Him.

The Fifth Bowl

This judgment threw me until I realized that it was another effect of the increased solar activity. The scriptures tell us that the fifth angel poured his bowl out on the throne of the beast or Antichrist and his kingdom was full of darkness. How can a kingdom be full of darkness when the sun has become more active? There should be more light.

Then I realized that the increased solar activity would cause the electromagnetic waves which would destroy everything electrical or electronic except for the hardened military equipment which would make it possible for the armies of the Antichrist to gather in the valley of Meggido for the Battle of Armageddon as prophesied. These devices and even the wires in your homes and cars will burn out. You wont have any lighting, communication, or information. That is darkness.

Many buildings, cars, trains, planes, and boats will catch fire from the over heated electrical and electronic devices. You wont be able to get help because the phone will be dead and the police, fire, and ambulance vehicles will not run. Anarchy will reign and our civilization will go from the city back to the cave within months. There wont be any trucks, trains, planes, or ships to deliver food to the cities or take waste away from them. You wont have pumps to move water to the cities or sewage out of them. Riots will break out in the cities with gangs raiding stores for food and water. When that runs out, mobs of people will leave the cities and head for the farms. They will plunder and destroy the remaining food supplies. There wont be a civilization left and the Antichrist will be in the middle of moving the armies of the world to eradicate the remaining Jews. He will decide to rebuild society after his pride has been avenged by destroying the last of the Jews.

The Sixth Bowl

The scriptures tell us that the Euphrates River will be dried up so the Chinese Army can advance to Meggido for the battle of Armageddon. The Euphrates River is the 24th largest river in the world. Every river smaller than it will also dry up from the increased solar activity along with most of the lakes and ponds. It is possible that all but the largest bodies of water will evaporate from the extreme heat. If the polar caps had not already completely melted, they will now. But the oceans will actually subside because they will also be evaporating. There will be so much heat and water vapor in the air that the planet will become a sweltering steam bath. Many will die from the combination of extreme heat and humidity. The planet will become covered with a solid cloud of water vapor containing much of Earth's present surface water and ice. This will cause another problem in the last judgment.

The Seventh Bowl

Then the world will hear God say,"It is done!" Then there will be an earthquake that will destroy all of the islands, mountains, and the remaining cities. The planet is about to blow itself apart and is almost biologically dead. This earthquake and the following volcanic activity will put billions of tons of ash and dust in the sky. This will cool the planet and seed the massive cloud surrounding it. There will be a violent global storm with thunder, lightning, and a vicious hail storm. The scriptures tell us that the hail stones will weigh 100 pounds. The incredible amount of water vapor, sudden cooling of the planet, and seeding of the cloud cover will cause this to happen.

The people who are not killed by the earthquake and the mountains turning to rubble, wont have any place to hide from hail stones that will be one to two feet in diameter. They will be crushed like grapes by 100 pound hail stones traveling at 150 to 200 miles per hour. The ones who survive the hail storm, will face freezing to death in a world of ice or drowning when that ice is melted by the increased solar activity.


Hundreds of millions of soldiers are gathered together in the Valley of Meggido in northern Israel. They have the most advanced weapons in the history of the world. This army would walk over the allied army gathered at Dessert Storm in a matter of hours. Satan and his fallen angels will also be there. This is the most formidable army that could ever face God. But they wont be there to do battle with God. They will be there to commit genocide against the people of God.

The false prophets and Hollywood always show this battle as a massive nuclear exchange between countries. They couldn't be more wrong. This will literally be a battle between God and all of the anti-god forces of Satan and the world.

Suddenly, God will open the eyes of the Satanists and they will see all of the hosts of Heaven filling the skies from horizon to horizon. Jesus will descend towards them to do battle.

The scriptures give a description of the battle and there wont be a massive exchange of nuclear or other weapons. Not one bullet will be fired. Not one blade will be thrust or slashed. Not one bomb or missile will explode. Not one angel of God or christian will even carry a weapon. The scriptures tell us that a double edged sword will proceed out of the mouth of the Messiah. Throughout the Bible, the sword of God is the word of God and the word of God is the sword of God.

The greatest army in the history of existence with the greatest weapons in the history of existence will stand ready to do battle with God and, in the greatest exhibition of absolute power, God will simply speak and everyone in the army except the Antichrist and the False Prophet will die. He will simply speak and they will all die. The Heavenly host will only be there as witnesses to the power of God.

The scriptures tell us that the blood from this army will run through the middle of the Valley of Meggido up to the bridle on a horse. That is from four to six feet deep depending on the size of the horse. The Antichrist and False Prophet will be taken captive and cast into the lake of fire. Satan will be placed in the bottomless pit for the next 1,000 years. It is done. The most terrible period of time in the history of existence, the Tribulation, is finished.

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