Remember that I told you that Al-Zarquawi's primary mission in Iraq was to stop the US lead allies from going into terrorist allies (the evil axis) Syria, Iran, North Korea, and Saudi Arabia contrary to what the lying, liberal media's claim that he was trying to stop the US allies from building a democracy in Iraq. Well, the US allies are still working to form the Iraqi democracy, within the last month it has been reported that Little Al (it is easier than always saying Al-Zarquawi and Big Al is Al-Zawahiri) and his Al Quaeda buddies have vacated Iraq, and the war in Iraq has been turned over to the local Sunni leaders.

The lying liberal media has falsely informed you that Little Al has left because the locals have become disenfranchised with Little Al because of his bombing of the Hotel in Jordan and killing a bunch of Muslims and killing so many Muslims in Iraq. No, Little Al has left Iraq because, thanks almost completely to the lying liberal media, lying liberal politicians, and lying liberals in Hollywood, he has achieved his mission. Little Al and his traitorous liberal allies has caused the powerful US allied war machine to grind to a screeching halt in Iraq and the probability that the US allies will go into any of the remaining top terrorist allied countries of the evil axis is almost zero.

Remember that I told you that Little Al DIDN'T have to defeat the US allies and win back Iraq; he DIDN'T have to defeat the US allies and stop us from forming the democracy; and he DIDN'T have to defeat the US allies and chase them out of Iraq. All Little Al had to do was stop the US led allies from invading any more of the terrorists allies and closing down more bases of operations for the terrorist for training, financing, and safe harbors.

This has effectively been done with the US and its allies afraid to invade another terrorist ally for fear, not of Al Quaeda, but of the US lying liberal media. Remember that I told you that Iraq could be the Midway for either the US allies or the terrorist? It turns out to have been the Midway for the terrorists and their allies, the lying liberal traitors of the West. The war against the terrorists has effectively now ground to a halt and is still stalled in Iraq with the mighty US allied war machine having lost ALL of its offensive momentum.

This has been done so well and so quickly that you would swear that Little Al did this while working in collusion with his lying liberal traitors in the US who have been his greatest allies. Gee, I wonder if, MAYBE, that is what happened. Not really, in my opinion, it is too obvious to be an accident.

So, what now?

Well, let's read the writing on the wall. Little Al and his top buddies have suddenly disappeared from Iraq. Where do you think Al Quaeda has sent some of their best, most successful, battle hardened, and experienced veterans? Home to watch Sesame Street? Unlikely. Don't be surprised to see that they all show up in Europe and the US for phase two of their mission. What could that phase of the mission be?

Let's start adding all those little one's together and reading between the lines the way intelligence people are supposed to do. Item 1: Little Al and buddies achieve their mission and leave Iraq PLUS item 2: Big Al suddenly starts making PR messages on Al-Jazzera (the terrorists PR agency) calling for Muslims to now join in the fight against the west and to start killing US and European citizens PLUS item 3: Osama suddenly makes his first appearance in a long time on Al-Jazzera (risking being found and killed) calling for Muslims to join the fight in the West killing US and European citizens and giving justification for murdering us.

Now, the lying liberal traitors would say, "Gee, what a bunch of coincidences." But I don't buy that. There is no other possibility than that Al Quaeda has won its Midway stopping the US lead offensive and is getting ready to restart its own offensive in the West in order to force the US lead allies to withdraw forces from the already conquered terrorist allies of Afghanistan and Iraq to fight the terrorists on our soil permitting the terrorists to undo all the damage the US allies have done.

You see, with the current mood that has been created in the West by the lying liberal traitors, if the terrorists start an all-out offensive in our countries, the US allies will be forced to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan and Iraq to fight a defensive war instead of being able to fight an offensive war against the terrorists causing us to be on the "run" instead of the terrorists being on the run. This will strategically turn the war around in favor of the terrorists and their pals, the lying liberal traitors.

During the time that the US allies were on the offensive chasing the terrorists around the world and before when the great Bill Clinton permitted them to attack us with impunity (another terrorist ally?), the terrorists were busy setting up their international organizations in the West. This means that the infrastructure for Al Quaeda is already in place and all Little Al has to do is show up, organize his forces and top leaders a little, and he will be in business killing Americans and Europeans in our streets instead of us killing the terrorists, their families, and their supporters in their streets. They can be back to their bloody little business within as little as a few months.

Hang on because the terrorists now have the strategic upper hand and it will get very bloody in our countries the way it was in their countries when we had the upper hand, only much worse. They WILL NOT fight the humane war our lying liberal traitors have been forcing our troops to fight.

This is going to be horrible and an extremely rough ride. Be sure to kiss your loved ones goodbye this morning because, thanks to the lying liberal traitors, you could not see them again any day now. You are about to be plunged into a horrible nightmare with your loved ones and friends being killed on your streets because we permitted the lying liberal traitors to turn too many of you against the war in Iraq and grind the powerful US allied war machine to a halt so it couldn't kill the terrorists in their streets. We are about to pay an extremely heavy price here because we permitted the terrorists to achieve their goal in Iraq almost entirely because of the help they received from our lying liberal traitors.

BE SURE to send pictures of your dead and maimed loved ones and friends to the lying liberal media, lying liberal politicians, and lying liberal Hollywood thanking them for helping Al Quaeda murder your friends and relatives so that they will know that you know that they are traitors and made it possible for Al Quaeda to stage this offensive against us in our countries. Of course they will deny it while they continue to help the terrorists with their lies, misinformation, and propaganda and blaming the conservative politicians. That is part of their traitorous strategy, to deny it while doing it.

I warned you about this and life is about to inhale really big time.

Remember what I told you about us having been in the fifth level of God's punishment for our crimes against His Laws and the sixth level being our nations being divided up and us being scattered among the nations as I explain in my e-book, "Yahweh"? We are about to go to level six.

It is time for every Christian, every Jew, every American, every European, and every other person in the Western alliance to get down on your knees before the God, Yahweh, acknowledge your crimes against His Laws, repent of your crimes against His Laws, and accept His payment for your crimes against His Laws because, if we don't do it now, long, and hard, the other shoe of God is about to hit the floor with us under it. It is time to pray for God to save our sorry butts because we are too stupid to do it ourselves.

Now, what does this mean about Israel?

With the US allies out of the Middle East and our forces tied down fighting to save our butts in our countries, with Russia and China protecting the terrorist home bases of Syria, Iran, North Korea, and Saudi Arabia, and the current build up of terrorist forces against Israel, she will be a little sheep, all alone in the middle of a huge pack of big, bad wolves. You can bet they will turn on her, Hamas and Hizballah will stage their three pronged attack into Israel, Israel will counter and clean the wolves out of the West Bank, Gaza, and Lebanon, and Russia and the Muslims will be free to stage a massacre against Israel with the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 just like I told you would happen if we lost our momentum in Iraq.

We are slowly and painfully getting there and it will be much worse than pulling teeth. I am not looking forward to where we stupid humans are taking ourselves. This is really going to inhale big time. Ouch!!! Hang on and pray your butts off. Many of you and or your families are about to die terrible deaths. I warned you but enough of you didn't get the message or listen.

Words cannot describe how bad this is going to inhale!!!

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