Civil War 2

I told you the power mad liberals were in the process of starting a civil war to regain power and, if they get back into power again, they will set up a dictatorship to prevent ever losing that power again. This thing will get much worse and it is very likely that this war will be the bloodiest in the history of the US.

The liberal communists in this country and around the world have realized that they won't win another election in the US and won't regain control of Congress again. They are so power mad, frustrated, determined, and desperate that they are now willing to stage a war to overthrow the West and set up their global communist dictatorship. They started in the America's by taking over Venezuela, Bolivia, and are now working on other countries like Peru, Mexico, and Nicaragua.

Now they are using the same strategy used by Lenin to overthrow Russia. They are using this illegal immigration conflict to sucker illegal immigrants into being the cause which will create the civil war in the US required to overthrow its government. They hope to use the illegal immigrant protests to begin violent acts hoping our police will over react and turn the sympathy of the Latino CITIZENS in the US to their side. This would give them a much larger rebel army and increase the potential of success.

It is becoming common knowledge that these protests are being organized by pro communist groups such as activists with International ANSWER, a front group for the avowedly Marxist Workers World Party. It seems that, when we won the cold war, it just caused the communists to go underground and some just changed their names from communists to socialists. Please note that the liberal Dummycrats have taken the side of the communists in these protests.

But also note that the same Dummycrats have been aiding and abetting the Muslim terrorists in working to prevent, slow, and stop our US allied military actions in the war against terror by turning the US citizens against Iraq. Gee, what a series of coincidences. It couldn't be that the liberal Dummycrats are traitors working to overthrow America for their own lusts for power, could it? Of course they are. What else could it be?

The liberal Commiecrats know they can't regain power by elections because the conservatives grossly out number the liberals. They have been trying to cause the conservatives to become liberals with their lies, propaganda, and misinformation's but all they are succeeding in doing is causing the conservatives to vote for other conservatives who are even more conservative. This will simply drive the Commiecrats even further out of power which will frustrate them even more and make them more desperate for power.

Their only remaining option is a violent overthrow of the government and what better way to stage this civil war except by recruiting and using over ten million illegal aliens already in the US and encouraging millions more to come into the nation for their sucker rebel army. Then they stage a series of protests for the "rights" of the illegal aliens and when those rights are not recognized, then they use sympathy to draw large numbers of US Latino's who are legal citizens to their side and use this army to stage a violent overthrow of America the way Lenin did with Russia.

Note that the communists are systematically taking over one country after another in South and Central American EXACTLY the same way the Commiecrats are working to overthrow the US. They start by using the media to go after key political figures and discredit them with their lies, misinformation, and propaganda with the idea that, if they discredit and politically destroy enough top conservatives, then the only people left to vote for is the Commie's. As soon as those Commie's get into power, they do away with the democratic form of government and set up dictatorships to prevent losing power again.

If you just stop and look around, you will see that there is a massive and coordinated movement throughout the America's to overthrow government after government turning one country at a time into Communist dictatorships and it is happening very quickly. You will also see the US Commiecrats working to help these groups on an international basis.

Oops, I guess McCarthy was right. You better clean and oil your gun and buy a little extra ammo because you will soon need it. The Commie's are at it again. The jerks just won't give up even after failed mess after failed mess. All they care about is their own power.

You conservatives better start ignoring the lies, misinformation, and propaganda of the Commie media, go out, and vote in mass for conservatives or you will see them raising the hammer and sickle in place of the Stars and Stripes. You better not hesitate because they are moving very fast.

Please note that some Latino's are trying to distance themselves from this Commie crowd, even a few Dummiecrat politicians. They know what is happening and are trying to stop it.

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