World War III

Welcome to World War III! I told you before that this is WWIII and the actions in France prove it beyond any doubt.

The internal attack against France is being sold by the media as being social unrest caused by poverty but the Muslims running the "unrest" are using very sophisticated communications, organization, and have managed to spread their attack throughout France and into Germany and Belgium. This is clearly a very sophisticated military operation. They better wake up to the truth or their country will be taken over by the Muslim terrorists.

There is a lesson here for everyone on the planet. On my site about the Koran, I tell that, if you make a treaty or military alliance with Muslims, they are required to destroy you as soon as possible. France has been Islam's greatest western allie for years helping work against any efforts by others to stop the Muslim war against Israel and the world. The French thought they could hide safely in France while the rest of the world burned. If the Muslims will turn on France and try to topple them, they will turn on the rest of you liberals out there who are hoping Islam will help you topple Judaism and Christianity. You better study the Koran and learn more about Islam than the propaganda you are being spoon fed. Get a clue.

Remember that the edict of Islam, the Koran, and Muhammad is to conquer the world and eradicate or slaughter ALL non-Muslims without exception and, if you have made an alliance with them or are in any way working to help them destroy all Christians and Jews, then you will be at the top of their must destroy list when they decide it is time to also wipe you out. This war against the Muslim's greatest allie, France, by the Muslims proves everything I have said about this.

But, why turn on France, Germany, and other European countries now? If the Muslims conquer France and certain other European countries right now, they will get their militaries, military secrets, and weapons including nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons to use against the US, England, and other countries. Oops!!! Imagine Al Quaeda with France's weapons including nukes. Think about it.

I can guarantee one thing, if the Muslims fail at overthrowing France, Germany, or other countries with such weapons with this effort, the Muslims will learn, reorganize, and attempt to conquer them again. I get the feeling that a lot of people, especially liberals, tend to think of Muslims as a bunch of backwards camel drivers but, if you really study them and their political and military actions, you will find they are very intelligent. The west has underestimated yet another threat to world peace and will pay a heavy price for it.

So, how long do you think it will be until we, the US, have to send our young men back to France to die saving the French stupid butts again? Personally, I think we should wait this time until the Muslims have killed off all the French idiot politicians, journalists, judges, and liberal college professors. The French and most of Europe have once again made alliances with another power crazed force without stopping to question motives or learning more about that force. Will they ever learn? No, history proves that will never happen.

Have you noticed that the fool liberals in the US love and idolize ultraliberal, socialist France? They wish the US could be just like France. What, regularly conquered? I think France is trying to set a world record for the country which has been conquered by the most foreign powers. Here they are again, trying to get conquered by another foreign power, Islam. Soon France is going to have to add the crescent moon and sword to her flag. Next year they are going to be riding the Tour de France on camels.

The fool French leaders don't have enough intelligence to realize that, with them being a nuclear power, if they get conquered by another foreign power, the rest of us will have to nuke the French military installations to keep that foreign power from using French weapons of mass destruction on the rest of us. If France wants to be conquered so badly, maybe the rest of us should just conquer her and keep her captive for her own protection.

That is OK, many of our idiot liberal leaders, journalists, and others here in the US have made the same mistake and we will pay for their stupidity in the near future. Don't be surprised to see the same Islamic military uprising in the US and more countries over the next three to five years. Because of the liberals, we are losing this war and the big question is, "Is it too late to save our butts?"

So far, the Muslims have really thought this thing through, have used our kindness to scatter their forces throughout our countries so they can attack from within, and keep taking us by surprise. They keep getting away with waging war against the entire world by lying to us because we are so stupid we blindly believe their lies and they have used our own stupidity, liberal ideas, and sociology as their Trojan Horse to beat us.

According to the scriptures, they won't conquer the entire world until after the Rapture but there is no guarantee that they won't conquer any specific country or continent. The big question here remains which countries will they succeed in conquering before the Rapture?

This war in France and the rest of Europe has just begun. Wait until the Muslims take it to the next level. We should have a contest to see who can guess which French beach thousands of US soldiers will die on next.

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