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I got the following news item from the news site, Arutz Sheva. Enjoy.

"Islamic radicals have been using the Temple Mount as a focal point for planning and preaching the establishment of a world Islamic state with Jerusalem as its capital. (Sound familiar? Don't be surprised if one of their leaders declares himself to be the Jesus of Islam to unite all Muslims behind their movement.)

One of the radical groups operating on the Temple Mount is Hizab Altahrir (The Islamic Liberation Party), which espouses an ideology similar to Al Qaeda. Hizab Altahrir's network spans most Western European countries. The party puts Islamic revolution and an uncompromising form of Jihad (holly war) at the top of its political agenda.

The group advocates subjecting the entire world to Islamic law (Shariya), and destroying non-believing nations and religions.

The party has targeted Europe, specifically Denmark, for spreading its ideology, and providing a springboard for renewing Islamic conquests in Europe. A senior party activist in Jerusalem, Sheikh Issam Amira, expressed this philosophy in a recent speech which he made on the Temple Mount:

"Listeners! The Moslems in Denmark make up three percent [of the population], yet constitute a threat to the future of the Danish kingdom. It's no surprise that in Bitrab (the ancient name of Medina, a city in Arabia to which Mohammed immigrated) they were fewer than three percent of the general population, but succeeded changing the regime in Bitrab.

"It's no surprise that our brothers in Denmark have succeeded in bringing Islam to every home in that country. Allah will grant us victory in their land to establish the [Islamic] revolution in Denmark."

After Denmark, the Sheikh said, the party will carry the revolution to Oslo and change its name to Medina. "They will fight against their Scandinavian neighbors in order to bring the country into the territory of the revolution," he said. "In the next stage, they will fight a holy jihad to spread Islam to the rest of Europe, until it spreads to the original city of Medina where the two cities will unite under the Islamic flag."

Sheikh Riyad Salah, head of the Islamic movement in Israel has also been active teaching the tenets of "Islamic revolution."

"We are at the gates of the Islamic revolution," he proclaims in his sermons to Arab citizens of Israel. "The global forces of evil will be eliminated from the world and the Islamic nation will remain in place in order to bring about the world Islamic revolution, with its capital, Jerusalem."

Salah, who until a few months ago was under arrest for allegedly assisting an organization connected to the Hamas terror group, has for a number of years been attempting to organize Israel's Arab citizens into an "independent Palestinian society," disconnected from the State of Israel and its institutions.

On the Temple Mount near the Dome of the Rock, Altahrir's youth recently put up a giant banner declaring "Revolution is a Divine Command." The party's flag appears on the right and left hand side of the banner. The youth were greeted by party members who shouted, "Next year in Jerusalem, under the rule of the Islamic revolution."

Europe uprising not a war? Of course not, the Europeans have been in bed with the Muslims helping them against Israel and the US and can trust them so the uprisings have to be caused by social and economic problems.

I got the following news items from Arutz Sheva and another site, Debkafiles. They explain in detail the agreement Condoleezza Rice forced on Israel. Believe me, Israel would never have agreed to such an agreement without extreme pressure. Enjoy.

Arutz Sheva

There is no longer any barrier to Palestinian terrorists bringing shoulder-launched anti-air missiles any time to the point from which they can turn Israel's international airport into a disaster zone and paralyze international air traffic to and from the country.

Israel is denied any veto power over the arrival of terrorists from Sinai to Gaza or from Gaza to the West Bank in both directions. A wanted terrorist can simply board a bus in Gaza and commute to Hebron or Ramallah without restraint. Israel officials may not stop and search the vehicle, albeit on Israeli soil, let alone make an arrest. They can only gnash their teeth in frustration.

Equally freedom of control is promised the merchandise and container trucks. The American and European inspectors at the Gaza-Israeli crossings will not allow the Israeli officers free rein to effectively search them for hazardous freights lest the 150-per-day quota be slowed. The Palestinians will thus be quite free to move as many terrorists and as much water material and explosives as they like between the Gaza and the West Bank. Therefore, when Israeli security leaders saw with dread the collapse of their painfully wrought war on terror - a NATO military mission arrived in Israel as Rice left to study Israel's tactics and techniques - circles close to Palestinian minister Mohammed Dahlan in Ramallah were crowing with delight. They praised Condoleezza Rice for helping them break down Israel's regime of crossings and barriers. At last, they said, we can enjoy full freedom of movement.


The US secretary imposed unprecedented encroachments on Israeli sovereignty and severe restraints on its military counter-terror action.

The Rafah crossing from Gaza to Egypt will reopen on November 25 as a Palestinian-Egyptian facility with a European presence. Video images will be transferred to a control center at the Kerem Shalom crossing which is on Israeli soil. It will be manned by Israelis and Palestinians with a European presence.

Israel will not be entitled to demand that suspected terrorists be kept out or detained. The Palestinians will only be required to report on the arrivals of VIPs, diplomats and humanitarian cases - no one else. Mofaz lauded this as "another stage in Egypt's involvement." He made no reference to the failure of Egyptian border police's failure to secure the Philadelphi border enclave against the massive smuggling of arms and terrorists since the withdrawal of Israeli troops.

As for the crossings from Gaza into Israel, Israel surrendered the prerogative to shut them down to secure personnel against terror alerts, although these facilities are notoriously prime terrorist targets. Jerusalem has undertaken to first notify the US embassy in Tel Aviv and back up its "request" with specific information, thus parting with its intelligence secrets. It must then wait for permission from Washington - or its refusal - to the closure.

Effective preventive action may well be held up by this delay. By surrendering this point, Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon relinquished a key element of Israel's sovereign right to self-defense and agreed to hamstring its own army's freedom to combat terror. The presence of Palestinian customs inspectors at Kerem Shalom makes an additional inroad on Israeli sovereignty.

From Dec. 15 to January 15, "secured Palestinian convoys" will start rolling across southern Israel from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank - trucks for goods and buses for people - unrestricted by Israel. The Palestinians want their own forces to secure the trucks. All that has been settled is that the Americans and Europeans will determine the procedures for their passage through Israeli territory.

There is no sign of the Sharon government standing up to Washington's demands on that point either, so it is more than likely that Palestinian "forces" will be let loose on a wide swathe of southern Israel to escort 150 trucks a day bound for Hebron, Ramallah, Jenin and Nablus.

The provisions for the Rafah crossing will also be applied to Gaza's deep sea port construction of which begins without delay. Israel has therefore forfeited control and oversight over incoming goods and people to Gaza by sea as well as overland.

It will now be impossible for Israel to effectively protect itself from terrorist attacks and the slaughter will soon begin on a massive scale. This will force Israel to invade both the Gaza and West Bank even sooner to save itself from complete destruction. It also explains why the West won't come to the aid of Israel when it is forced to defend itself and Russia and the Muslim countries gather in Lebanon and Syria to "punish" Israel for defending itself as prophesied in Ezekiel 38 & 39.

FYI: The countries listed specifically which will gather against Israel include Russia, Iran, Ethiopia, Libya, and Turkey but it also says "with many other peoples" meaning that a number of other countries will join these countries to share the slaughter of Israel. I expect terrorist organizations from all over the world to join this campaign to also share in the slaughter. These countries will move their armies to the north of Israel and tell all Arabs to leave Israel because they will plan to march through Israel slaughtering every man, woman, and child to make sure they get all of the Jews. I believe that Egypt will place its armies to the south to prevent any Jews from escaping in that direction and Jordan will place its armies to the east for the same reason so that the Jews will be boxed in. The rest of the world will do nothing except talking, including the US.

Interestingly, hours after Rice forced this agreement on Israel, a weather front formed from the Great Lakes to Texas dropping large numbers of tornadoes to sweep through the Mid West and eastward with forecasts that the front will drop at least a foot of snow in the northeast. But, as we all know from today's Christian experts, that is just a coincidence. They tell us that God doesn't hold us responsible for our actions by punishing us.

But since I believe the Bible and not the Christian experts, when I keep watching this brief period of rest from disasters in the US and watching how we are not only not turning from our evil back to God but are getting even worse, I can only try to imagine how angry we are making God. I know it would make me furious. He is giving us a reprieve to change our behavior and we are blowing it. According to the Bible, judgment is inevitable and I can't believe there are people stupid enough to believe that God has judged millions for doing the same things we are doing now and He won't also judge us? All I can think of is, "Boy, are we going to get hammered!" then I think about the Avian Flu. I wouldn't even want to be close to Dover, PA when that town gets judged.

BTW, there was a recent report about how the plague (Bubonic Plague) is also being carried by birds and they are expecting it to hit us in the near future. Gee, where did we hear that possibility before? Oh yeah, on this site. We are going to get really hammered!!

I wonder, is Condoleezza Rice a Muslim?

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