I got this from Newsmax by Fran Beyer:

"Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic says the EU is fighting a 'direct war' with Russia, and suggests he is in 'a difficult position' because the community has rebuffed his country's efforts to gain membership."


"'Many EU countries are in a direct war against Russia. They send howitzers, planes, S-300s to Ukraine, and how do you think they will treat us? They are not in our shoes as we are not in theirs, and that is why our position is extremely difficult.'"


"He also offered a grim forecast for the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, saying if the fighting in Donbass does not end with a truce, the world will face 'a worse world war than the previous one.'"

They are getting increasingly scared and know that the fighting must end or it will swallow them. The best thing he can do for Serbia right now is back off and declare neutrality to keep Russia from attacking Serbia, which is west of Romania.

You think they are not scared?

I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"At this week's NATO summit in Madrid, Spain, NATO will decide the largest military deployment since the Cold War, El Pais reported.

The summit will feature the 30 allies meeting in a state of maximum military alert, calling the invasion of Ukraine to 'lead allies to define Russia as a direct threat, while China will be considered a geostrategic challenge,' according to the report.

While Russia's invasion of Ukraine is certain to dominate an upcoming NATO summit in Madrid, Spain and other member nations are quietly pushing the Western alliance to consider how mercenaries aligned with Russian President Vladimir Putin are spreading Moscow's influence to Africa.

As the host of the summit taking place from Tuesday to Thursday, Spain wants to emphasize its proximity to Africa as it lobbies for a greater focus on Europe's southern flank in a new document outlining NATO's vision of its security challenges and tasks."

There are several things about this article. First, they are talking about staging a larger buildup (they already have a pretty good size buildup, mostly by the US) close to the Russian border. Those troops will be led by the UK, Canada, and Germany. (why not the US too?)

They are realizing that they have pushed Russia too far but they want to buildup so they can feel safe to push Russia further and to bluff Russia harder. They are too arrogant, greedy, and power mad to give up on their beloved global dictatorship. "Why, we are just so close."

Second, note their stated concern about Africa, which is a member of ye ole Eastern Alliance and they are Russian allies just like I told you. They seem to know that the Russian allies in Africa will invade into Southern Europe and, especially, Spain, showing they are scared. They are beginning to realize that they have screwed themselves but they are just too close to quit. "Why, just a little bit more and we will have it."

People, these over educated, arrogant fools can't figure out that, when they escalate this war to an invasion of Europe, they won't be able to get any oil or gas from outside of Europe for their tanks, planes, and ships. They will be super screwed and they cannot win that war, which is why I keep telling you that we shouldn't waste our limited troops defending Europe, when they won't quit forcing Russia into a smaller corner, and stage a strategic retreat back to protect the US.

If we lose a significant number of our troops from our one front military in that war they are going to lose anyway, we won't be able to protect our nation from invasion by Russia, China, and other nations.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash are arrogant, over educated fools? Maybe their college professors should have smoked less dope?

And God said, "Pride goes before the fall."

Do you think that Africa just might be looking for payback for what NATO did to Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt along with others?

And God said, "Do unto others what you would have others do unto you."

Maybe the royals shouldn't be feeling so smart right now?

Then I found the following article from Newsmax by Jay Clemons:

"Only 2.4% of the Japanese companies operating in the Russian Federation have reportedly left the Russia market permanently, since the onset of Russia's war with Ukraine.

Citing data from Teikoku Databank, just 4 of the 168 companies have exited Russia out of protest with the Kremlin's full-scale invasion of neighboring Ukraine, which began on Feb. 24.

That number represents the lowest corporations count among the world's 'Group of Seven' powers (United States, Japan, France, Canada, Italy, Germany, and United Kingdom), in terms of vacating Russia's business climate."


"Citing a report from the Kyodo agency, Japanese companies have invoked a cautious, almost neutral, public stance with its businesses operating in Russia."

Is Japan considering joining the Eastern Alliance because things are not looking good for the West, you know, make buds with Russia?

This is huge so keep an eye on it. Japan is our most significant ally in the West Pacific. We may be even more screwed than I thought.

Then I found this at Newsmax by staff:

"Russia edged closer to default on Sunday amid little sign that investors holding its international bonds had received payment, heralding what would be the nation's first default in decades.

Russia has struggled to keep up payments on $40 billion of outstanding bonds since its invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, which provoked sweeping sanctions that have effectively cut the country out of the global financial system and rendered its assets untouchable to many investors.

The Kremlin has repeatedly said there are no grounds for Russia to default but is unable to send money to bondholders because of sanctions, accusing the West of trying to drive it into an artificial default."

This is very interesting because Russia has well over $100 trillion in liquid assets and could easily pay that. Her not paying that will leave a number of Western rich people and organizations less wealthy, which will hurt the Western economy, and decrease the potential Western war effort AND it will leave Russia that much more wealthy to better fight a war.

Is Putin using the sanctions as an excuse to make a strategic and powerful financial move against the West?

Keep an eye on this because things are really coming together right now and it is not looking well for the West.

Then I found this article at Newsmax by staff:

"Leaders of three French energy companies on Sunday called on the French public to immediately reduce consumption of fuel, oil, electricity and gas amid shortages and soaring prices due to Russia's supply cuts and the war in Ukraine.

'The effort must be immediate, collective and massive,' the leaders of the three companies, TotalEnergies, EDF and Engie said in a rare joint statement that was published in the French weekly Journal du Dimanche. 'Every gesture counts,' the statement said."

France is in a panic over energy shortages just like I told you would happen just before Russia invades Europe in order to weaken Europe's fighting ability. This is clearly happening right now because just this one essay of mine has far too many coincidences for this to not be happening.

I also read another article about Putin pulling generals out of retirement and sending them to Ukraine to replace his better active generals. This tells me Putin is moving his best officers to invade Europe but the upper class trash are making fun of Putin calling up retired generals claiming Putin is running out of generals.

Then why are they afraid of Putin invading Europe along with his Eastern Alliance allies? Yeah, their lies don't make sense, do they?

Also, I had previously read that Russia was having trouble with Norway but decided to just keep an eye on it like I do quite a few things before I write about them but now I am wondering if Putin is planning to use Norway, a member of NATO, to launch an invasion of the UK?

Hey, launch an invasion from France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, and the surrounding seas for a more massive and varied invasion to make it more difficult for the UK to defend against the invasion plus it will give more directions for missiles to attack the UK in the pre invasion barrage to weaken the UK.

Keep an eye on that.

Then I found this at Newsmax by Eric Mack:

"'It is no longer a great nation,' Trump told his crowd in Mendon, Illinois, at a rally that aired live on Newsmax. 'It is a nation in decline - hate to say this to you.'"

You know, just like I have been warning you. Trump is also reading the writing on the wall. I told you that no nation or military can be any better than their leaders and our leaders right now are terrible.

This video tells you that same thing about the damage our terrible leaders have done and are still doing to our national security and it also explains why Japan might be about to cut and run from being our ally, you know, because of our terrible leaders, the US has become a really terrible ally.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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