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This video shows you what the left grabbing for power and your guns does to you and what you having guns to protect yourself does for you.

Gee, I thought the all-knowing, all-wise, intellectually superior, highly educated, rich, inbred, upper class trash know what is best for you? Maybe they don't?

No maybe about it, they don't.


Remember that I have been telling you that everything the left is doing is failing and the left is massively losing ground?

This video shows that the left is losing ground and the conservatives are gaining ground.

Remember that almost all of these polls tend to be biased in favor of the Commierats so it is much worse for them than those polls show it and they know it.

This video shows that Satan's lefties are losing even more ground to Christians. We are finally getting our Constitutional rights to freely worship back after decades of the pagan lefties putting restraints on our worship.

The timing for all of these different things is no coincidence. God is hearing our prayers and coming to our aid.


There are 2 important things about this video. First, it shows that Russia has been building up for years in the Arctic area as part of her preparation for WWIII. This means she will be better prepared to take or destroy US and Canadian oil and gas resources in Alaska and Northern Canada to hinder the US and Canadian militaries. Remember no oily, no fighty.

Second, I told you I am keeping an eye on the Russia/Norway potential conflict and it is more advanced than previous news sources said so you better keep an eye on it.

This video shows the division in Europe when, at about 50 seconds into it, we are told that the UK is trying to convince both France and Germany to not negotiate with Putin, you know, just like I told you would happen.

At the end of the video, he tells you that keeping them together or united will be a challenge just like I have been telling you.

It is like I have told you, keep an eye on Germany and France because they are 2 of the top 3 nations in Europe and, if they make peace with Putin, it is over for the royals and you better bet that Putin knows it and has his agents working on it.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

Also, they are trying to increase NATO's strength to more than 300,000 troops near the Russian border, which should tell you they know that Russia is preparing to invade Europe to stop the upper class trash from continuing with their evil plans.

They are just escalating this war by trying to scare Putin into submission just like numerous times before. Wow, how did that workout?

Let me share some military info with you. The upper class love to impress you with big numbers like 300,000 troops but the truth is that for every combat soldier, there have to be at least 10 to 12 support troops like maintenance people and cooks. That should tell you that NATO will only be building up a fighting force of about 30,000 to 60,000 combat troops and the rest will be support troops. Of the 40,000 troops they already have along the Russian border only about 6 to 8 thousand are actually combat troops.

The truth is never like what they tell you, is it?


Remember that I have been telling you that the CIA is involved in Ukraine and rushed Zelensky and his people out of Kiev and into Poland?

This video confirms that the CIA is in Ukraine and directly involved in this war plus we also find out that special operations are also involved.

I was not sure about the special operations units so I didn't say anything about it but I thought it looked like they are and he just confirmed that they are.

That is also why I am sure that the CIA used some of the money we "sent to Zelensky" to build a movie set in Poland to make it look like Zelensky is in Ukraine and met with other nations' leaders in Ukraine, when they were all really "on set" in Poland.

What you see on TeeBee and out of Hollywierd is all show, people.

Do you believe me yet?

Our CIA and special operations people being in there, is the only reason Ukraine is still capable of dragging out this war. They tell you that the Ukrainian troops can't even use the intel the CIA is providing them with.

Gee, I wonder who might be using that intel to fight that war?

The CIA and special ops are making all of the plans and giving the Ukrainian officers their marching orders and they are still failing.

Note that Biden is just a stupid puppet working for the people who are unconstitutionally in control of the CIA and other government agencies and actually running all of these evil operations. Based on everything I have seen, I have to believe that Obama is part of the upper class trash controlling things behind ye ole curtain but even he answers to ye ole British Royal Family. They are the baddest of the bad guys.

Also note that he tells you that the CIA is pretty much running the war and Zelensky is just a puppet and cheer leader. This concerns me in several aspects because it means the US is covertly directly involved in this war and committing acts of war against Russia and you better bet that Putin knows it and it also means that, when Putin is outsmarting the Ukrainian military, he is also outsmarting the CIA and US special operations, some of our best. You are watching a war between the best of the best and we are losing.

People, the CIA and US special operations let Putin sucker punch the Ukrainian Army into at least several Russian caldrons and destroy them. Think about that.

Russia is winning this war against the CIA and US special operations, not just against Ukrainian military officers. This is not good for the US with the way things are escalating and the upper class trash are too stupid to figure that out. This is worse than even I thought it was.

And you wonder why France and Germany are wanting to make buds with Putin?

But, if they do, the UK and US will have the French and Geramn leaders killed anyway. People, obviously the leaders for France and Germany have realized that they are just more cannon fodder for ye ole British Royals just like Ukraine and they are next.

Gee, you think that just maybe those leaders laundering most of their defense money into their pockets and hiding behind the US Military is now coming back to haunt them because they don't have a military to protect them from anyone? Do you believe me yet that greed destroys common sense?

Suddenly Russia and Putin do not look as bad as we are being told, not even close, especially when we see Putin and his officers sucker punching the CIA and special operations. He is already outsmarting all of them and not just the stupid upper class trash leaders.

NEVER underestimate your enemy, NEVER!

I am now absolutely, 100% convinced that God is using Putin and Russia to stop the evil upper class trash's global dictatorship.

I warned you this would not end well for the US, didn't I?

You are right now watching the fall of Rome II by Alaric Putin and he is about to sack Rome II, if Rome II doesn't back off and make peace.

Hey, at least we now know that Ukraine's capitol, Kiev, is now in Poland. /sarc

Do you believe me yet that Putin is preparing to invade Europe and the US to stop the upper class trash royals?

By international law, Putin has complete legal justification to invade Europe and the US and it is now public knowledge so I am wondering why the CIA made this public knowledge by "leaking it to the New York Times." That just doesn't make sense.

In the Bible it teaches that, when God sends his people to fight an enemy, God will "confuse" that enemy so his people can win the fight. That is exactly what this looks like with the CIA and special operations loosing this fight to Russia.

Do you believe me yet that the US should stage a strategic withdrawal back to the US to defend the US?

Then, after I wrote that, he quoted the evil British Royal tyrant, Johnson, as saying, "We are there, it is not helping, and it is time for a policy shift", you know, a strategic withdrawal to the US like I have been saying?

What they are doing ain't working and they just admitted it so it is time to do something else.

They also make it very clear that the left has been lying to you about the Ukrainian War all along just like I have been telling you. You can't believe a thing they say because they have zero credibility.

Note that at about the middle of the video he tells you just how bad Ukraine is being defeated when he said that 100 soldiers are being killed per day and 500 a day are being removed from the battlefield because of wounds and injuries. Ukraine is losing 600 people a day or 18,000 people a month and they already lost about 60% of their military in the first few weeks of the war. They don't have much left to lose.

You think Ukraine can win this war? Really?

Then they start telling you about NATO increasing its troops along the Russian border from 40,000 to more than 300,000 to intimidate Putin into submission or bluff him again, which you know won't happen.

BTW, you can bet that almost all of those new NATO troops will be US soldiers for Europe to hide behind because most of Europe doesn't have anything because of their leaders' greed.

People, the US only has about 1.5 million troops (about 200 thousand combat troops) including the National Guard so that force will significantly deplete the US forces, especially if we lose them in a war against Russia with China, Iran, North Korea and others to still fight. Remember that we only have a one front military and, if we lose that, we will have zip.

Wow, then they pointed out the riots taking place in European nations with some people wanting to close the US bases and kick our forces out of Europe.

They know that the US and UK upper class trash royals are causing this war and accelerating it so some want to get the US military out of their nations so they can settle this peacefully with negotiations and that will definitely mean the end of the left's one world dictatorship. But the power mad upper class trash are refusing to quit and give up on their beloved global dictatorship.

Is God going to send our troops home for us?

Note that they tell you that Johnson "warned" Macron to not make peace with Russia. That is called extortion, you know, you do what we say or we will kill you.

Do you believe me yet that it is the UK and US or British Royals that are running things and causing these problems when they have to threaten France, Germany, and others to not make peace?

You will die fighting or we will kill you.

You better bet Putin knows it and knows that he has to take out significant people in both nations. Guess what that should tell you; the US and UK are going to be Putin's primary targets in this war and you know he has his agents trying to talk nations like Germany and France into getting out of the way to save their own butts.

If Putin can get the rest of Europe out of his way, this will be a war between the US and UK verses Russia and her allies. Putin is prepping the battlefield and increasing numbers of Western nations are wanting to stay out of this fight.

Wow, that changed that picture, didn't it?

Then he brings up that there is always a possibility of a "two front war", you know, just like I have been telling you.

And the US has not won a major war since WWII, just ask Afghanistan. We may not have any officers who know how to win a war, just drag them out to make our military industry and upper class trash more wealthy.

Wow, don't you just know that you are going to sleep so well at night knowing Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, and Afghan Milley are getting you into a war they know how to lose?

Hey, they have experience at losing wars, just ask Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine, and others.

I think I want to barf.


Remember that I have been teaching about the corruption of the royals and have even taught you about some of the royals being members of Hitler's National Socialist Party of Germany?

This video shows you some of that and you have to remember that, after the English Royals found themselves in a situation to where their inbreeding left them with no heirs, they brought in their royal cousins from Germany, who are still ruling today. That is right, those British Royals are descendents of German Royals and you see a little of that in this video.

If you keep connecting dots, you get to see some interesting pictures.

Note that ye ole prince in this video was found guilty of his crimes but was only sentenced to life in prison, when others were hung for lesser crimes. Hey, you don't dare hang royalty.

Also remember that I told you that, as soon as they have seized control of ye ole British crown, the infighting will start between the remaining royals for ye ole crown?

At the end of this video is a brief example of them showing Charles as being corrupt and "stupid".

The way the upper class trash work to get someone out of their way is that they start by making that person look corrupt and stupid until they become very unpopular with the people and then they "find out about" a crime the upper class trash already knew that person had or is committing and prosecute them.

I have been seeing this pattern developing since before the Queen got to celebrate ruling for 70 years. It looks like it is probably Prince William and his pals wanting William on ye ole throne.

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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