Remember that I told you that I expected Ukraine to make a major push to regain Bakhmut during this offensive?

This video shows that is what they are doing. The West is so easy to predict it is no wonder Putin is crushing them.

Note that Ukraine is not able to use their drones in that area because of Russian ECM.

I just became convinced that the upper class trash royals are going to permit Ukraine to join NATO so they can use article 5 to justify them starting WWIII. They are that desperate and everything else has failed. The delusional idiots have convinced themselves that Putin won't use nukes against them because "it will be bad for Russia" but not them and that he will just sit there and permit the West to destroy him and Russia without fighting back and taking the West with him. They are power mad nuts.

This video is just absolute insane defiance by NATO against Russia telling Russia that they do not care what Russia does or says, they will make Ukraine a member of NATO and perpetual enemy for fighting Russia and do as they please to Russia. The power mad whackos are that desperate to set up their global dictatorship. The nuts have been sitting around in their upper class trash bubble, smoking their dope, and telling each other that Putin won't use nukes to protect Russia and will just let them do as they will to Russia.

This is legally a declaration and act of war against Russia in violation of the treaty where they promised Russia to not move NATO closer to Russia and, therefore a breach of contract and violation with that treaty.

By international law, Putin is now justified in staging a preemptive nuclear attack against everyone involved to protect Russia. These Western lefty elites are now all officially international criminals just like Adolph Hitler.

It is the delusional West saying that they believe that, even after disarming themselves via Ukraine and making Russia more powerful, they can defeat Russia, you know, like they believed about their sanctions would destroy Russia. They are also saying they have convinced themselves that Putin will not use nukes to defend and protect himself and Russia and he will just sit there and permit the West to destroy Russia. They are nuts. Their reasoning defies logic and sanity.

What they are telling Putin is that, if Ukraine negotiates peace with Putin, the West will make Ukraine a member of NATO and Ukraine will be able to restart the war to regain all of that lost territory, requiring NATO to go to war against Russia, and they BELIEVE that Putin will not dare to fight back and defend itself or the mighty, glorious, super duper powerful, invincible West will come thundering down on Russia and destroy her because they really have convinced themselves that Putin is terrified of them. The Western leaders are super duper delusional and they believe their own made up fairy tale.

You have to understand that Satan's bad guys see the responsible restraint used by Putin as fear and it only emboldens them to do whatever evil they want and that is what Satan's spawn believe that Putin is afraid of them because he responsibly used restraint. You see, if they had been in Putin's place, they would have waged holy war UNLESS they were afraid to fight back, therefore, they assume that the reason Putin did not fight back directly against them, he must be afraid of them. They clearly do not understand Putin.

This only leaves Putin some bad choices. He can make peace with Ukraine and she WILL become a member of NATO and then restart hostilities against Russia and Russia will either have to 1) just sit there and let the West use Ukraine to destroy Russia without Russia daring to defend herself, which is what the West believes will happen, or 2) start WWIII with the West to defend herself, which the West believes Putin is too afraid of the terrible, mighty West to cause. That is the obvious game plan of the Western lunatics.

They are trying to bluff Putin into permitting them to destroy Russia.

Putin can also just not make peace with Ukraine and the West hopes that may also happen so they can continue to use Ukraine to wear down the Russian military and economy until Russia can easily be destroyed by the West so they can have their evil global dictatorship over you. That is what the Western leaders think may also happen.

But Putin can also and I believe is more likely to stage a preemptive nuclear attack against at least the UK, taking out all of their royals, their Parliament, and military ability to retaliate, which is not much to destroy any more because their upper class trash royals have already destroyed most of that to fill their greedy pockets. Britain is EXTREMELY vulnerable to such an attack by Russia and Putin knows it BUT the West would never do that because they are cowards so they believe that Putin would never do that because they think Putin is a coward like them.

If Putin does just that, it will take the West completely by surprise because they really believe that Putin wouldn't dare use nukes against wonderful, magnificent them, take out most of the West's top leaders, and stun the West bad enough that all but a few will go running home crying to mommy.

But I think Putin knows he will have to take out more than that to stop the insanity by the West and save Russia. I believe he will have to at least also take out certain members of the US British Royals and their insane puppets, probably our government and military leaders, and our ability to retaliate, which is significant but not significant enough because our upper class trash have weakened our military to fill their own greedy pockets, plus at least the top royals in both France and Germany to terrify the rest of Europe enough to back them down and stop the insanity.

I believe that Putin knows EVERY person he will have to kill and in which countries they live, where their homes and businesses are, to stop the insanity. He already told you that he has a kill list and all of those people are on it.

But, it is much worse than that because Putin and Russia will not be the biggest threat to the US survival because I believe that China, Latin America, and others have infiltrated at least a few million of their troops inside the continental US along with our own America hating lefty traitors or about one third of our own nation and they will rise up to wage war against us from within our own "gates" or nation and that will be the biggest threat to the US.

That means the US won't be in a position to even think to retaliate against Russia at all because we will have to use what forces we have left AND our militia to fight that army and Putin knows it. Putin knows he won't have to take out much inside the US because of that. We are going to be too busy pulling what troops we have left around the world back into the US to save our own butts to worry about retaliating against Russia.

The arrogant, ignorant, greedy, power mad, inbred upper class trash idiots just signed their own death warrants because now, Putin is going to have to kill them to stop them. Putin has no other rational choice.

You NEVER underestimate your enemy or overestimate yourself.

You better put your lead and asbestos lined underwear on because the crap is about to hit ye ole fan. This makes WWIII with Russia AND China AND Latin America AND Africa inevitable. Remember that it won't just be us and Russia and we would even lose that fight because of our greedy upper class trash and their puppets.

"How much longer, Lord?" The Western leader arrogance and stupidity makes my brain hurt. I have been warning you that our upper class trash royals would cause WWIII because they won't stop and won't leave other people alone. They are obsessive, compulsive insane.

And God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools."


This video shows that BRICS will be issuing its own currency backed by gold this coming August. It will crush the US dollar and help destroy the West.

It is very important that you pay attention to how many and which nations convert to the BRICS currency from the US dollar.

Note that he tells you that 41 nations have applied for BRICS membership, which will bring it to 46 nations in their alliance. This includes a number of the most heavily populated and with growing economies such as China, India, Russia, Brazil, Israel, and France.

Do you believe me yet that the quickly dying EU won't be the one world government of the soon coming Tribulation?

But, just like Tim tells you, the sick, demented, greedy, power mad, Western upper class trash royals won't just sit back and let this happen and this explains why the UK and US are right now trying to start WWIII with Russia and China, you know, destroy BRICS so the West can still have its global dictatorship.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash royals are so demented and delusional that they will do ANYTHING, including start WWIII, to get their global dictatorship over you?

A lot of people are about to die because of the insane obsession by the Western upper class trash royals in getting their evil global dictatorship with them ruling.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash and their puppets don't care about anyone but themselves and their bank accounts?

Note that God made me get up at 2 am to finish writing this because it is so important. Now maybe I can get back to sleep. I pray for all of you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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