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One thing the twits keep ignoring about AI is that it is a computer and will do whatever it is programmed to do so what it does depends on who programs it and how they program it.

I can't believe that people on both sides of the aisle are giving AI god like qualities.

"Why, it will speak and create a new cosmos with new galaxies with new solar systems and new habitable planets. Aaaaaaaaah!"

Bull crap. It will be a very advanced computer that will do like all other computers and do whatever it is programmed to do so they better make sure the right people program it and you would be really stupid to let it micro manage your life. It won't do any better than the idiots who are screwing up your lives now and probably will do worse.

People, their best computer models can't even forecast the weather accurately even just two or three days in advance. Think about it.

And you think they can make a super duper, magnificent, wonderful, computer god?

BTW, I was recently thinking about this one night (when I couldn't sleep) and God pointed out to me that the biggest problem this planet has is that the super rich upper class trash royals are so arrogant, narcissistic, ignorant, stupid, and out of touch with reality that, in their inbred insane minds, they are their own pagan gods and they worship themselves. That is why everything they do fails. They have to be the stupidest and most incompetent gods in history, even worse than Satan.

If you study history, you will find this has been true for thousands of years with the royals around the world believing they are gods, even having themselves deified as gods, and forcing others to worship them while they lie, steal, murder, and enslave the people into poverty so the royals can live lives of luxury. They really believe their own arrogant bull crap.

This was made very apparent to me when the idiot media made a big deal out of Afghan Joe, the president of the greatest nation in the history of this planet "daring to touch the wonderful, magnificent, supreme person of King Chuck".

"Why, it was sacrilege!!! He dared touch our holy god, King Chuck." They bellowed to the cameras like the fanatical religious pagans they are.

When King Chuck dies, and he will die just like Queen Elizabeth died because he is only human, he will learn the hard way that he is not superior to anyone and will burn just as hot in Hell with almost all of the other royals from throughout history along with most of the Popes and other pagan religious leaders.

You think I am wrong?

People, Jesus said that it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for rich people like King Chuck, the Pope, Gates, and others to make it into Heaven and, with me knowing how corrupt they are, their current plans to commit global genocide, and to steal everything you all have so you will all own nothing, I believe Jesus. In accordance with God's Laws, they are the worst criminals in history because they are committing their crimes against more people than anyone in history because there has never been this many people to commit crimes against.

Of all of the rich people and their puppets involved in these horrid crimes against you, I doubt if one of them will not burn in Hell. They love to believe they are special and above the law but not one human in history is above God's Law so you can safely bet they will all burn in Hell.

The planet will be a much better and safer place when those pagan gods are burning in Hell where they can never again cause harm to anyone.

My Bible says, "You will not bend a knee before anyone but God." That means you will not bow down to and worship any human.

King Chuck, Afghan Joe, the Pope, or any other human is not my god, not even Satan and his evil demons, because only Yahweh/Jesus is my God.

All pagan religions since the building of the Tower of Babel to reach Heaven following the Flood have taught that the people, especially the royals, are gods or can evolve to become gods (Buddhism and Hinduism, where you can evolve into becoming gods, which is where they got the idea of life evolving to a higher level in spite of the Second Law of Thermodynamics) and royal worship is just the most common fanatical pagan cult for thousands of years. The Bible records the first ruler since the Flood making himself a god.

Z boy

Z boy is desperate because he can read the writing on his wall and he sees the upper class trash royal bus getting closer. They are probably not keeping too many of the promises they told him years ago. At the recent NATO conferrance, Z boy was treated like a peasant and put in his place because he is not a royal like them and is just a hired puppet. "Know thy place, surf!"

The upper class trash royals and their puppets are making up excuses for getting angry at him. They are giving him a real run around.

Gee, who would have thought that the greedy, power mad, narcissistic, insane upper class trash royals would treat a puppet so badly, you know, like they treat everyone else?

Hey, lefty puppet, welcome to reality.

Maybe, since the West won't help Z boy, maybe he should make peace with Russia and join BRICS?

BRICS helps people.

You KNOW that would tick off the Western globalists more than anything right now.

Do you believe me yet that God is showing you just how arrogant and evil the royals are?


Remember that I told you that the West has disarmed itself, especially with munitions, because of Ukraine?

Afghan Joe admitted that the reason for sending cluster munitions is because we are too low on other types of munitions, you know, we have disarmed ourselves.

And the idiots are still trying to start a war with Russia because they believe that them being low on munitions means Russia is also low on munitions.

Today, July 12, was the last day of the NATO meeting and Ukraine has not made ANY significant gains with Russia starting to make gains. They are saying that Russia managed to repel 30 attacks by Ukraine in just one day, killing more than 700 troops.

Well, so much for that Western plan. But, hey, with practice, the West is getting good at failing. At least they are consistent.

Do you want to know how bad and bloody of a war the Ukrainian War is?

In just a little over a year, Ukraine has had at least 300 to 350 thousand troops killed and in the 17 years of the Vietnam War, the US only had 58,000 troops killed. Ukraine has had at least 5 times more troops killed in one year than the US had killed in Nam in 17 years.

I am now wondering and not seeing any intel on how much longer the Ukrainian Military can suffer such heavy losses before their military implodes, making it very easy for Russia to take Lviv?

It can't be much longer, maybe another month or two.

Also, I see Russia making some very important moves right now.

Then, I just found out that increasing numbers of Ukrainian soldiers and even military units are now surrendering instead of just dying. With the losses they are taking and them not having the support they need, that should only be expected and it will increase very quickly. Don't be surprised when entire brigades and larger units start surrendering to save lives.

This tells me that the Ukrainian Military is imploding right now starting with little bits at a time but it will quickly increase as things keep getting worse for them. Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been teaching you that, when tyrants finish using people to establish their power, they always purge those who helped them gain that power?

This video shows Xi doing just that by purging the people who did his "crack down on corruption" for him. He finished cracking down on corruption so now he is cracking down on those who helped him crack down on that corruption.

In tyranny there is no loyalty from the top down, only from the bottom up. The tyrants are always only loyal to themselves.


I am seeing more and more people wake up and realize that the Western upper class trash royals are causing WWIII by forcing Putin further into a military corner where he has to fight that war to get out of the corner and save Russia. Some are even saying that the war has already started.

That war will happen because our evil upper class trash and their insane puppets will not stop and cannot leave other people alone.

I just heard someone say, "Vote for Trump and he will prevent the war."

No, the upper class trash are trying to start this war before the election in part so they can use the war to win the election.


One very important thing in this video is that, at the beginning, he tells you that 49 out of 54 African nations are working with China on their Belt and Road project so that they tend to side with BRICS and not the West.

Remember that these nations are running the Western imperialists out of their nations. They have had enough of the abuses of the left for the last few hundred years.

Chemical Companies

Remember that I have been warning you for years about the corruption of the chemical industry?

They make drugs and sell them to you knowing they cause harm and don't work so they can make more money. They do not care who they hurt and I will not use such drugs.

This video shows you how the chemical companies are selling drugs for weight loss that don't cause you to lose weight, do cause harm to you, and they make a fortune from you buying those drugs. All they care about is how they can sucker you into paying them more money for harmful garbage they KNOW causes you harm.

In my opinion, the chemical industry may very well be the most corrupt industry in the world, even more corrupt than the banking and military industries and they may even cause harm to more people.

I may have told you about the racket they have with some doctors. They give the doctors a kickback for writing prescriptions and they teach the doctors to prescribe chemical A, which causes problem 1, so they can prescribe chemical B to alleviate problem 1 but it causes problem 2 so they can prescribe chemical C to alleviate problem 2, which causes problem 3 so they can prescribe chemical D and so on.

Years ago I heard through the medical industry that they had it up to where the person was having to pay for up to 6 different prescriptions that they did not need and caused them harm, while making the corrupt doctors and chemical businesses a fortune. Today, they may have it up to where they can have you taking a dozen or more prescriptions that way. It is a horrible racket and crime against humanity.

More than half a century ago, the chemical companies bribed law makers to pass laws permitting psychiatrists to write prescriptions for drugs in spite of the fact that you do not have to study biology or chemistry to get any degree in psychiatry, even a Ph.D., so they have no idea what those drugs are doing inside your body and they get kickbacks from the chemical companies for writing those prescriptions. That has been going on since at least the 1960s.

It is only in psychology and not psychiatry that you have to study biology and chemistry to get a degree, which is why I call psychiatry "voodoo medicine" because it has NOTHING to do with science. I know that very well because my second wife had a masters in psychiatry, she wasn't even smart enough to understand molecular biology and chemistry so I couldn't teach her about neurology, which she knew nothing about, and I got to hang out with, listen to, and ask questions to some of the best psychiatrists in the US for 5 years because I was her husband.

Psychiatrists should not be allowed to write prescriptions.

Also, I believe it was in the 1980s that chiropractors started being able to write prescriptions for drugs in spite of the fact that they don't have to study any college biology or chemistry either.

But, hey, as long as it makes the practitioners and chemical companies rich at your expenses, it is legal.

That is only in pharmaceuticals and you should see the lies and frauds they commit in other areas. Very little of what they tell you is true, most of it causes harm to you, and they make a fortune doing it. If you were to commit just a few of the crimes they commit, you would spend the rest of your life in prison.

I have been watching all types of corruption for more than half a century and it just keeps getting worse. It is so frustrating to see these evil criminals getting away with their crimes against you, which is why I write what I write to help you.

If you knew what I know about biology, chemistry, geology, meteorology, physics, business management, banking, law, and everything else, you would see a very different and evil world just jam packed with evil corruption in every way. You just wait until Judgment Day and you will see it all too.

God put me through a lot to teach me a lot about a lot so I could see what is really going on in this world to teach and warn you and it isn't pretty. I feel like that movie where the kid "could see dead people" only I see evil people everywhere because I can see and understand the evil they are doing to you. Believe me, Jesus did not lie when he said the road to Hell is wide and heavily traveled and the road to Heaven is narrow and lightly traveled. I see that traffic and I am tired of it and you too will see that traffic on Judgment Day.

I just want a little cabin by a stream and pond in the woods, where I can spend time with God and friends, enjoy God's plants and animals, and evil people will leave me alone. I can't stand these monsters, human demons, and spawn of Satan, who can't leave other people alone.

FBI Corruption

There is an easy solution to this FBI corruption. Just defund the FBI so it no longer exists and use the military and/or US Marshals/Federal Police to secure their properties and start an investigation into their corruption.

For everyone you find evidence for corruption, you prosecute and, if found guilty, execute them and then, after the investigation is completed, you refund the FBI with only good people. That will not only clean up the FBI very quickly but will clean up the rest of the swap with it because everyone remaining will be afraid to be corrupt.

Also, to clean up the FBI and swamp, you also have to get rid of the corrupt rich people who bribe them.

Drone Defensive Systems

This video says that Russia is considering adding anti-drone weapons systems to their tanks. They are talking about deflective armor and ECM.

They could easily use ECM with detection devices like we had in Nam with the ALR20 and APR46 to detect, identify (friend or foe), and target drones, signal jamming devices, radiation missiles similar to Tow Missiles but smaller, we had a transmitter that shut down electron flow within the vehicle, mini guns aimed by their receiving system, a reactive system similar to Israel's tank protection system to protect it from projectiles, and a form of "shotgun" with pea size BBs to shred the drones.

I can think of a lot of things they can use and not just for tanks but all armored vehicles. Every time I see a new weapons system, I start thinking of new countermeasures for it and, to me, drones would be easy to develop countermeasures to. To me it is just instinctive to use the signal they are sending/receiving to fight them. That is their greatest weakness because those signals tell you they are there and where they are at.

One thing I would do would be to establish and build hunter/killer teams in the infantry to find and destroy drones with equipment they can easily carry on their backs. These teams would accompany other infantry and protect them. These teams could be on foot, in small trucks, or on a motorcycle with a sidecar.

After more than 50 years, it is just habit. When watching this war, I am regularly thinking about countermeasures for different weapons systems I see.

Global Dictatorship

You want to know how obsessed and determined the upper class trash royals are to get their global dictatorship?

In this video she shows you that they are right now working to set up a controlling program to give them the control and power to be the dictators for their global dictatorship.

Why, their new international governing body they are making up to protect the planet, you know, from them, by writing the laws you WILL abide by or else to give them the ultimate control and power over everyone so they can seize everything you have so you will own nothing so they can own everything and to depopulate or murder you off so they don't have to worry about you staging a rebellion to their global monarchy and they won't have to share THEIR planet with your lowly peasants.

Do you believe me yet that they are bonkers mad raving lunatics?

There isn't a sane one in the bunch. Everyone who is aiding them in any way is committing treason and crimes against humanity. At the very least, they all belong in prison for life.

Hey, God has a prison called "Hell". That would do nicely.


Remember that I warned you several decades ago that Europe would go to pieces?

I am seeing increasing signs of it happening now. Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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