Zachariah 4

I am going to share with you something God showed me about the two olive trees in the scriptures in Zachariah, chapter 4 which I have not ever heard any Jewish rabbi or Gentile preacher teach. Basically, in those scriptures, God tells us about two olive trees which will stand before Him forever and, both Jewish and Gentile preachers believe these two trees are the two prophesied prophets who will be raised up similar to Moses and Elijah during the end times. The book of Revelation refers to them as the two witnesses and clearly says these witnesses are the two olive trees.

The first thing you have to understand is that the olive branch has been a symbol of royalty for thousands of years going back well before this prophesy. When the royals would go out into the town walking around or shopping, they didn't want to wear their very expensive and heavy royal crowns to tempt bandits to kill the royals and steal the crowns. The bandits could easily have lived off the wealth generated by one royal crown for years plus gold crowns filled with precious stones were very heavy to wear while walking around town. These crowns were literally a pain in the neck.

Because of these things, the royals wore crowns woven from olive branches when walking in the public. They also carried olive branches they used as fans to keep them cool and keep the flies away because people didn't bathe every day the way we do here in the US today. These olive branches used as fans were also seen and used as royal scepters. It is for these reasons that the olive branch became a symbol of royalty.

You also have to understand that, in paradise, the government will be a monarchy or theocracy ruled by God Himself but the rest of us won't be running around like a bunch of stupid hippies singing songs and running bare foot through the grass and tulips. The scriptures teach us that we will be working forever with no retirement, deal with it. In the scriptures it teaches that the Jews will have to adhere to every religious observance in the Law but the Gentiles will only have to observe the one festival of Sukkoth to fellowship with God at least once per year. The scriptures also tell us that Gentiles who don't fellowship with God at Sukkoth will not get any rain for their crops for one year until they observe the next Sukkoth and fellowship with God.

This should tell you that God will have a government in place in which there will be rulers or judges over tens, hundreds, thousands, and so forth to address any problems which will arise between people. There will be a necessary government hierarchy and the Zachariah 4 scriptures prove this to be true.

Because of this, God has shown me that there are two hidden messages in the prophesy about the two olive trees standing before God forever in Zachariah 4. The first message is that these two prophets will be God's two highest and most powerful kings who will answer only to God. One of these two kings will rule over the sub kingdom of Israel and all of the Jews and the other king will rule over the rest of the world or the Gentiles while God rules over all infinity.

The scriptures very clearly tell us that one of these two prophets and kings will be raised up from among the Jews similar to Moses and it is this king who will rule over Israel under God and will represent all Jews when he stands before God. The other prophet or king will be raised up from among the Gentiles similar to Elijah and will rule over the Gentiles and represent all of the Gentiles when he stands before God.

The second thing these two trees represent is God's hierarchy for both kingdoms. The two kings or olive trees are the trunks of the trees and the branches, twigs, and leaves represent their government hierarchy of kings, princes, and other royalty who will rule beneath these two kings and manage such huge populations.

God tells us that life is a test. The most important part of the test is whether we will choose good or evil. But there are other tests including whether we use or abuse power over others. God is selecting out his future leaders in paradise based on how we treat others here on earth.

Jesus said it will be very difficult for rich and powerful people to get into paradise and you can bet that the ones who do get into paradise and abused their power over others here on earth won't get any power in paradise. The people God is selecting for positions of power in paradise will be people who used but didn't abuse power over others on earth. You will be surprised to find quite a few of your rulers in paradise to be the poor on earth because they know what it is like to have others abuse power over them and will be less likely to abuse power over others. The people who abused power here on earth and do manage to make it into paradise will be the people at the bottom of the heap who will be sweeping floors and cleaning toilets for others. The rest of the rich who don't make it into paradise will have a very warm eternity stocking the fires of hell.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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