I keep seeing these arrogant human geniuses talking about how bril-lee-yunt they is are be with their theories on artificial intelligence and robots and people everywhere are amazed by these things.

Really? You want brilliant?

I will show you brilliant. It is found in the Bible and science. There is this being, Yahweh, who created everything but I will show you only a little of only a few things that DWARF the greatest brilliance of man.

Let's look at the growth, development, and learning of just a human. I have been trained to know this in detail. You can find a great pdf file showing the embryonic develop of a human from conception to birth with excellent pictures here, showing that we know, in detail, the growth and development of a human from conception to birth. You will see just how precise the growth and development of a human embryo is and the greatest miracle of all time is that God programmed every tiny change in that growth to automatically happen at precise moments, from conception to death of the human, in the DNA of the organism and this is true for ALL organisms, for millions of different species.

And this all happened by accident and coincidence? Really? And you like buying what type of bridges?

Note that a bunch of phony pagan evolutionists teach "embryonic evolution", which is completely bogus. They teach that the human embryo "evolves" through being a fish, a pig, a lizard, and a chicken based entirely on appearance and not on molecular biology BUT know that at NO TIME during the growth and development of that child does the organism contain the DNA of ANYTHING other than a human. Genetically, the embryo is NEVER anything other than a human from conception to birth.

KNOW that the concept of embryonic evolution is just a big fat lie to "prove" evolution because they have not been able to prove evolution any other way and to make it easier for stupid people to accept abortion. The ONLY reason they would teach such a blatant lie as proof for evolution would be because they don't have any other proofs for evolution. Embryonic evolution is an act of extreme desperation by God hating pagans because their evolutionary fairy tale is imploding daily. It is intellectual bull crap.

Each human began developing generations ago with the genetic development of his or her ancestors but we will keep this simple and just talk about the one generation. We will call our human "JD" for John or Jane Doe.

JD began developing inside two completely separate organisms, JD's father and mother. In the father, JD began developing as a sperm in the father's testicles, which would carry half of the DNA chromosomes for a human. In the mother, JD was developed as an egg, which would carry the other half of the DNA Chromosomes for a human, in her ovaries and began developing even before the mother was born because we know, that by the time she reached puberty, she had all of her eggs she was ever going to have with almost all not being mature. Her eggs only mature just before she ovulates them.

At conception, the sperm made it to and into the egg turning the egg into a zygote that had ALL of the DNA chromosomes for an adult human AND the programming that turned that egg into a zygote and started that egg systematically growing and developing into an adult human.

Note that every different phase in the growth of a human is just a different phase in the growth of an adult human.

The very first thing that egg did when it became impregnated was to start spinning to prevent more sperm from being able to penetrate the zygote, which would have killed the zygote or human. Then the egg began the growth process starting with cell division while traveling down the fallopian tubes to the uterus, where the egg imbedded itself into a wall of the uterus and then grew the placenta to obtain nutrients for continued growth from the mother. Up to the time the embryo began obtaining nutrients from the mother, the embryo functioned entirely on nutrients stored within the embryo.

As you can see in the pdf file, that embryo developed specific cells and then structures at specific moments during the growth of the embryo, which were all controlled by the programming contained in the DNA of that human zygote.

Let's see these human geniuses grow a robot from a single cell consisting of more than one trillion molecules. Then I might be impressed.

And you think a little robot that can barely walk around and talk is brilliant? For whom? Not for God.

If you do, you ain't seen nothin' yet, baby.

After birth, the miracle of life continues. As that child is lying in its crib, it is doing all sorts of things that few people even begin to understand. When that child is waving its little arms and legs around, it is developing the nerve and brain pathways for eventually being able to accurately control those limbs along with very early muscle, bone, tendon, ligament, and other developments AND that child's brain is programmed to do those activities by its DNA.

You have to understand that movement or exercise stimulates the proper or better growth and development of the body.

When I see a child or infant trying to walk, I see the nerve and brain cells developing to control the muscles to achieve those motor skills to be able to walk. The movement of learning to walk also stimulates the proper growth and development of the muscles, bones, and other structures for improved growth and development for eventual quality walking and I can picture all of this happening in my mind while watching a child stumbling around. That is why it is so amazing for me to watch a kitten or child play. Only the being, God, Yahweh, could have CAUSED that to happen.

Research showed a century ago that not permitting a child to learn to stand or walk will cause a deformed body that will never be able to effectively stand and walk because the wrong growth and development took place, permanently deforming the body of the person. (Your wonderful lefty shrinks proved that one in some really cruel child research about a century ago.)

When you see a little child trying to run and their motion is all jerky and not smooth, it is because their nerve and brain cells have not developed the proper firing sequence for the muscle cells so that the wrong cells are firing at the wrong time during the limbs' range of motion just like a car engine where the pistons are firing out of sequence. It won't run too well.

As the child's walking and running smoothes out, it tells you that their nerve and brain cells have developed the proper firing sequences for the muscle cells so that the right cells are firing more and more in the right sequences and at the right places in the range of motion.

BTW, we use this in sports with things called practice, which is used to train your nerve and brain cells to fire muscle cells in the proper sequences to improve your control of your muscle cells so your movements during the activity will be faster and more precise without you having to think about it. That is why great athletes have to spend thousands of hours practicing specific movements again and again to improve their performance.

When that child is running, jumping, and yelling around the house, they are developing their bodies for a healthier growth so they will be healthier adults. The yelling helps develop their lungs for a healthier growth and healthier lungs.

When mommy yells at the children to stop running, jumping, and yelling and to sit down and watch TV or play video games, instead of sending the children outside to play, she is preventing the proper growth and development of those children's bodies. When your ignorant idiot lefties got in control of your school boards and did away with physical education classes and school sports, they prevented the proper growth and development of those children's bodies for healthier bodies.

What has that caused?

It has caused the current health crises and pandemic we have in the US because so many millions of people were never able to develop healthier bodies so they developed less healthy bodies. Yes, that is right, the obesity and health problems we have in this country were NOT caused by diet but by your ignorant idiot lefties getting in control and forcing their brilliance on our children by doing away with physical education and sports programs.

The lefties got in control and screwed everything up AGAIN for our children with their ignorance based "brilliance" causing our current health crises and now the same fools, who will never admit they caused the problems, are trying to solve the problems they caused with more ignorance and stupidity.

Guess how that will work out?

It will just make things worse and worse until the ignorant idiot lefties are told to shut up, crawl into a corner, and find something shiny to play with.

So, when your children are sitting on a dusty floor watching TV or playing video games instead of running, jumping, and yelling and they didn't get to run, jump, and yell in school PE or sports to better build their bodies and those children develop respiratory problems, gee, I wonder why?

No I don't. This is why these kids today are developing health problems on a massive scale that they didn't have 50 years ago. The lefties got what they wanted...again.

The ugly truth is that the current mess with all the health problems we have in our country at this time was caused by the ignorance and stupidity of the lefties and they are trying to solve those problems with the same poison that caused the problems.

Back to our miracle.

You have to understand that every little bit of growth and development that takes place from conception to death takes place at precise moments in that growth cycle so that the organism's growth is coordinated in such a manner as to improve the survivability of the organism. THEN the organism is also programmed to learn and feed itself for survival and THEN the organism is programmed to learn to communicate and THEN the organism is programmed to reproduce and THEN the organism is programmed to care for, raise and teach its offspring for survival to perpetuate the species. ALL of that precision is controlled by the genetic programming in the organism's DNA and you think some mechanical device called a robot stumbling around, incapable of learning, incapable of reproducing, and being able to make preprogrammed verbal responses is brilliant? Really?

Heck, a single cell protozoa is more capable of learning and surviving that than stupid robot.

If you want to see real brilliance, look at what God created, which dwarfs the best man has created. THAT is brilliance.


Eh, we are just these really stupid organisms who keep thinking we are smarter than we are and keep screwing everything up, which requires God to keep cleaning up our stupid messes.

I am really not afraid of AI. I am much more concerned about the stupid humans who program it, especially when you see how bad those "geniuses" have done with things like Windows, FB, Google, and Twitter.

Just how bad are they going to screw that up?

And God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools."

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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