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I get fed up faster and faster as I watch the insanity and evil of the left. It gets to where I more frequently just can't read about the left's insanity and evil and have to take a break. I can really understand why God punishes and destroys nations.

Just imagine being God and knowing all of the time all of the wickedness of man with their lies, stealing, murders, and deceptions. Because of the grace of God, we deserve far worse than we get.

I am also seeing that I am not the only one getting more and more angry about the insanity and evil of the left. I am seeing a growing anger just about everywhere and more people are becoming less tolerant of the lefty wickedness.

Food For Thought

40 years ago, during Nam, the lefties spit on soldiers and called us baby killers. Today, the lefties have murdered more than 50 million babies and insist on their right to keep murdering children while they use protecting the children as being the reason for taking guns away from everyone.

School Shooting

There are just too many coincidences piling up right now. It is blatantly obvious the left planned this all out in advance or they are the most inept people in history. The left has managed to explode this thing wide open too quickly to create an emotional frenzy to turn as many people as possible against guns.

Just too many lefties came out of the starting gate too fast all saying the same things. It is even looking like the law may be involved in this thing. The governor of Florida wants to go right to gun grabbing and is refusing arming teachers to protect the children.

I guess he doesn't trust his teachers?

This looks very much like a frantic gun grab planned to take place just before a violent coup to seize control of the government. The lefties have exploded all over the place in a frenzied attempt to grab guns.

I am noticing that others are seeing this too. If this was planned out, everyone involved in this should be hung or shot.

Keep an eye on this.

Global Power Struggle

Today, there was a very heated debate by the younger German politicians rebelling against the older politicians and outright attacking Merkel and the EU to the point that Merkel got up and walked out of their parliament.

There is right now a growing political revolution and backlash in Germany. Increasing numbers of German people have had enough and are fighting back against immigration, the older corrupt politicians, and the EU.

How long until Germany leaves the EU?

This is getting interesting. Keep an eye on it.

Antifa is officially designated as domestic terrorists in the US so a Soros funded group took hundreds of Antifa members to riot in the streets in Italy before the coming election in which a conservative nationalist is favored to win the election. Hundreds of US Antifa members have been arrested in just one riot.

Shouldn't they now be classified as international terrorists?

Hungary, Austria, and Poland have all turned against the immigration agenda with the new Austrian PM joining Hungary in outlawing Soros funded organizations subverting their government. The US is working to undo the damage and gains of the globalists under previous presidents.

Switzerland and Russia both refuse to comply with EU demands while lefty Macron and Trudeau are failing and their people are turning against them. Macron is being forced to fight against and export Muslims while undoing a lot the Muslim damage done in setting up their Muslim feudal states to wage war against the people from.

Sweden and France are sinking beneath the Islamic waves with both fighting back but, is it too little too late?

If Soros loses his US citizenship, which he should because of the crimes he committed, he will become a man without a nation, become useless to the upper class trash and be thrown under the bus (which is why he dumped $18 billion out of his $24 billion into his desperate effort to save his own butt.) He had more to gain than to lose, like his life.


Mean while, Turkey is going rogue in the Middle East. Erdogan has moved his troops between his terrorists and the Syrian forces in the Idlib area to shield or protect those forces from the continuing onslaught of the Syrian forces so Syria moved its forces between the Turkish forces and the Kurds to shield the Kurds from being attacked by Turkey and Turkey shelled the Syrian forces.

Now rumor has it that Russia just moved some of its SU-57 stealth fighter planes into Syria. Either Russia is posturing to pose a threat against Turkey or is getting ready to go after Turkey. There is no other reason I can think of for Putin moving those planes to Syria.

Yep, good old upper class trash screwing everything up like they always have for thousands of years.

BTW, in spite of the left trying to blame Trump for the shooting, Trump's approval rating just hit 50% and the left still can't figure out that everything they do just keeps making it worse for them.

Business Management

I want to share some things with you in the advent you want to consider starting your own business. These are just a few fundamentals.

First, better than 90% of new businesses go broke within the first year and the most common reason for a first year business or new venture startup going broke is raiding the till or cash register. This is because the business owners have the wrong attitude about their business. They wrongly rationalize that, because it is my business, then the money in the till is my money and I can take all I want whenever I want.

Because of this, they start taking little bits of money out of the till and, before they know it, the business has gone broke because it ALWAYS gets out of hand.

The proper attitude is to mentally separate yourself financially from your business' assets. It is your business but the assets are your business' assets and not yours and you taking those assets is you stealing from your business, destroying its future and, therefore, your future.

You have to keep a budget for your business, regular review the budget, and stick to the budget so that you don't take any more from your business than is allowed by the budget. It is called financial discipline.

You also have to understand that any new business will require you to work a minimum of 60 hours per week until your business is doing well enough that you can afford to hire additional administrative people to do some of that work for you, which is usually a luxury. Even then, you will probably have to work more than 40 hours per week. If you don't like working more than 40 hours per week, you should work for someone else.

Second, there are five basic and common ways for an individual to do a new venture startup or new business startup. There are two common ways for a small guy to do corporate startups and three common ways to do a "mom and pop" startup. Note that there are other ways but these are the most common. These include the S Corp, LLC, private owner startup with your money, private owner startup with a loan, and a gradual private owner startup with your savings and pocket money.

With the S Corp, most commonly, you and, sometimes, one or more other individuals would either startup with your own capital and/or with a loan.

With the LLC, you and, sometimes, one or more other individuals would do a startup with a limited amount of your capital and mostly money from investors.

The private ownership startup would usually be done with your own capital and/or a loan.

The gradual private ownership startup is where you usually start your business on a part time basis out of your house, using your pocket money and/or savings, usually doing business evenings and weekends, grow the business over time until it can support you, and then quit your second job and start full time on your new business. It normally takes about 3 to 5 years for your business to be able to support you working full time on the business.

There are pros and cons to all of these.

With investors, you get all of the seed capital you need up front to quickly start and grow your business without the burden of paying a loan and interest to a bank but you have to answer to the investors, whose investments you are largely responsible for, and they can fire you and replace you with someone else. Note that you will not have to pay back a loan but you will eventually have to pay out profits, which will decrease moneys for future rapid growth. This requires you to stick to a strict business plan and you can't deviate without the consent of the investors, which decreases your flexibility.

With the loan, you get all of the money you need up front for the quick start up but then are burdened with taking money from your business to pay the loan and interest to the bank. This bleeding of money by your business to pay back the loan plus the interest takes money away from your business you will need for a more rapid growth later so that the business normally starts fast but is limited to grow more slowly.

Plus, with a loan, there is the risk of the economy turning down, leaving you trying to pay back the bank loan while your business has dropped off. This lack of flexibility commonly leads to bankruptcy, therefore, a loan is very risky.

Investing with your own money means you may have to start smaller but leaves you open for more rapid growth as the business does better and you don't have to answer to anyone except your accountant and can't be fired by anyone except God or your spouse.

If you don't have enough seed capital for a quick startup, you can do the gradual part time startup where you start out of your own home or a small shop, while working another job to pay your bills and you may only work about 10 to 20 hours per week on your business, normally in evenings and on weekends.

This makes for a slower startup but, when the business gets going well enough you can stop the second job and work full time on your business, you don't have to answer to investors and you don't have a loan that will slow your growth later so the startup is slow but the growth is faster and you have much more flexibility in the event the economy takes a nose dive.

One common way to do this type of startup is to have a trade you are working at for someone else while you start doing small jobs on the side or small contracts in the evenings and on weekends until your business gets big enough to quit working for someone else. This will require you to work at least 60 to 80 hours per week.

I knew a guy who did this type of startup to build one of the best bicycle shops in the nation. He started by fixing and selling bicycles out of his garage in the evenings and on weekends until his business was strong enough to open a small shop and, over 25 years, grew it into easily one of the best pro bike shops in the US with maximum flexibility. It was the flexibility which made it possible for him to be innovative enough to become one of the best bike shops in the US.

I started my racing team program this way by working for a number of other businesses over a period of four years and then started working full time on the racing team for the fifth year. It required working at least 80+ hours per week for the first four years but it was my baby all the way with maximum flexibility for maximum potential growth from the beginning to the end.

To me, there is very little as frustrating as having someone who knows nothing about your industry telling you how to run your business because all they know are the numbers, especially when I know the numbers and my industry. I personally prefer starting my business small and quickly growing big because it makes it possible for me to make necessary changes in business strategy as my business and market change.

It just does not make sense to me for me to do the research and really know my business and industry and have someone who knows little, if anything, about my business and industry to tell me how to run my business. Advice should be welcome but the final decisions for my business should be mine.

For the S Corp and LLC startups, it would be best to at least get an associate's degree or better from a small college (you don't need the "right degree from the right university" for your own new venture startup) and, for the private ownership startup, a good SBA (Small Business Association) class can be best, which is usually only about six weeks and is often free. I have an MBA AND took a small business class for mom and pop businesses and they are two different worlds for very important reasons. Most MBAs couldn't run a mom and pop business because they are not trained to run a mom and pop business.

You have to understand that, when you get an MBA, you are being trained to run or help run a major corporation for the upper class or be a member of their professional entourage, which is one reason why I know so much about how the upper class trash work. I am trained to work for them and run their businesses for them.

Get it straight, an MBA does not train you to startup and run a "mom and pop" private ownership business. With an MBA, you are trained to start up new venture startups as some form of corporation such as an S Corp or LLC with loans and/or investment capital. These two worlds are almost as different as an aircraft pilot and submarine captain. That sub ain't going to fly and that plane ain't going to do well under water.

I hope that will help some of you who are thinking about starting your own business.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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