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I recently saw a YouTube video and glanced at the comments, which were full of arrogant atheists acting like the people in the video were a pair of scientifically ignorant buffoons because these atheists all clearly believe the lie that science has "proved" there is no God.


By at least 1980 the scientific community had to deal with the fact that it had been conclusively proved that it is scientifically IMPOSSIBLE to prove that God does not exist. That was also when they were forced to admit that evolution CANNOT prove that God does not exist and the BEST evolution can do is make it POSSIBLE for God to not exist for the simple reason that God could have caused evolution to happen.

The two biggest problems, and there are many, science has in proving God does not exist are 1) that God could easily exist in another dimension that we don't even know exists and 2) that God could have caused evolution to happen. Also, since they can't even really prove evolution to be true but have to keep rewriting their pagan fairy tale of evolution, then evolution can't even make it possible for God to not exist and has proved that God MUST exist.

This tells me that these arrogant atheists bagging on a couple of Christians are either 1) scientifically ignorant and don't know the truth, 2) they know the truth and are fanatical religious atheist liars, or 3) they blindly believed the lies of some God hating fanatical atheists without questioning those lies, which means they are stupid and they are all fools.

And the proofs for all of this?

They cannot possibly believe there is no God because of science because science cannot prove there is no God, therefore, them believing there is no God can be nothing other than them choosing to believe there is no God IN SPITE of science instead of because of science and, therefore, atheism MUST be a religion based on faith and belief and is, therefore, just another God hating fanatical pagan cult with no scientific basis at all.

Second, there is MASSIVE historic documentation of such beings as Satan, demons, angels, and God existing from all ancient cultures, many of which had no contact with each other but had very similar experiences with descriptions of these beings, therefore, to believe these beings do not exist is very foolish and not based on science at all because science regularly uses such historic documentation as scientific evidence.

One of the best examples is that there is very significant historic documentation, often with artwork, showing that a being the Bible calls Satan is real and the descriptions and artwork are too similar in describing this being from cultures all over the world to be dismissed, especially when the different cultures give this being different names but have the same description. In cultures all over the world, which often had no contact with each other, this being went by many names including Kununo, The Horned One, Baphomet, Pan, Satan, The Devil, Lucifer, and other names, with the artistic portrayals of this being being almost identical around the world, which should tell you that these different people scattered around the world saw the same being but called him by different names.

Different cultures talk about spirit beings the Bible calls angels; different cultures talk about spirit beings the Bible calls demons, and almost all religions recognized the existence of a supreme being the Bible calls, God, Yahweh, Adonai, Jesus, and others.

For example, in Islam, Muhammad stated several times that he got his revelations from a spirit being he called Gabriel but admitted that sometimes the information came from a gen (where we get the word genie) or demon who only pretended to be Gabriel AND that, often, he couldn't tell the difference between the demon and Gabriel, which tells me that it could have easily always been the demon pretending to be Gabriel and the demon fooled Muhammad most of the time.

With so much historic documentation from all over the world proving these beings do exist and science not being able to prove they do not exist, these atheists think they are the smart ones for believing none of them exist? Really?

It is like I have been telling you, people; stupid people can't tell they are stupid because they are stupid AND these stupid people tend to think they are smarter than everyone else in spite of the evidence to the contrary.

Then we have these arrogant, self righteous, all-knowing, all-wise, atheists putting down other religions because of the killing those religions did, especially what Christianity did with the Christians fighting back with the Christian Crusades against the Muslims invading, enslaving, raping, pillaging, and murdering Christians, with the atheists easily being one of the two worst and most cruel religions in history because atheists butchered more people in less than 100 years than another religion except Islam.

If you include all of the wars the atheistic communists started, they have easily murdered or caused the deaths of at least 250 million people in just about 80 years, with communistic atheists still butchering millions of people in countries like China, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela, which is more people than any other religion other than Islam has killed in hundreds of years and that doesn't include the almost two billion more people who were oppressed, impoverished, and enslaved by atheists around the world. 1.3 billion people are still being oppressed by atheists in just communist China today.

And arrogant atheists are proud to be called atheists today? Really?

BTW, all Marxism is atheism because Karl Marx was a devout atheist who preached atheism and against the atrocities of other religions while pretending atheism isn't a religion and then his fanatical religious atheist followers committed the worst crimes against humanity up to shortly after the year 2,000 when Islam fought back and finally surpassed atheism as the worst, most murdering, and most butchering religion in history relegating atheism to second place in that category.

But, hey, I have the utmost faith in atheists that they will try their best to retake the lead as the worst fanatical, butchering religion in history because they are currently planning on butchering all but a maximum of 500 million people globally, with some talking about butchering even most of those, or from about 7 to 8 billion people, which is conspiring to commit premeditated murder on a global basis and is a felony and a crime against humanity. In other words, the very fact they are just planning to commit murder at all, much less on this scale, is a crime and makes them all criminals.

And atheists are supposed to be the nice guys and superior to Christians? Really?

But, hey, since atheism has crawled in bed with Islam and formed the greatest and worst global criminal organization in history, they can share in the title of greatest butchers in history. Yes, sirree, Bob, the atheists are the worst of the worst with their criminal pals, Islam. If you can't beat them, join them, baby.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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