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Mark sent me a link to an article at WND by Lee Hieb, M.D. and this corruption of our government and other systems is what I have warning you about for years:

"At a time we are worried about school shootings and gun violence, keep in mind the FDA/CDC Pharma consortium is getting away with mayhem and murder on a much larger magnitude. And only the victims are paying attention and the price.

This story begins years ago, when, after serving in the U.S. Navy during Desert Shield, I was a member of the Naval Research Advisory Committee. At that time, around 1993, I had the opportunity to meet with a former colleague of mine who was the lead researcher assigned to figuring out the truth of Gulf War Syndrome (GWS). Initially, it was thought the disorder was most likely due to stress. They decided this because of the strange and variable manifestations of the disease, and the fact that both victims and non-victims appeared to have the same exposures to environment and to vaccines. Also, although, most GWS victims were reservists, most in-theater personnel were full active duty members with more environmental exposure. So, they reasoned at the time, the stress of being unexpectedly jerked out of private life into a combat zone played a causative role in GWS.

Later, it was determined that Gulf War Syndrome victims had received anthrax vaccine from different production lots than the non-victims. Much sleuthing was required because the military purposely did not record all anthrax vaccines in service records, and when they did so, often it was as "Vac A" or "Vac B." Some of the lots had squalene adjuvant MF59, and some did not. (An adjuvant is a substance put into a vaccine to boost the immune response.)

Several years later, after consistent complaints from GWS victims and their families, more studies were done. A study at Tulane University revealed that nearly 100 percent of victims of GSW had anti-squalene antibodies, whereas NONE of the non-victims had such antibodies."


"So, squalene received a black eye for a number of years and was taken out of U.S. vaccines. As people became aware of the issue and complained to various agencies, in 2009, Patricia El Hinnawy, a spokesperson for the FDA, said, "There is no squalene in any FDA-approved vaccine in the U.S. There is no squalene in any kind of seasonal flu vaccine or in the H1N1 vaccine." She was quoted in Wired Magazine to "shatter the myths" and stop those irrational fear mongers. ["Shattering the Myths about Squalene in Vaccines",, Oct. 28, 2009]

But not so fast. Squalene was put into this year's influenza vaccine Fluad! And the vaccine, in defiance of all scientific and moral rationality, was fast-tracked by Novartis. In other words, the FDA gave the drug company a special dispensation to rush the vaccine to market, without the usual time for human trials, public comment and independent scientific review.

In an attempt to block the fast-tracking this vaccine, Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of nonprofit NGO National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), challenged the FDA by saying that Novartis failed to demonstrate that Fluad with squalene was more effective or safer than an equivalent non-squalene vaccine in the small clinical trial being used to justify accelerated licensure. In fact, Fluad was far more reactive."

I have watched the FDA get worse and worse for more than half a century about "fast tracking" medications to the point it has gotten blatantly obvious they are on the take from "Big Pharma" and this is just a tiny part of the problem of government and business corruption or crony capitalism I have been warning you about that is currently being called the "Deep State".

Did you know that it is a federal felony for medical professionals to take kickbacks from Big Pharma for prescribing drugs to patients?

It has been for more than half a century but is not being enforced and I am about to show you just how long they have been building this corrupt deep state and just how bad it really is.

In about the late 1960s, states started making it legal for psychiatrists, who are NOT required to study any chemistry or biology to get a Ph.D. in psychiatry (psychologists are required to study biology and chemistry but not psychiatrists), to start prescribing medications for their patients.

You need to know that most people go into psychiatry instead of psychology because they are too stupid to pass college level Biology 101 and 102 and Chemistry 101. Yep, that is just how stupid most of your shrinks are but they can prescribe medications because their national association bribed...uh...I mean, gave campaign donations to your corrupt politicians to get laws passed permitting them to prescribe medications or drugs.

I don't know how many times I have had people with masters and Ph.D.s in psychiatry tell me that "the function of the human mind has nothing to do with chemistry, molecules, and molecular biology" and I kid you not, that is what they are taught in college and believe...but then why are they prescribing chemicals to "help" their patients with their mental problems?

I have studied more and know more about chemistry, molecular biology, and neurology than almost all psychiatrists. Most psychiatrists with Ph.D.s couldn't pass the prerequisites for the college science courses I took.

Don't believe me?

Ask them about the function of things like the myelin sheath and sodium pump and you will find, as I did, that they don't know squat about how nerve and brain cells function but they can prescribe medications. Psychiatrists do not practice science based medicine but what science would literally call "voodoo" medicine or science because it is all based on drug induced guessing and speculation.

Note that a few psychiatrists are intelligent and have studied biology on their own but most are not intelligent enough to understand biology at the college level.

But, it gets better, baby.

In the 1970s, the members of the biology and medical fields knew but "looked the other way" concerning psychiatrists illegally taking kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies for prescribing drugs to their patients. Law enforcement didn't investigate and prosecute and the judicial system also looked the other way.

You want to know why almost all patients of psychiatrists are doped up?

Because psychiatrists can't cure squat with their voodoo medicine so they just dope the people up to keep them coming back for more drugs and the psychiatrists get big kickbacks from Big Pharma and no one is doing anything about it.

By the late 1970s, no one had gone to jail for taking kickbacks from big pharma so psychologists jumped on the doper bandwagon and started taking kickbacks for prescribing drugs to their patients.

By the 1980s, no one had gone to jail so chiropractors, who are also not required to study college level biology, anatomy, molecular physiology, and chemistry, decided to jump on the doper band wagon to make those big bucks from big pharma so their national association started bribing corrupt politicians to pass laws permitting chiropractors to write prescriptions for drugs for their patients and they quickly started taking big kickbacks for prescribing drugs for their patients.

By about 1990, no one had gone to jail so M.D.s jumped on the doper bandwagon taking big kickbacks from big pharma for prescribing dope for their patients and, now, almost everyone is doping up their patients for the big kickbacks with no concern for the health of their patients.

After the big pharma started being permitted to advertise to get people to ask their quacks for prescriptions on dope, I started paying attention to the disclaimers at the ends of the commercials and I couldn't believe that the FDA permitted those drugs to be prescribed to anyone because the known side effects were well beyond what had been considered a reasonable risk for taking drugs, especially for some of the mundane things those drugs were being advertised to treat with those advertisements openly admitting in medical language that the dope will destroy all of your internal organs.

It had become just a wee bit obvious back then that the FDA was on the take and it is much worse today with the FDA regularly having to pull approved dope off of the market after that dope starts killing people or causing other serious problems right and left. But, hey, big pharma and the FDA get to make their big bucks for a while.

You want to know why medications cost much, much more in the US than in other nations like Canada? You want to know why we are having a pandemic of allergies and other medical problems we didn't have a few decades ago? You want to know why autism is rapidly increasing? You want to know why we have a rapidly increasing obesity problem? Gee, you don't think that obesity problem is being caused by big pharma bribing people to do away with school PE and sports programs, the media to tell you that exercise won't do you any good, and other such things so you will get fat so your quack doctors can get big kickbacks writing prescriptions for drugs that promise to make you skinny but don't so you will keep taking more and more of their dope in a vain hope of getting skinny, do you?

It's a racket, baby, it's a racket.

Then Mark sent me this e-mail: "Every time I go to the family clinic at NAS Whiting Field (I am retired USAF but I live in a Navy area with 4 Naval air stations in the area, Eglin AFB and Hurlburt USAF Field are too far away) they ask me if I have and my flu shot. I say 'no, and I am not going to take one.' They also ask if I have had my pneumonia shot, shingles shot, and have I been tested for Hep C because I am a baby boomer.

Each of those is an example of disease mongering. I refuse. Other examples of disease mongering are decreasing "normal" cholesterol levels to sell more drugs, pre-diabetes, erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, ADHD, restless leg syndrome, irritable bowel, baldness, and several more. An example I hear on the radio is prostate function. They say if you have to get up any time at all during the night to urinate, you need meds to fix prostate problems. For my entire life as far back as I can remember, I have always had to get up to urinate once during the night. I don't have a prostate problem."

Gee, you don't think they are trying to get all of those big kickbacks, do you?

I don't take anything that I absolutely don't have to take, have not taken most of what doctors have prescribed for me for several decades now and, I have not had a flu shot or another other shot for a few decades now because I know better, which is part of the reason why I am still alive more than a decade after the doctors say I should have died. I have had a number of doctors who blatantly prescribed something I didn't need that would caused significant damage (they warned me of the "potential damages" to cover their own butts) so they could make a quick buck. I only take aspirin when I have to, usually to get to sleep at night because of pain from the illness caused by the virus I got from my ex-wife.

BTW, instead of dying like the doctors said I should have more than a decade ago, I have been getting a little bit better for a few years now but still have a long way to go and it ain't because of any dope the doctors are prescribing for me.

Among the professionals and academe, things have gotten really, really bad because the pagan lefties have taken over and are using their pagan morals, values, and ethics of "do as you will" instead of the Christian morals, values, and ethics of you will not lie, steal, murder, or commit other crimes.

When I first started studying science in college, it was regularly stresses that credibility was one of your most important assets. Today, about the only real benefit for getting the right degree from the right university is so you can charge more per trick when prostituting your college degree because the lefty academe have devastated almost all credibility in academia and science. They will tell any lie you want them to tell, no matter how obvious, if you pay them enough. They are what we used to call academic whores and I have found fewer and fewer academics and scientists I can trust with greatly increasing numbers who can't be trusted and believed at all for anything.

And, people, this isn't even the entire tip of the iceberg you are seeing. Most of the iceberg is hiding beneath the water of closed doors out of sight for most of you and even most of the tip is being hidden by the fog of lies, misinformation, and propaganda being fed you by the left. Believe me, it gets much, much worse when you get to see all of the corruption caused by the left. Their corruption is massive.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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