Avian Flu

I have been contemplating this Avian Flu and, from the perspective of a humanistic biologist, its potentials are mind numbing. From the time that Christopher Columbus sailed from Europe on his first trip west until the beginning of the 20th Century, the American Indian populations throughout North, Central, and South America had decreased by over 90%. Of those who died during this period of time, better than 90% died from the diseases the Europeans brought over with them because the Indian bodies and immune systems had never seen any of these organisms and didn't have any defense built up against them. These diseases swept through the native populations like fire through dry grass on a windy day killing most of them within months of the outbreaks.

With the Avian Flu, we have exactly the same thing only on a global basis. This is a completely new flu virus that none of our bodies have ever seen so we don't have any antibodies against it in our systems. We have zero immunity to this disease and it has the same long term potential for us on a global basis that the European diseases had for the American Indians.

The experts realize this and are terrified while trying to keep us calm. They are prepared to take drastic measures to keep the human species alive. In Europe, in spite of the fact that they are super conservationists, they have plans to wipe out all birds in any known infected area to prevent the spread of the disease to humans. This drastic measure is planned by a group of people who are demanding we Americans become as conservation oriented as they are in spite of the fact that it will almost certain cause species of birds to become extinct. Obviously, they are terrified.

In the US, our President has stated that he is ready to use the military to step in and quickly quarantine any and all infected areas to prevent the spread into other groups of humans. They are terrified and you should also be terrified.

As a humanistic biologist, it is like I am sitting here watching an over whelming armada of alien ships gathering around our planet preparing for a devastating invasion and all our experts can do is guess at how many of us will die in the inevitable coming battle. As a Christian, it is like God is sending his angles with their swords to extract justice for our crimes against His Laws and there is noting we can do but hold on and hope we are among the living when the dust settles. It is human harvest time on planet earth and we don't have a choice in the matter except to pray because only the hand of God can deter this pandemic. Have we ticked off God, or what? I would say that The Man is thoroughly PO'd because we have pushed Him too far.

What can we do from a purely humanistic and biological perspective? We would have to deal with prevention and then our bodies fighting the disease, which are all defensive measures, because the virus will be the only one on the offensive.

First, prevention. We should have learned from our mistakes in the Black Plague but we humans are too stupid to learn from our history so we will inevitably repeat such historic events every few hundred to thousands of years. We should not have listened to the bird lovers and started killing off house cats decades ago and should have learned to live peacefully with this one predator which kills most of the organisms which carry the types of diseases we humans tend to get from other animals and either make us sick or kill us.

If the Avian Flu hits this Fall, it will be too late for those of us in the northern hemisphere to set up any kind of a defense against the disease and decrease our potential to prevent infections. In the Southern hemispheres they may still have time to throw out the bird feeders and bring in the house cats and tall weeds to keep the birds and the flu away from their homes. But even this is probably too little too late.

As far as our bodies fighting the disease, the best thing is to have healthy bodies with strong immune systems that will increase our chances of surviving the flu. This would mean exercise regularly, use no recreational drugs of any kind, and have as few other diseases as possible. For most of us, it is too late to do this and we are at maximal risk of death.

The only other thing in this area is to have a good medical system that can increase our potential for survival. The trouble with this is that doctors and nurses are only human and they will also begin to become infected and die from the disease decreasing the number of patients the system can handle. Also, we are talking about a medical system that has been designed by use and function to handle only a small percentage of critically ill patients which means that our best medical system will become over whelmed if just 2% of us get this flu at the same time.

I believe that our current medical system will become overwhelmed as soon as one or two percent of the population becomes ill from the flu and it will get worse as doctors and nurses become ill and incapacitated or dead and then even the US medical system will implode very quickly, probably within months of the outbreak. If this happens, the mortality rate will quickly explode from the government estimated 55% to at least 87% and as high as 100% in many communities.

This means that the best human potential we have is to quickly quarantine infected areas, possibly for maximum die off, and prevent the spread to other areas. If this doesn't work, our geese are cooked.

Studying this from a Christian perspective and believing that the being, Yahweh, is real as I show and prove in my e-book, "Yahweh", you have to first understand why God is doing what He is doing. As I explain in my e-book and provide the scriptures as proof, He is holding us accountable for our actions by punishing us for our crimes against His Laws just like He said He would. realizing the full potential of this disaster, I am absolutely convinced that we are in the fifth phase of punishment as I describe in my e-book. The fifth phase is the only phase in which God says He will make our cities barren which this disease will very easily do. Also, it is important to point out that God has already made cities barren on a much smaller scale all over the planet with such disasters as the recent Asian Tsunami, numerous earthquakes, the US hurricanes Katrina, and Rita, and other increasing disasters.

Now God is poised to devastate our cities in one pestilence on a global basis to such an extent that it will cripple our societies financially. If you have studied the scriptures at all, you should know what Yahweh's message is. "I have had enough of your evil and wickedness and you tolerating the evil of others. If you will not clean up your house, then I will do it for you with my sword of wrath and the price will be the blood of your children. You will weep, wail, and mourn your dead in your homes because I will cause the worm to devour you and your children in your homes. Heed my warning and turn back to me and my Law before I extract my justice against you and your children. If you find my Law repulsive, then I will find you repulsive. Turn from your evil and tolerating the evil of others or I will turn you from your evil with my sword of wrath!"

It is extremely important that we heed this warning and turn to God as quickly as possible before He makes our cities barren. Another reason why we must turn to God in mass is because the next and sixth phase of punishment to turn us back to Him says that Yahweh will destroy our nations and scatter us among other nations, as I explain in my e-book. If, even after this pending flu disaster, we reject God, then He will destroy the nations which continue to reject Him and scatter us among the other nations either hiding and trembling in fear or as prisoners and slaves of the Muslims. But, if we turn back to Yahweh, the God of all creation, He will deliver us out of the hands of the Muslim horde.

If at any time before, during, or immediately after this pandemic, your people and nation turn back to Yahweh, God of the Bible, Christians, and Jews, then Yahweh will withdraw His hand against your nation and not punish you or stop the punishment. But, if we refuse to turn back to Yahweh and will not take a stand against evil and for Yahweh's Law, then we will feel the full might of His wrath by His terrible swift sword. The choice is yours; mercy or punishment. Choose well.

My current plans are to rest assured in my salvation through Jesus, pray that my friends and family are saved, ask God for His mercy for me and mine, pray that my country and my planet turn back to Yahweh and His Law, and hang on because this will be the worst ride in the history of the world. I find this pending pandemic to be the most devastating potential disaster since the global flood wiped out almost all of mankind and believe that the only real hope is to get God to forgive us by us turning back to Yahweh and taking a stand against evil and for His Laws. He is our only real hope and this may be your last warning.

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