Junk to Gems

In this essay, I want to share a marketing opportunity with you which I have recently realized. See, we "prophets" can come up with fun stuff to talk about every now and then. :-) I have been paying attention to this Beautify America thing the rich have decided is best for the US and are selling quite successfully to most Americans. Boy, are they screwing up big time but it is actually opening up some financial opportunities for the middle and lower class people.

The big thing about this program is that the rich have set a definition for what is beautiful and are selling it to America. What they have decided is beautiful and should only be permitted is that we should all have our homes just like they have decided a home should look. I call these people Culture Nazi's because they have taken it upon themselves to decide for everyone else what is beautiful and how we should all live. They believe they have the superior culture and are forcing it on the rest of the people like Hitler forced his superior race on everyone else. This means no weeds and junk and they are working to eradicate all these yards full of junk scattered all over America. Hmmm, is this really a good idea? They sure make it sound great, don't they. But let's think this through a little bit.

First, why do people hoard junk? It is normally because they are either poor or grew up poor and do it to survive. You see, poor people can't afford to use stuff and throw it out because they may need it to fix something later and can't afford to run down to Lowes or Home Depot and buy new stuff for repairs. It is something we have been doing for thousands of years and now the rich are forcing the poor to change to the rich way of living which is to discard things when they are no longer popular or in use. That isn't fair to the poor but it goes much deeper than that.

Where do you think most of your antiques, hot rods, and class cars came from? At one time, most of those valuable gems were some one else's junk that set around until it became old enough to be considered gems. You see, these junk hoarders are actually gem farmers who grow junk into gems. Stop and think about all the times you have been driving down the road and seen some yard full of junk or junk cars and craned your neck looking for a gem. Oops, the Beautify America crowd is destroying all of those gem farms because, in their ignorance, they think all that junk is an eye sore instead of seeing it as some one growing the gems they, themselves often love to purchase.

You have to understand how junk becomes gems. We humans grow up using certain products we really like but often have to sell when we are younger because we can't afford to keep everything we like. Later, when we have made enough wealth that we can afford some luxuries like buying back a car or other item we really liked, we go shopping for some nostalgia to help us relive the "good old days." Most of the time, we have to go to some junk hoarder who kept the stuff we sold or threw away in order to buy our past back and live it again.

So this means that the Culture Nazi's, by destroying today's junk, are actually destroying tomorrow's gems or antiques and classic cars. Oops, by forcing their definition of beautiful on the rest of us, they are destroying entire industries for antiques and classic cars. Today's youth won't be able to buy back the fun things they owned in the near future or ever again because the Culture Nazi's will have forced the junk hoarders or gem farmers to destroy their crops.

So, how can you benefit from this? Easy, study to see what things and cars have been popular over the last 10 to 20 years and are now being destroyed by the Culture Nazi's, then buy those things at junk prices today from the gem farmers who are being forced out of business by the Culture Nazi's, find a place you can store them (states in which the Culture Nazi's are not forcing junk hoarders to throw stuff away), and start saving products for future sales at much higher prices. You see, with more of the junk being thrown out, there will be fewer gems in the future but the demand will still be great so the prices will be much higher and you can turn a really great profit starting in as little as five years.

Does this mean we are going to see the emergence of professional gem farming in the near future? Probably. Get in on the ground floor and make the big bucks.

You have to understand what this Beautify America thing is also doing and what effects it will have on our society for the long term. First, all of your historians and anthropologist thrive on studying junk from the past because by studying our ancestors' junk, they learn about how they lived. If you would bring historians and anthropologists back to our time from the future, they would sit down and weep because we are destroying the evidence of our having been on earth and the ability for future generations to better know and understand us. Future museums will have little to show about how we lived. Oops, so the Culture Nazi's are destroying history and culture.

Also, future movie and documentary makers will have less material to work with in making movies and documentaries about our time. This will only increase the demand for all kinds of stuff, junk, or gems from our time increasing the value for such items. Oops, again.

This should be a lesson to all of us to question the brilliant ideas of our leaders because, in the long term, they often turn out to be really stupid ideas. Question everything because this is just one more example of great sounding ideas that have gone wrong. When you see a yard full of junk, don't look at it as an eye sore, see it as a gem farm. :-) One man's definition of beautiful is another man's eye sore. You can also say that one man's junk is another man's gem. Think about it.

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